Deity of the Day for August 9th is Bran

Bran (Irish)

Son of Llyr and Renarddun. Brother of the mighty Manawydan ap Llyr (Ireland, Manannan mac Lir) and Branwen. Represented by the raven in Celtic lore. Bran is credited with prophetic powers and, like a raven, holds the gift of being far sighted. He is also said to watch over the bard and ovate offering guidance when needed. His severed head is said to reside under the Tower of London protecting the kingdom from invasion, and for that reason the ravens at the tower have their wings clipped to stop them from leaving. Arthur once dug up the head claiming that he was the sole guardian of the realm only to find the saxons began their raids, hence the Pendragon promptly replaced Bran’s head to it’s rightful resting place before restoring order to the land. A giant; “raven”; “the blessed”. God of prophecy, the arts, leaders, war, the Sun, music, writing.