This Month’s Sturgeon Moon Will Coincide With the Perseid Meteor Shower — How to See It

Get ready to stay up late — because the full moon in August 2022, aka the Sturgeon moon, is going to be a good one. Not only will it come with a significant spiritual meaning, but it will also coincide with the Perseid meteor shower.

But what is a Sturgeon moon? Keep reading for all the details on the moon, its meaning, and how and when you can catch a glimpse of our beautiful moon in all its glory this month.

The full moon in August 2022 will be a supermoon.

This month’s full moon, better known as the Sturgeon moon, will rise in the night sky this Thursday night, Aug. 11, 2022, with its brightest glow occurring at about 9:36 p.m. ET, according to SciTechDaily.

The news outlet also notes that the 2022 Sturgeon moon will be a supermoon — and the last supermoon of the year. Some experts believe that the June and July full moons were the only true supermoons in 2022, but others have also recognized the May and August full moons as super as well.

According to NASA, a supermoon is a full moon that appears within 90 percent of perigee (a moon’s closest proximity to Earth in a month), making it appear much larger and brighter than the average full moon to us Earth dwellers.

What is a Sturgeon moon? Here’s the history of the August full moon.

The August full moon came to be known as the Sturgeon moon because in the past, this was the time of year that people had the most success in catching the giant sturgeon fish of the Great Lakes and…

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