Shower Your Cares Away

Shower Your Cares Away

by Sylvana SilverWitch

Much more than earth, fire or air,  the healing aspects of water are easy  for me to identify with, maybe partly  because I am a double water sign —  Pisces sun with Cancer rising. I seem  to think about water most of the time.  It seems I am either washing myself,  my hands or face, or drinking or sitting in it. I am very much attuned to  the properties of water, and I find that  if I stray very far away from a large  body of water, I am unhappy and I just  don’t feel right.

Even if you don’t have signs in  water, as a human being you’re naturally attuned to water, because the  great majority of your body is made  of it. In a way, water is the easiest element for us to connect with, because  we can easily submerge ourselves in  it, unlike in fire or earth. When we do  immerse ourselves in water, we’re usually conscious of doing so, unlike our  experience of immersing in air.

Following is a quick cleansing  meditation that makes use of this natural connection to water and that is  designed to be used in the shower.

If you are one of those people who  can’t seem to find the time to meditate, or if you ever need a psychic  cleanup in a hurry, this meditation  might be perfect for you. It takes only  a very few minutes once you get the  process memorized. It really works  and can be very helpful, and it is easy  to do every day as a part of your normal routine, since most of us shower  or bathe every day (or at least I hope  we do). I do it every day, all the time —  no matter where I am.

This meditation involves cleansing and running energy through your  body while in the process of cleansing your body by taking a shower. I  make use of the actual physicality of  washing in the shower and the motion  of the water as a focus for the cleansing and healing meditation.

The first few times, try it when you  are not too rushed, so you have time  to get a feel for how it works for you.

First, get into the shower and do  what ever you need to do that may  take some attention to detail, such as  washing your hair or shaving. Then do  your usual grounding and centering.  Next, visualize yourself standing in the  middle of a wonderful, warm, healing  waterfall, golden sun radiant on you,  mist glistening up brilliant rainbows  and water gently cascading down  around and over you. Visualize the  water delicately caressing every part  of your body with cleansing, nurturing  energy.

Smell the warmth of the water as  it runs in rivulets over your body. Imagine you are in a tropical paradise, a  magickal place that you have come for  healing your body and spirit. Hear the  sounds of the water rushing over you.

Contemplate your day and week  and anything seemingly important that  has happened during them. Feel  throughout your body and notice if  there are any places that your energy  feels “stuck” or heavy. Think about  your physical body and how it has been  feeling. Search with your awareness  your whole body: your bones, muscles,  nerves, skin and organs. Notice any  place that seems to need attention.  Use your perception to observe anything that seems out of place or wrong  to you.

I also like to take this time to look  and feel for energy “cords” connecting me to other people. Cords are  energetic connections to people and  energies that I am not responsible for  and don’t need to carry around. They  look like literal cords, or sometimes  more like cables, between us and  those we come into contact with, especially loved ones, friends, co-workers and yes, even enemies!

When you get a sense of what energies you might want to disperse, then  work on dispersing them by beginning  to propel the energy around and  through you. Dissipate it by gathering  it and sending it washing down your  body with the water into the drain.  Imagine or picture it being cleansed  from you — your energy body then  transparent, shining pure and clear.

Think about being cleansed of all  of the anger, resentment and negativity that has been thrown at you or that  you have picked up from other people  or situations and that you have carried around. These energies can cause  disease and stress. Anger, resentment  and negativity all may harm you if you  don’t dissipate and neutralize them  from time to time.

Understand that by cleaning your  body and using your sponge and soap  and at the same time imagining “cleaning” your body and energy, that you  “scrub” yourself clean, both body and  aura. Then ground out the energy with  the water.

After you have finished cleansing,  see the water flowing completely  through you — healing and nurturing  all the parts of yourself, body, soul,  mind, heart and spirit.

I have found that if I miss my  “shower meditation,” I do not feel  grounded and I have trouble concentrating and focusing on the matters  at hand. I sometimes have physical  symptoms and just don’t feel good if  I miss my water meditation. Try it, see  how it works for you and adapt it if  you need to.

Mechanics of Spellcasting

Mechanics of Spellcasting

Spellcasting is the lesser, not the greater magic; but the greater
magic builds on the lesser. The paradox is that in spellcasting we
may start out working with the personal self, but in order to work
the magic we are forced to expand and recognize the Self that moves
through all beings.
Magic involves the deliberate self-identification with other objects
and people. For example, to do a healing, we must become the healer,
the one who is healed, and the energy that is to do the healing. To
attract love, we must be able to love ourselves and to become love
its self.
Spells work in two basic ways. The first is through suggestion;
symbols and images implant certain ideas in Younger Self, or the
subconscious mind, and we are then influenced to actualize those
ideas. Spells can also influence the external world.
The theoretical model that witches use to explain the workings of
magic is a clear one and coincides in many ways with the “new”
physics. It is simply an elaborate but extremely useful metaphor. The
metaphor is based on a world view that sees things not as fixed
objects, but as vortexes of energy. The physical world is formed by
the vortexes of energy, and if we cause a change in the energy
patterns they, in turn, cause a change in the physical world. When
our own energy is concentrated and channeled, it can move the broader
energy currents. The images and objects used in spells are the
channels. They are the vessels through which our power is poured, and
by which it is shaped.
As energy is directed into the images we visualize, it gradually
manifests physical form and takes shape in the material world.
Directing energy is not a matter of simply emoting. Emotion can be
likened to a strobe light which provides a very inconstant light,
while directed energy is more like a laser beam. Even concentrated
power is a small stream compared with the vast surges of energy that
surround us. The most adept witch cannot be successful in all her
spells, for the opposing currents are often too strong.
The craft teaches to first identify the flow of energy and then to
decide whether or not it is going where we want it to go. If it is
not, then we can try to deflect it, or we may have to change our own
course. Sensing the energy climate is a matter of intuition and
experience. Some witches make a study of Astrology in an effort to
plan their magical workings at the optimal times, while others prefer
to work when they feel the time is right.
Of all the planets, the Moon’s influence on subtle energies is the
strongest. Subtle power increases as the Moon waxes, so the time of
the waxing Moon is best for spells involving growth or increase, such
as money spells. The power peaks when the Moon is full and that is
the best time for workings of culmination and love. During the waning
Moon, power subsides and turns inward. The waning Moon’s period is
used for banishings, bindings, and discovering hidden secrets. The
practical witch soon learns to adjust her spells to fit the time of
the Moon. If, for example, she needs to do a money spell during the
waning Moon, she would put a little ‘English’ on it and make it a
poverty banishing spell.
Energy pursues the path of least resistance. Material results are
more easily achieved on this plane of existence through physical
actions than through magical workings. For example, it is simpler to
lock your door than suffer the constant drain from maintaining
psychic seals on your doors and windows while you are away from home.
Of course, once you have locked your door, you might feel more
reassured by placing seals on it.
No magic spell is going to bring results unless channels are opened
into the material world. For example, a job spell is useless if you
are not willing to go out and interview for jobs or at least let
potential employers know that you are in the market for one. In the
same vein, a healing spell is no substitute for medical care.
Most medicine today can be broken down into two broad categories,
emergency medicine and that which is not needed for immediate life-
threatening situations. Emergency medicine has excelled at
stabilizing the body’s condition so that it can repair itself at its
own pace. Most other forms of medicine consist of treatment through
surgery or chemotherapy or a combination of both. The procedures
noted above work on the physical body and do not take the other
levels into consideration. Psychic healing works at healing the
higher levels of the person so that the physical heals itself or
allows the person to let go of their physical body if it cannot be
repaired. In either case, the choice rests with the person who is
being healed and not the healer.
Visualization used in creating a spell should focus on the desired
result, not the individual steps leading up to the result. We give
the spell free rein in how it goes about achieving the results with
the understanding that it is not to bring harm to anyone or any
being. For this reason, spells have a habit of working in very
unexpected ways.
To assure that the power we have unleashed does not inadvertently
cause harm, we bind the spell. This serves to ‘set’ the form we have
created so that the energy becomes fixed in the pattern we desire.
The energy we project to others affects us even more strongly than
the other person. This is because we have generated the energy, and
thus we have become the object at which the energy is directed. If
healing energy is sent out, then the health of the person casting the
spell is enhanced. By the same token, any hex or curse that is sent
out ALWAYS affects the person who sends it no matter whether it
affected the person it was sent at or not.

Aromas to Heal a Broken Heart

Aromas to Heal a Broken Heart

by Francoise Rapp

Too often people write off break-ups as just another page to turn in the book of life. There is some truth in that, but break-ups should be taken a bit more seriously. After all, this is the end of a relationship. And this loss can be as painful as losing a loved one in death. To heal it takes time, self-care, and conscious processing of your emotions. It is vital that you allow this healing process to occur, and take advantage of the situation to treat yourself with gentleness and nurturing.
Here are some other things to keep in mind during this transformative time:
· Avoid any big decisions.
· Go into the pain and the feelings. There is no way out but to get through it…and you will!
· Take long aromatherapy baths with appropriate holistic blends. See recipes below.
· Cry when you need to. Don’t let others tell you to just get over it.
· Be VERY selfish.
· Surround yourself with positive and happy people.
· Dare to ask for a lot of hugs.
· Get a dog or cat, or cuddle with the ones you have.
· Write really awful, bitchy, letters to your ex. Write everything you would love to say. Burn them in the sink. Run the water to make it go away.
· Love yourself. Look in the mirror as often as you can and say wonderful things about yourself aloud.
· Write your way through the feelings.
· Connect with other people who understand and can relate: friends, counselors, message boards on websites, etc.
· Have a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise (at least get some fresh air on the beach, at the park, etc.).
· Nourish your soul with beauty: watch movies, read poetry, go to museums.
· Meditate.
· Stay alone and appreciate the tranquility of your aloneness.
There’s no rule for how long the pain of a heartbreak will last. It may take weeks, months or even years. But using the following special aromatherapy blend and ritual will soothe your heart, nurture your wounded soul, and envelop you in comfort. I recommend following this bath ritual every night until you feel the pain has faded.

Your Daily Bath Ritual to Ease Your Broken Heart
Prepare your aromatherapy blend by adding the following essential oils to a 10-oz bottle and filling with organic vegetable oil:
· 4 drops Rose Essential Oil    
· 15 drops Sandalwood Oil    
· 9 drops Lavender Oil

Run some warm water for your bath and add 10 drops of your aromatic blend. Light some candles and turn off the lights. Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Visualize yourself filled and surrounded by a pink color. Take a few deep breaths. Feel the color soothing your being. Say aloud, “I am love myself.” Take a few deep breaths again. Soak for at least 15 minutes.
After you get out of the bath, pour a few drops of the aromatherapy blend into the palms of your hands and anoint your heart chakra (the seat of love: healing, grieving, acceptance), and the third eye (integrating, detachment, connection with your Higher Self).

Witches’ Spell Of The Day For May 18 – Blessing A Book

To Bless A Book

The intent of this spell is to bless any book of your choosing.

You Will Need:

  • Any book of your choosing

The Spell:

 Hold your book(or put in on a table) in your hands and chant this spell:

”Hearken as the witches’ word
calls to All, a gulf to ford.
Bridge the vast realities,
An it harm none, do as ye please.

Elements protect and guard this book,
From wandering eyes and prying looks.
Fill it with thine ancient power,
In this right and ready hour.

Powers of North, the East below,
Help me to live, to learn, to grow.
Lend your strength and stability,
To practice the Craft and with love be free.

Powers of East, the Wind, the Sky,
Watch over these pages with thine eye.
Your wisdom and knowledge, for these I do ask,
That this book be worthy of the Craft and its task.

Powers of South, Fire, and the Hearth,
Help these Shadows to prove their worth.
Infuse them with all your Healing and Passion,
So only good comes from the Work that is fashioned.

Powers of West, the Water and Sea,
Change and growth are granted by thee.
Bless these pages with all that you know,
That righteous readers may learn and grow.

And to the unschooled eye that see
Confusing words and sophistry,
Lead them from these sacred pages,
And bless their passage through the ages.

For free will of all,
And harm of none,
As I have willed it,
It is now done.

So mote it be!”

Angel Healing Spell

Angel Healing Spell

Before beginning a healing spell always say:

“Spirit, please assist in this healing for ______
If they are to receive this healing energy
Then guide my thoughts and words to them
If they are not to receive this healing energy
Please give the energy to someone else who is in need.
You know best.”

Take a picture, statue or any symbol of an angel. Cleanse and consecrate it,
then empower it in the name of healing. Ask the angel of healing, or your
Guardian angel to help the sick person. Tell them that you are giving this as a
gift to the sick person and ask for their blessing and healing energy on that
person and the angel.