December 2022 Sun Signs General Monthly Horoscope


December 2022:

The consequences of speaking without thinking first might come to haunt us this month. A testy Full Moon in Gemini strikes on December 7 and conjoins Mars as the red planet travels retrograde. An impulsive comment or hasty decision we made in the past could now have consequences. We’ll need to do what we can to make things right.

Relationship and financial matters return to their foundations when Venus enters ambitious Capricorn on December 9. We’ll pursue romantic and financial prospects that have genuine potential — no facetious, lighthearted possibilities for us! Fortunately, the New Moon on December 23 should help us get everything we want — particularly in business. This stunning New Moon will occur while there are five planets in Capricorn. If there was ever a perfect time to build something that we want to last, that time is now.

Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month — on December 29 — in Capricorn. This will be our moment to revise those New Year’s resolutions — especially the ones that have to do with professional ambitions.

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