The Witches Magick for January 10th – SEX STONE MAGICK

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You need to find two stones, one representing the female (either a shape with a hole in it or a triangular shape works also), and one representing the male (I think that shape is pretty self-explanatory). Hold these two stones together in your hand so that they are touching while chanting the following:

Stones of power, stones of might,

Love each other day and night.

Guard each other in the rain,

Until the sun will shine again.

Stones of power, stones of might,

Bring me love if it be right.

Repeat the chant as many times as you like and when you are done place the two stones inside a box to be put away where it will not be disturbed. It is important to make sure that the stones are still touching when they are inside the box.

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Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Festival of Kukulcan


November 21

Festival of Kukulcan

It was on this day that the ancient Mayan people paid homage to the God Kukulcan. His name means “the feathered snake whose path is the water.” Later merged with Quetzalcoatl (Plumed Serpent) he was the great God of wisdom, wind and fertility—the inventor of agriculture and the calendar. He was identified with Venus as the morning star and portrayed as a feathered serpent and sometimes as a bearded man. The Mayan religion permeated all aspects of life. Their festivals were times of great celebration and focused on seasonal changes and agriculture. Generally their festivals included games, feasting, dancing and human sacrifice.

Today’s Feng Shui Tip for Dec. 21 – ‘Look On The Bright Side Day’ or ‘National Humbug Day?’

Is it a coincidence that the day associated with the end of the Mayan calendar falls on both ‘Look On The Bright Side Day’ and ‘National Humbug Day?’ I always try look on the bright side but I have a little help there, too. Some swear that we are currently going through an awakening, and sometimes this challenge can be exhilarating. But these shifts can often be just plain exhausting, too. In order to keep yourself as balanced as possible while also staying immune to over-exuberance, try a little all-natural remedy called Rhodiola. This herb will also aid in preventing you from succumbing to the Scrooges of the world. This time-tested and most reliable remedy strengthens the nervous system, fights depression, elevates energy, and increases the body’s resistance to outside invaders. A simply perfect alternative to the end of the world worries or those bah humbug blues!

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