A Blessed Sunday Morning, my dear Brothers & Sisters!

Good Morning all my precious family! I hope this Sunday morning fines you all doing well. I have had something that has been eating at me all week. I have had several mainstream religion individuals, including pastors and priests, write me in regards to our Religion. None of the letters were bad. In fact, they were very surprising. The pastors and priests expressed interested and curiosity about our Religion. They said it had always fascinated them but they did not want to come out and reveal this to their congregations. I can’t say that I blame them, it would be like me telling you I was a Baptist (you better no that is not true !). They all said they never expected for me to write them back. Truthfully, I have saved their letters in our email account. One day, when the Goddess gifts me with Her words, I will write back.

The mainstream individuals write for another reason. They want to join our Religion but they are scared. Scared that there is no Goddess, no Summerlands, no Reincarnation, NOTHING! They are scared if they turn to our Religion and forsake their own they will go to hell. The very first letter, I ever got like this stumped me. I had never been around anyone who came right out and said they were scared to convert to our Religion. I was dumbfounded to say the least. After careful thought and asking the Goddess to help me, my answer to them were…..

“My dear friend,

I don’t know if I can easy your fears or not, but I will try. I wonder why, if you are scared of our Religion, would you ever consider turning to the Goddess. I came to the realization something is missing in your life. The mainstream religions are not filling that emptiness you feel. The longer you go the bigger the emptiness feels and then it turns into a feeling of being lost. Something is missing and you want to know what.

First off, let start with your fear of going to hell. In The Craft, we have no  concept of hell nor the devil. I would venture to say you have been in your religion all your life. From the time you were a little baby till now. You were never given the choice of your own religious practices, you assumed the practices of your parents. You went to Sunday school and church every time the door was open. You might not have even known there was other Religions till you got grown. But you are grown now and seeking, seeking what you don’t know. But that emptiness has to be filled.

There are thousands of Religions in the world. I cannot say which one is right or which one is wrong. As many as there are I can’t believe they are all wrong. It would be a very cruel God that only chose one Religion and left the rest to rot. I cannot guarantee you The Craft is the right Religion. I am only the messenger. I can, however, testify to what I have seen the Goddess do and the ability She has given me. The Goddess, to me is a Divine Being of Endless Love & Mercy. She is my mother. In my Religion, I have three mothers, my maternal mother who has passed on, my Deity and my Holy Divine Mother. What other Religion can say that? We have Laws and Ethics we live by. Most people don’t realize that but we do. My personal opinion on this or that being the right or wrong religion, I still can say. I am betting on Witchcraft to be the Right One. Just as any Baptist is betting on theirs being the right one. The Pentecostal are betting on theirs also. If you will stop and look at all these religions, the Gods/Goddesses they speak of, are merciful, loving, kind, understanding and most of all it is repeated over and over, we are their children. With all those Religions, I can believe only one is right. I believe in their own aspects all of them are right. My personal belief is if you find a Religion that calls to you. Then go to it. Don’t be afraid, never be afraid of the Gods, they love you no matter what. That Religion you take up will have guidelines how to live, follow them. Lead a moral, up-standing, ethic life and believe no merciful God or Goddess would ever turn you way.

I am not going to lie to you, I would love for you to come and experience the Goddess and Her Religion. I believe if you do you will find similarities between our Religion and the Christian religion. You see our Religion is the oldest Religion on Earth. The early Christians liked some of our practices so well they adopted them for their own use. And we are suppose to be the evil ones!

What you have been led to believe about Witchcraft is untrue. Put your fears aside and found out for yourself what is drawing you to our Religion. I already know what it is, it is our Goddess. I know the Path I have took has been full of many joys and much happiness. I hope you will come to know these things also.

You will never be alone, dear friend. The Goddess is around you everywhere.

Blessings, Peace & Comfort,

Lady Of The Abyss

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A Glorious Sunday Morn To All My Loves, Family & Friends Too, lol!

Witchy Comments & Graphics
My morning started out very nicely. I don’t know how I got in this mood just to bite someone’s head off. We are having a local telethon for disabled children. I started watching about 4:30 this morning. Then about 7:00 it turned to Gospel music. They never start the Gospel hour at 7:00 it is generally around 10:00. So I kept listening and hoping and listening and hoping, finally I said the hell with it and turned the TV down. In the meantime, my bobcat jumps my Pomeranian and you would have thought she killed her. Razzy (bobcat) has been wanting to play all morning. I have played with her some. So she get on the bed and lays in wait for Kiki to hop on the bed. When Kiki did Razzy jumped at her. She didn’t hurt Kiki just scared the crap out of her.

Now I have all the homefront issues handled, I get on the site and I have someone trying to tell me what I put on the front page. That struck a nerve. Started by staying Witch craft is not a religion but it can be compared to knitting or crocheting. But it was turned around somehow and stated that yes, Witch craft could be a Religion now days. Then ended by saying, Witch craft is the oldest religion in some part of the world. “Baby, first off before you ever dare tell me what I wrote, you best read it. Don’t ever attempt that again. I am the author of the front page. I know what I wrote. Next, Witch craft is not two words, it is one like this “Witchcraft,” see.  The part that really pissed me off was comparing my Religion, YES, MY RELIGION! Don’t like Witchcraft classified as a RELIGION GO SOME PLACE ELSE, Got it! But comparing it to knitting or crocheting, that tells me you are no WITCH.  Instead you are an IDOIT! You want to make comments like these, you best find you another site to do it at. NOT THIS ONE! Because yes when I run into comments that make me angry, I do call them out.

I know exactly what you are. But now it is wonderful, because remember the time I was threw out of an Award’s Site. Come to find out the owner was a Baptist. She threw me out but left it were I could read each and everyone of your nasty comments about me and my Religion. Baby, pay back is a bitch! You see, I am not going to let you comment or anything. I am treating you the same way ya’ll treated me. Sit and take it! I am not near as nasty as everyone of you were to me. But I will tell you one thing if you ever come back to this site, I will publish your name and let every witch here do what she wants with you. Got it. Never, ever darken these halls again!

Now that I am through with my dear old friend there, I was thinking this morning. This was when I was starting to flip the channels, then I thought what good would it do? All I see on Sunday mornings is Baptist, Christian, Catholic and every other mainstream Religion out there on TV. I got to thinking wouldn’t it be lovely to have a Craft Hour on TV. I know, I know! I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing it. But it would be so beautiful to see somebody on there spreading the word of our Goddess. Wouldn’t it? I use to be able to turn the TV down low when I was posting on Sundays but I can’t do that anymore. I know you are thinking, “well, change the channel!” I am going too in a minute or so. But I guess the Goddess has touched my heart and soul, I don’t want to hear any other Religions. The only one I want to hear is the words of our Religion. I want others to come to know the Goddess. Have our Divine Lady fill their souls and hearts with joy and love. There are still thousands of individuals that have not heard our message yet or more important met our Divine Mother. The internet has been an excellent resource but we are going to have to come up with more creative ways for our message to get out. I know television is a pipe dream right now but one day, perhaps with the Goddess it can come true.

I hope everyone has a very relaxed and blessed Sunday.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


I know there are several here to start trouble from another Religion this day. They are probably wondering how can she talk all so holier than thou right after she gave someone hell. I can do it because I am a Witch. We have all learned from our past history what individuals like you would do to us if given the chance. I can guarantee you one thing, you or anyone else like you will never get that chance again. It was a hard lesson learned but we learned it well. We will not go quietly anymore nor will we remain quiet. Our Goddess does not expect us to die for Her unlike some of your Religions suggests. Our Divine Mother stands beside us at all times. Loving us, caring for us and comforting us at all times. I have made a commitment to Her. That commitment to my Mother is that I get Her message out to many people as I can. Nothing or no one will deter me from that mission. May the Goddess bless you and help you to see the error in your ways!

A Witch’s Calling

A Witch’s Calling

Author:   Moon magik  

From the moment we are born into this learning experience called life, most of us have our spiritual paths chosen for us. If your parents are Catholic, you’re going to be Catholic. If your parents are Baptist, you’re definitely going to be Baptist. Children have no choice to their own beliefs, because their parents require them to follow family tradition. We then grow up doing the same thing to our own children. There are very few people that grow up and just decide after 20 or 30 years that they do not believe what they were raised to believe. There are also some that grow up with absolutely no spirituality in their lives at all.

My mother and father were divorced just 8 months after I was born. My father raised me, because my mother was young and irresponsible and he wanted me to grow up in a good environment. During the first seven years of my life, we lived with my grandparents. My grandparents were Lutheran, so naturally my father was Lutheran as well. There was a Lutheran church conveniently located just a few houses down from our home.

I knew from a very young age that I did not belong in a Lutheran Church. Most Witches’ have a calling to the old ways and earth traditions at some point in their lives. I hated bible study and had no interest in learning about Christ. I didn’t know anything about Witchcraft, or have a clue that I would one day find myself casting spells in a circle on my bedroom floor. I just simply didn’t care for church. It wasn’t until I was about 11 years old when I started having dreams that I was magical.

It began sporadically and then eventually became an every night dream. In my dream I was standing in the middle of the woods during the peak of fall season. I was spinning in circles and dancing around trees. Every time I had the dream, I notice I had a wooden stick in my hand. I now realize the wooden stick was my wand. I went to the library one morning to check out a book on Diana Ross, because I had a book report for school due on the following Monday.

When I sat down at the table in the library there was one small paperback book left behind by what I’m assuming was a lazy citizen. The book was about Witchcraft. I was extremely intrigued, so I decided to check it out and bring it home to read.

When my father saw the book, he was very unsure whether he wanted to allow me to read it or not. I used my charm and wit to persuade him, plus he was the biggest push over ever. The strange thing is, my father told me just a few days ago, that a few years before I checked out that book, I was scolded for drawing pentacles on my bedroom door. He said he couldn’t figure out where I got the idea to draw pentacles. He said he would have not been so freaked out by the action if the drawings were only stars without circles around them. He understands a bit more now that I am 27 and he knows about my spiritual practices.

As I grew older my dreams became more vivid and lucid. I started having dreams of things before they would occur. My first prophetic dream was about my mother. In my dream, the doctor called me on the telephone and told me that my mom was going to die, because she had a tumor in her stomach. About two weeks later my mother had to go to the doctors, because her premenstrual cycle would not end. The doctors ran some test and then found that she had a large mass, the size of a baseball growing in her uterus. They advised her that she needed surgery immediately to get the mass out. My mother called me on the telephone afterwards to talk to me. She was astonished how similar my dream was to her situation.

The second dream was even scarier. I was blind. The only thing I could do was listen to the sounds that were around me. I heard screaming and arguing and then a blast of gunshots so close like the gun was going off next to my ear. The next morning I went to work and received a phone call from my mother in the middle of the day, which was very uncommon. When I answered, she was frantically crying. She proceeded to tell me that one of my closest friends was shot in the head in the middle of the night.

She explained to me that he was still alive, but he was in a coma and the doctors said we should come in and say our goodbyes, because they did not expect him to live through the day. We all gathered at the hospital for which turned out to be a week while he struggled to survive on life support. Finally, he woke up from the coma.

He could not speak, because he had a trachea tube in his throat, so none of us knew if he could hear us or not. A bandage covered his eyes, so we did not know if he could see us. The bullet in his head traveled back down the path in which it entered and actually fell out into the bandage that was wrapped around his head. The doctors did not have to perform any surgery because of that. Unfortunately once the bandage was removed we found out that he was blind.

I have accepted the fact that I am not a psychic. I cannot read tarot cards. I cannot read runes or tea leaves or make use of any other divining tool. The only thing that I have is my dreams. Therefore, I call myself a dream witch. I love witchcraft. I love the freedom of being solitary eclectic and choosing beliefs that make me feel comfortable.

I love the art and beauty of casting a circle and uniting myself with the Lord and the Lady to mold the energies of the universe for my intentions. I love herb magick and candle magick. I love every aspect of earth traditions and wish that more people would discover the beauty and mysticism that surrounds it.

I wish more people would give their children the knowledge and independence to explore different beliefs to decide what or whom they want to worship. Children continue to be lead into their predecessor’s political, social and religious views. I am not saying that I want everyone to follow the path of the ancient traditions; I am just concerned with the limited freedom we give in a country founded on freedom.

Are You a Pagan Individual?

Are You a Pagan Individual?

Author:   Crick   

When one looks about the Neo Pagan community, one common factor that stands out is the constant jockeying of certain individuals/groups to be the learning curve for all other pagans. To my mind this is an attempt to validate ones personal insecurities. For as pagans we should be individuals who are comfortable in the way that we seek our spiritual path.

One cannot be true to and thus accepting of others if we are not true to ourselves first. This is a tenet that separates the individualism of paganism in general and witchcraft in particular, from the tenets of organized religion.

It is interesting to note though that such behavior is unique to Neo Paganism. Not all of those who contributed to the origins of Christianity believe in the concept of “Jesus” as he is portrayed by the organized religions of today.

For instance, the Mandaeans are followers of John the Baptist. They are a people called “Mughtasilah”, which translates as, “Those Who Wash themselves”. They are considered to be the “Children of the Books”, and as such, are said to be “holders of the Word of God.” And though they are hostile to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, (Mandaeans regard Christianity and rabbinical Judaism as false religions that, along with the negative influence and/or alignment of planets and stars, impede the soul’s release from bondage.

With the arrival of Islam in Iraq, in 636 CE, the Mandeans were seen as the third “people of the book”, and were thought to be the mysterious Sabians of the Koran. But the Mandeans still encountered a difficult relationship with Islam, and Muhammad is in their writings called the demon “Bizbat”.

The Mandaeans themselves subscribe to the belief that Judas Thomas was Jesus’ twin brother and that it was actually Judas Thomas who was crucified on the cross and that Jesus then lived out his life as his brother Thomas to avoid persecution for his attempted role as the alleged messiah. To support this belief, the early church father “Irenaeus” wrote around 150 CE that Jesus remained on earth as a teacher for some twenty years after his crucifixion, and that John the Apostle served as a conduit for these teachings.

The Mandaeans are an ancient form of Christian Gnosticism, which practices initiation, ecstasy and various rituals that have been said to resemble those of the Freemasons. They very frequently practice baptism in running water and a sort of “confirmation”, is given to the dying. They repudiate idolatry and circumcision, while celibacy is absolutely forbidden. They practice a moral code of charity and goodwill.”

They hold to a planetary influence on the hours, much like Solomon and others of his kind did and they have a seven-day induction of priests, which is similar to the Sabians. Their year consists of twelve months of thirty days each, followed by five auspicious days of epact. At the New Year they keep vigil for the spirits of light to return from congratulating the Supreme Being for creation.

They utter “Ask and find, speak and listen” like the Harranians, but then invoke a formal denial of the powers of the sun and moon contrary to the Sabians. Their calendar is solar while the Harranian one is luni-solar. And amongst the Mandaeans, women may own property, though divorce is not recognized, and a man may have as many wives as he desires.”

The Mandaeans take their name from “Manda” which means secret knowledge.” The Mandaean priests are called “Nasoreans”, as were the followers of Jesus. Within the Mandaean sect, a Nazarean is equated to the same status as an archbishop. During the first three centuries CE, there were certain Mandaean or Johannite sects, especially in the region of the Tigris-Euphrates basin, who honored John the Baptist, not Jesus, as their prophet.

One of these sects still exists to this day in areas of Iraq. According to their thinking, John the Baptist was “the true prophet”, while Jesus was a rebel, a heretic, who led men astray and whom betrayed secret doctrines.” According to the Mandeans, John the Baptist was Hibil-Ziwa. “Hibil-Ziwa was a Savior who entered the world of darkness and destroyed the evil spirits so that the faithful could obtain liberation before the end of the world.”

The Mandaeans tell of the founding of Jerusalem by a powerful and evil female Goddess named Ru Ha. For Jews, Muslims and Syriac-speaking Christians, Ru Ha, signifies the Holy Spirit who is mentioned in both the Quran and the Bible. She controlled the Seven Planets and worked evil on the Earth through several chosen men. They are Abraham, Moses, David and his son Solomon. Her greatest evil however, was realized through the actions of one man. At her temple in Jerusalem, a young priestess was selected to bear a “special offspring”. The name of this priestess was “Miriam”. The Christians call her Mary. She brought forth the “child of Ru Ha”, the “Imunel” (Immanuel) and he were in turn called, “Jesus”.

He was baptized by John and taught at length by him. In time he turned away from John’s teachings and led the people astray, the Mandaeans claim. The Mandaeans say that Mary is a “Daughter of Moses” and that Moses dwelt on Mt. Sinai.

One of the texts of the Mandeans tells a story about the flight of a group called “Nasoreans”, from areas that are today known as Jordan, to the Mesopotamian region, in the times of the Jewish wars following the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE. It is thought that they were driven out by Saul (Paul) himself.

The story goes that Paul arrived as the first Christian missionary in Corinth and in Ephesus, only to discover to his amazement that there were already churches established there. Upon making inquiries he discovered that they were the Church of John the Baptist. Paul believed that the Ephesians and Corinthians would, therefore, be delighted to discover that he represented Jesus Christ, the one prophesied to come after John.

However, contrary to his expectations, they had never heard of such a prophecy.” The following reference is found in the Christian bible: “While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus. There he found some disciples and asked them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when [or after] you believed?”

They answered, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” So Paul asked, ‘Then what baptism did you receive?’ “John’s baptism, ” they replied. Paul said, “John’s baptism was a baptism of repentance. He told the people to believe in the one coming after him, that is, in Jesus.” On hearing this, they were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 19:1-5

And so though there is an ongoing and determined effort by the three main Abrahamic religions to be seen as the learning curve for all other beliefs in the world, just as there are certain Neo Pagan individuals/groups who follow suit in regards to Paganism. As individuals it is our responsibility to dig beneath the surface of such popular and often misguided rhetoric, for the truth is that which serves the individual and not that of the masses.

As pagans, our spiritual journey is unique to each of us and cannot nor should not be defined by any one group of folks, regardless of such rhetoric…

When You Might Not Want to Come Out of the Broom Closet

When You Might Not Want to Come Out of the Broom Closet

Author:   Bronwen Forbes   

A great deal has been written about the benefits and advantages of coming out as Pagan to your family, friends and co-workers, both here on Witchvox and in other places. Living an honest life, helping Paganism be more accepted as more people say “I know a Pagan, ” and taking pride in who and what you are – these are all excellent reasons to be open about your faith. However, as a friend of mine reminded me recently, coming out is never something you do just once. You continue to choose with every new day, every new situation and every new person you meet whether or not to say anything about your spiritual path.

Which means, of course, that there are some valid reasons to never come out to anyone, or only to a select few in specific situations. For example (obvious as it is) , if you’ve recently begun the process of legally severing your marital bonds with someone and, before the divorce is final and all child and property custody disputes have been resolved, and you realize in the middle of all this that you’re Pagan, it would probably be in your best interests not to announce your new path until after the dust has settled.

Another obvious example is on the job. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but in this economy, just because you think it’s safe to be openly Pagan at work doesn’t mean it *is* safe. I lived for years in the Baltimore-Washington DC area where no one, not even my employers, cared if I was Pagan or not.

I left DC for a Midwest town that had a university – and a very prominent journalism school. As leaders of a training coven (consisting mostly of college students including one journalism major) , my husband and I were pretty good candidates for “interview a witch for the Halloween edition of the school paper.” It happened every year. While I wasn’t exactly out at work, between my regular appearance in the university’s school newspaper and occasional mentions in the city’s paper for being on various Pagan-related discussion panels, I wasn’t exactly hiding my religion, either. Five minutes on Google would have told my employers everything they wanted to know about it. I don’t think it even occurred to them to check.

Unfortunately, I took this lack of interest in my religious affairs for granted when we moved to a tiny town in New Mexico and I got a job at the local (much smaller) university in the admissions office. We also tried to help revive the campus Pagan student group which had been prominently featured in the local paper a year earlier, when every Baptist minister in the county denounced its existence (which should have been a clue to me to keep my flapping mouth shut) . Connections were made among the students, and next thing I knew it was two weeks before Samhain and the editor of the school paper was interviewing me. It was a good, well-written article, and no one in my office said a word about the fact that I’d just outed myself to the entire campus. I didn’t think any more about it.

Until I realized that my immediate supervisor was quietly and subtly going out of her way to make my workday a living hell – and had been since the article appeared in the paper.

For example, whatever I did wrong was discussed loudly and in public, while my co-worker, a Catholic, got a bit of quiet privacy when her errors were pointed out (We started the same day and did the exact same job) . I mentioned it to my boss and was told it was all my imagination and that I was “too sensitive.”

Eventually I quit; I’m convinced that if I hadn’t, I would have been fired. Was it because of the article? I’ll never know for sure, but in retrospect my decision to come out of the broom closet was, in this instance, a pretty poor one.

Sometimes, though, the decision of whether or not to come out as Pagan is not so obvious. Family and close friends, for example, are the people you most want to accept this part of you, and as a result your prediction of their reaction to your news may be skewed; you so very much need them to be happy for you that you could project the reaction you want onto them.

I’ve asked around, and a lot of my friends suggest telling a close sibling, aunt or uncle and see how they react before having the “Big Talk” with Mom and Dad. But – and this is hard – telling your nearest and dearest may not only be a bad idea, you may not know it’s a bad idea until it’s too late.

Back in the mid 1980s when I first realized I was Pagan, I told my parents. I had plenty of solid, valid reasons for doing so: 1) I was about to be divorced by my first husband over my Paganism and I thought they deserved to know the truth. 2) I had a strong feeling, even in the early days, that my spiritual path was going to be a major part of my life (turns out I was right) and I couldn’t see cutting my parents out of that much of my world (we were a lot closer back then) . 3) My parents are highly educated people with five college degrees between the two of them, have been professional performers most their lives (i.e. used to odd, artistic, fringe folk) , and are reasonably liberal in their personal and political views. In other words, if there are (or were) two Christians (Episcopalians) more likely to accept their daughter’s new spiritual path with open-mindedness and grace, I don’t know them.

At first it looked like I made a good decision to come out to my folks. My father, a college librarian, found a copy of Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance on my recommendation and read it. He said that while he’d never be a Pagan, he was struck by how “poetic it is.”

Fast forward a decade or so. In the intervening years my religion has been referred to as “that Pagan b*llsh*t” more than once. I’ve been told, “We’re just so relieved you’ve managed to stay away from the drugs” (What drugs? Did I miss the memo on rampant drug use in the Pagan community?) , and treated to this day like a not-quite-bright teenager by – you guessed it – my intellectual, liberal parents.

Was coming out to my parents a good idea? Probably not.

Knowing what I know now, would I do it today? No.

The decision to tell or not to tell someone you’re Pagan is a deeply personal one, and not in any way something you should be pressured into. Coming out as Pagan is not “cool” or something to do for the shock it might cause the listener. Although it’s true that the more of a presence we are in society the less “other” we become, and the more our faith is accepted in the world.

But we need to be aware that sharing our religious choice with anyone or everyone is not always the best solution. We no longer need to worry about witchfinders, hangings and other historically dire consequences for openly celebrating our faith, but we do need to think very hard about our livelihoods, our children and the feelings of the one we’re outing ourselves to before we choose to share this most personal information.

Good Sunday Morning My Beloved Family & Friends!

Witchy Comments & Graphics
I hope everyone is having a very Blessed Sunday Morning. It is rather rainy and dreary here today. But we need the rain so I won’t complain.  I got up this morning took my medicine and went back to sleep. I had the TV on when I fell asleep. I woke up to something that made me say, “Thank The Goddess Alive, I am a Witch!” The TV has a church broadcasting on it. The preacher was preaching his hell and brimstone passages as usual.

You ever truly want to be thankful that you are a Witch, Wiccan, Druid or any other Pagan tradition, watch a televised preacher. I am not being nasty or mean, I am being truthful. They fascinate me. They are either preaching their fire and brimstone or wanting money. After listening for a minute or two, I always change the channel. But in those few minutes, I am ever so grateful for our Divine Mother. I am not going to say we don’t have rules and Laws that we don’t have to live by cause we do. But nothing like I learned going to church every Sunday when I was little and what I hear on the TV now. In case I shocked some of you, I grew up in a family with two religious beliefs, one Baptist (my father) the other Witchcraft (my mother).  I guess listening to the Baptist when I was growing up and now today, their story never changes. But our religion is constantly changing. We continuously are learning and growing. We are taught everything about the Universe and most of all the Goddess’ Divine Love.

There is a big difference between the two religions that I can see now. I know the other Religions say their Gods are ever loving. But unfortunately where is the truth in that. Christianity happens to be one of the most bloodiest religions there ever was. Has our Goddess ever asked us to kill anyone in Her Divine name? No. All She has asked is that we find the power within us. The power She gave to  us.  Yes, she gave us power. Power to find, harness and use for the goodness of mankind. Can any other religion say that? I don’t think so. They talk of miracles. Growing up, I never saw any. But with the Goddess, She has given us the power to make our own miracles occur. We can perform magick beyond anyone’s belief. All we have to do with our Holy Mother is just ask and it is done. Thank Goddess, SHE IS ALIVE!!!!

I have always been respectful of other religions. In turn, I expect them to be respectful of my own religion. Tell someone you are a Witch. Go ahead and see what happens. I know. They immediately think you are a Heathren. You don’t have a God or Goddess, you don’t believe in anything. They must save you immediately. If not, you are going straight to hell. If nothing else comes out of this site, I want the world to know that Witchcraft is a religion. We have an almighty Goddess that we worship. She is very much alive.  She grants us the power to do the things necessary in life. She grants us power for the betterment of mankind. Our Goddess is alive. No matter who wants to say all other Gods are dead. This is a lie.  I can feel my Divine Mother all around me. She gives me the words to put on this blog for you to read. She loves each and everyone of us without threatens of hell’s fire and damnation. She loves us because we are Her children. She cares for us in our darkest hour and our finest moments. She is the All.

Witchcraft is one of the most popular and fastest growing Religion in the states. Why? Because people are starting to understand the truth about the Craft. They are starting to come to know the Goddess.  How real She truly is. How all you have to do each day is look around you and you will see Her. She is in everything, every where and every place you look. Her Love for us overflows. People are tired of the mainstream religions. They are looking for something new. They turn to Witchcraft as if it is something new. I hate to burst their bubble but Witchcraft is the oldest religion known. It has not always been known as a religion but thanks to us, people are starting to recognize it that way. We have had I don’t how many come over to our religion in the past month. Just in a month’s time, now! The ones I have talked too are worried about our Religion not having a Divine Being. I want to put your mind to ease, once and for all. We have a Divine Goddess and a God. We are not a Godless religion. We have a Divine Mother. In fact, I consider myself very lucky. I have three Mothers. I have maternal Mother who has passed on, then I have my Deity and I have my Goddess. What  other religion can say that?

But for those of you that are new and scared that you might have made the wrong decision about switching Religions.  Rested assured you didn’t. The Craft is the most beautiful Religion you will ever know. The ones that worry about Witchcraft being a Godless religion, who do you think put that interest in your heart? Who do you think is calling you to this religion? It is our Divine Mother who has done these things. She is the Universe. She is pure Love. All you have to do is open up your heart to Her. Let Her Love fill your heart, your body and your very soul. You will never know such a Love as Hers. I know I haven’t and the others here haven’t either. I believe there is only one thing left to say……..

“Thank The Goddess Alive, I am a Witch!”

Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year

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Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 days a Year

23 and 24 June

St. John’s Eve and St. John’s Day

The feast of St. John the Baptist is unusual because it celebrates his death rather than his birth. St. John has been called the saint of the Summer Solstice, in that his feast has long been associated with that of Midsummer. The superstitious still believe St. John’s Eve to be one of the most uncanny and dangerous nights of the year, when all manner of fairies, ghosts, and evil spirits are aboard.

St. John’s Day has long been considered the best time to discover one’s true love. Generally, the magickal practices that take place on this day are in the form of divination. For example, if you pare an apple round and round without a break in the peeling and then throw the peel over your left shoulder, it will form the initial of your future husband or wife. Place a glass of water directly under the sun’s rays, and leave it for one hour. During this time you must sit silently next to the glass. When the time is up, add the white of an egg to the water in the glass. It will spell out the name or occupation of the spouse-to-be.

All Right You’ve Made Your War Water, What To Do With It?


Using War Water

There are a number of ways that you can use iron water. It is generally used for protection, and you can take a bath to protect yourself, or you can use it in your home to protect yourself against specific spells. This water is especially beneficial when you want to protect yourself against acts of violence of any sort.

Protection Bath: Take two ounces of War Water and add it to a tub of water. Chant while in the tub for general protection in life, as well as for protection against the specific influence you wish to have removed from your life. You could also ask the Goddess (or your deity) for general protection, but this should be done only rarely. Once a year is sufficient for a general protection bath, and it should be taken after you have protected your home with the war water as given below. Soak in the tub for at least eight minutes, immersing yourself completely at least four times. You should air dry after this bath to maintain the protection around you. It is best if you avoid taking any other bath, even for cleansing, for twenty-four hours.

This bath should not be taken more often than once a week. Usually, taken twice a year, this bath will protect you from the effects of any magician of better than average ability.

Protection Against Specific Spells: To protect your home or apartment against the type of spell that is cast by placing something in the doorway or on the steps of a house, add two ounces of War Water to a mop bucket of water. Chant over the water to remove all negative influences from your doorway, your steps, and whatever else you intend to mop. Then mop the surfaces, wringing out the mop into another bucket. When you have finished, pour the mop water and the wringing’s into a street or a roadway.

If you are going to declare psychic war on someone you should mop your stairs, porch, doorway, and any outside surfaces of your home on which anything can be cast or thrown before you begin the war. This ensures that you will be protected when the other person’s inevitable counterattack comes. In most cases War Water will cause any spell which is placed on your doorstep to rebound instantly to the sender.

Protection of a Home: This spell is especially suited to protecting a home from acts of violence, whether the violence is psychic or physical. This spell may be done annually if desired. The best day to do this in a non-Pagan home is on the feast day of St. John the Baptist, on June 24th. In a pagan or nonreligious home, the best day is the day of the summer solstice, about the 21st of June.

Add two ounces of War Water to a mop bucket of water. Say your chant over the water for the protection you want. If you are a Christian, you should pray in the name of St. John the Baptist. Lightly mop the house out, from top to bottom, front to back. Wring your mop into another bucket. Throw out the water and the wringing’s from the back door of the house if you have a back door. Rinse out the bucket and mop and pour the rinse water down the toilet. If you don’t have a back door, flush the water down the toilet and rinse out the bucket and mop and flush that water, too.