Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

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Burning Times


Alternate term used for the inquisitions specifically dealing with rooting out witchcraft that occurred in several cultures spanning many generations; a period of turmoil in which there was Catholic and Protestant conflict. Millions were accused of and an estimated 30,000-300,000 were executed for being witches. Those executed were hung (most common), stoned, drowned, or burned. Few of the victims worshiped Pagan deities; many considered themselves to be good Christians – though some did practice old folk traditions that are common in modern Witchcraft as the term is used today. This period was riddled with prejudice, discrimination, sexism, ignorance, and mass hysteria; it was an attack primarily against women and non-Catholics, not the equivalent of modern Witches.


A name given to the days of the Reformation, Inquisition, etc., when Witches were tried and executed by inquisitors, sometimes burned at the stake.