The Power Animal can be consulted in order to obtain advise on problems. This is
commonly called “divination”. To do this, simply journey to the Lowerworld to
see your animal. Your Power Animal is usually quite close by and you won’t have
to journey far before you see it. Quite often it is at the end of the tunnel.

When you see your Power Animal, silently greet it and pose your question. Most
often the Power Animal will provide the answer by moving it’s body in an unusual
way. However, sometimes it may lead you on a journey. The experiences of the
journey will be relevant to your answer.

The first few times you do this, it is best to keep your answers simple so that
they may be answered in a “yes” or “no” form. When you become more experienced
in understanding the animal’s language, the questions can be more complicated.

You should keep some form of diary in which to record your shamanistic
experiences. These you should record as soon as you finish a journey so that the
memory is still clear.

You need not wait until you have a problem before you undertake a journey to see
your animal guardian. It is beneficial to visit without posing a question. You
will find positive things happening in your life around such visits.