Days Of The Week In Wicca

From a Wiccan viewpoint, it is marvellous how the traditional names of days have survived all through the dark times. It is no secret that all seven days of the week have been named after Gods and Goddesses worshipped by the Old Tradition. Let’s explore the way we could bring a little magic in our everyday use.

According to modern Wicca traditions, all seven days of the week has different attributes and represent a certain element. It is down to you individually, how you use this information but it is believed that an understanding of the wheel of the week can bring a nice change to a hectic lifestyle.

The seven-day week was first introduced by ancient Egyptians, when according to Egyptian astrology they assigned a name to every day by the planet that was regent during the first hour of that particular day. As ancient Egyptian astrology knew only seven celestial bodies, we now have seven days of the week. But all this has also a deeper meaning not only within Wicca.

Sunday was named after Sunna – the Germanic goddess of the Sun. In modern Wicca traditions it…

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