Calendar of the Moon for October 24th

Calendar of the Moon

24 Gort/Puanepsion

Apaturia Day 3: Koureotis

Color: White
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a white cloth set the carved root of a tree, the leafy branch of a tree, scattered seeds, a bowl of water, a loaf of bread, and either fresh milk or nourishing herbal tea.
Offerings: Oneself, to the Order.
Daily Meal: A feast of any correct foods of the harvest, prepared for all.

Koureotis Invocation

Hail to those who have come together today!
Hail to those who live outside the Houses,
Yet follow the Rule as best they can,
Spreading the seeds of our Light beyond our walls.
(One comes forth with a handful of seeds, and gives them out to the lay members who have come to the House on this day, and says, “Take these with you, and plant them well.”)
Hail to those who are like the branches of a tree,
Reaching for the light, seeking for grace,
Who come to us like birds alighting,
Perhaps to stay and nest, perhaps to fly away.
Hail to you, and may you touch that Light
With your outstretched arms.
(The tree branch is carried around, and all Branch members brushed with the water.)
Hail to those who are rooted here,
Flesh and bone, heart and soul,
Giving up their lives for this our Life.
Hail to those who are the ground beneath our feet,
The stone beneath the field, the mountain
Beneath the path that climbs. Hail!
(The carved root is carried around, and all Root members are touched with water via the root.)
Bring forth those who would enter,
Who would come further, who would go deeper!
Bring them forth and hear their vows!
(All cry, “Bring them forth!” and those who would enter the Order as lay members are brought forward, and then those who would enter the Houses as Branch members, and then those who would take Root vows. Each in turn makes their vows before all.)

Song: Blessing Song


[Pagan Book of Hours]


Seedy Spellwork


Seedy Spellwork

After carving up those pumpkins, don’t just throw the seeds away or eat them all. In each little pumpkin seed lies a large store of natural energy. Save seeds to bring magick to your life year-round. They’re great for increasing strength, promoting prosperity, encouraging health, and enhancing growth and expansion. Grind them to include in incense and magickal powders, carry one in your pock for a good luck talisman, or tie a few inside a small square of fabric to make a charm to promote peace and balance in the home. You can even use pumpkin seeds to create your own set of biodegradable runes—just use a pen and some natural ink to make the glyphs.

—-Melanie Marquis

Calendar of the Moon for October 16th

Calendar of the Moon

16 Gort/Puanepsion

Day of the Blackthorn Tree

Color: Dark Blue
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a dark blue cloth set a vase of blackthorn twigs, a single dark blue candle, a knife, a pot of soil, herb seeds, a bowl of water, and a bell. Several wooden staves lean against the altar.
Offerings: Plant seeds. Face conflict.
Daily Meal: Vegan

Invocation to the Green Man of the Blackthorn Tree

Hail, Green Man of the Autumn!
Blackthorn tree of the hedges,
Whose thorns dissuade cattle
And intruders from trespassing,
Tree of the walking staff
Whose name is Strife
And whose job is Boundary,
You teach us that sometimes
Guardianship can lead to battle,
And that not everything can be held
Peacefully, be it land or goals
Or objects or rules or values.
Sometimes there will be strife
By the very nature of the universe,
Which encompasses both equally
And sees conflict as the necessary
Adjustment that points out our blindnesses.
Tree of thorns, hulking and sullen,
You will not stand to be mistreated
Or taken advantage; your nature
Does not lend itself to yielding.
We hail you, sacred blackthorn tree,
Green Man of the Autumn,
On this the day of your bloodshed.

(Let one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual arm themselves with a staff, and guard the altar. Each approaches the altar, and is swung at; they take up a staff and meet the blow with it. After this they are allowed to approach and plant a seed in the pot of soil, saying, “Hail Green Man of the Earth!” Water is poured onto the pot, and then the rest is poured out as a libation. Ring bell and dismiss.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Moon for September 11th

Calendar of the Moon

13 Muin/Boedromion

Day of the Aspen

Color: Scarlet
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a scarlet cloth set a vase of aspen twigs, a single red candle, a pot of soil, seeds of some rare medicinal herb, a bowl of water, and a bell.
Offerings: Plant seeds. Deal with a situation that cannot be solved by black-and-white thinking.
Daily Meal: Vegan

Invocation to the Green Man of the Aspen

Hail, Green Man of the Autumn!
Aspen tree, shield-maker’s joy,
Poplar wood that breaks and snaps,
You come in black and white,
As if to remind us that there are
Two sides to everything,
And yet you are one, and there is
Very little difference.
You made the rod used to
Measure corpses, showing that to
Measure something out is to make it dead.
You make the shield for protection,
Which saves us from the hard blows,
And is laid on the breast of the fallen warrior.
You are the tree of loss of hope,
Teaching us that even when hope is dead,
We must do without it and go on,
Finding some grimmer emotion
To sustain us in our battle.
Whistling Swan with your mourning cries,
You expect no mercy, and give none.
We hail you, sacred aspen tree,
Green Man of the Autumn,
At this the time of your decline.

When hope falls then honor calls
When passion yields honor be your shield
(Each comes forward and plants a seed in the pot of soil, saying, “Hail Green Man of the Earth!” Water is poured onto the pot, and then the rest is poured out as a libation. Ring bell and dismiss.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Let's Talk Witch – Cultivating Your Seeds

Cultivating Your Seeds


There is a seed of genius in your heart. It is a seed with the potential for bringing about more healing and creating more positive change than you can possibly imagine, and it is unlike any other seed in any other heart. In order to allow this seed to begin to sprout, you must quiet your mind, shut out the noise and illusions of the world, let your heart open and listen to the wisdom deep within. Then, you must water the seed and seedling with patience, open-mindedness and a commitment to following your inner nudges.

If the Beatles had devoted their lives to helping people with leprosy in Calcutta, “All You Need Is Love” would never have worked its magic on the world. Similarly, if Mother Teresa has pursued a music career, countless lives would have suffered from her absence. While these are exceptionally famous examples, one need not be even the tiniest bit famous to set in motion potent waves of positivity and healing. All one needs is to be true to her heart and follow the path of her joy.


Whether we’re called to volunteer, to contribute, to engage in a traditional service-based career, or to engage in any other action that allows us to be a service to the world, being the change we wish to see is necessary ingredient to living passionately, purposefully, and with deep abiding joy.


Excerpt from:

Being the Change

Tess Whitehurst

Calendar of the Sun for February 7th

Calendar of the Sun

Ancestor Day

Color: Black and grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Spread a black cloth, and lay it with photographs, paintings, and other depictions of our ancestors. Add also symbols of their old tools, and statues of ancestral deities, a bowl of seeds for the future garden, pots of soil, a pitcher of water, and many candles of black and white and grey.
Offerings: Things they would have liked to eat, drink, smoke, or smell. Tend a cemetery and clean up the graves.
Daily Meal: Food from an earlier era, using authentic recipes.

Invocation to the Ancestors

Our ancestors got up at dawn,
Slaved in the dirt,
Sweated in the sun,
Chilled in the cold,
Numbed in the snow,
Scattering each seed with a :
that there be enough,
That no one starve this winter.
Pray that no bird nor beast
Steal the food I have struggled for.
And most of all,
Pray that each seed I save
Of this harvest
Shall next year
Bring forth a hundred more.
We live today
Because they worked
Because they sowed
Because they harvested
Because they prayed.

Those who came before
We are your children
Those who came before
We honor your names

(Each person takes seeds from the bowl and plants them in the pots of soil, speaking the name of one of their ancestors as they do so, as in: “In honor of _______.” The pots are watered, and the candles put out one by one.)



[Pagan Book of Hours]


I is for Hope Black Ritual Ink





Items needed:

A lump of Yellow Ochre
Gum from the Pinyon pine
3 cups of black Sunflower seeds. (The little ones)
3 Tablespoons ground Native Alum

Start by burning the lump of yellow ochre with an equal amount of the pinyon
gum. This will make a nice black soot. (Catch the soot on a cool ironstone plate
that is held over the burning mixture.)

Save the soot.

Next, take the sunflower seeds, still in their shells, and boil them for twenty
to thirty minutes in 8 cups of  water. Remove the seeds just after splitting
open. (Do not allow them to soak in it.)

Add the native Alum after toasting it in an iron pan. Stir and simmer so that
the Alum is completely dissolved.

Simmer the liquid until it is reduced to six cups of liquid.

Dip out a cup of the liquid and scrape the soot into it. Stir until it is

Add the soot-dye mixture back into the greater dye.

Gently simmer until it is reduced to a desired consistency.

Use with a ‘quill’ pen or fine lined paint brush.

Calendar of the Sun for January 25th

Calendar of the Sun


25 Wolfmonath

Sementivae Feria: Seed Blessing

Colors:  and brown
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of green and brown set all the seeds for the next year, with the seeds saved from last year’s garden in  the center.
Offerings: Give seeds to poor  and gardeners.
Daily Meal: Vegan.

Sementivae Feria Invocation

Hear us, Ceres, Mother of the Grain,
You whose breath stirs the seed in the ground,
Though Earth sleeps now in her bed of stone,
We ask for her blessing on these seeds
Which will soon be sowed.
These are our hopes, our dreams,
Our aspirations, all promise and possibilities,
Waiting dry and dormant to be awoken.
Though we will not wake them today,
Soon the time will approach when they shall
Come into the embrace of the warm soil
And blossom into manifestation.
Bless our seeds, Great Ceres,
Mother of the Corn, Spark of the Plowed Earth,
Bless their promise, and ours as well.

(All cry, “Hail Ceres!” Then all surround the seeds and hold their hands over them, and together sing Ohm and Ah in harmonies, to carry Ceres’ blessing. The seeds are then placed in a special basket shaped like a cradle, and covered with a cloth, and sung to.)

Chant: Carry our wishes
Carry our hoping
Carry our blessing
Till you be awoken


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Moon for January 1

Calendar of the Moon

1 Luis/Gamelion

Day of the Rowan Tree

Color: Light grey
Element: Earth
Altar: On a cloth of light grey set a vase of rowan twigs, gathered ahead of time and forced into budding, dried rowan berries from the preceding year, a single red candle, a pot of soil, seeds, a bowl of water, and a bell.
Offering: Plant seeds. Keep your dreams alive.
Daily Meal: Vegan. Red food.

Invocation to the Green Man of the Rowan Tree

Hail, Green Man of the Winter!
Rowan tree of the mountains,
Slender of stalk and many of leaf,
Sacred berries that break any spell
And ward any home,
Red as the ochre of our ancestors,
Red as the food of the gods,
Brigid’s pride, magical branch,
Protector of doorways,
Protector of children,
Expunger of evil,
Fire of the forge,
Floods across the plain,
Duck who rides the flood,
We hail you, sacred rowan tree,
Green Man of the Winter,
On this the time of your dreaming.

I rise with the sap,
I feel the deep spark,
I find joy in the cold,
I bend with the winds.

(Each comes forward and plants a seed in the pot of soil, saying, “Hail Green Man of the Earth!” Water is poured onto the pot, and then the rest is poured out as a libation. Ring bell and dismiss.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]