Thoth Tarot Introduction And Spread – Crowley Tarot

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I. Overview of Thoth Tarot Deck

Thoth Tarot deck is one of the most famous Tarot decks in the world, which painted by artist Frieda Harris under the guidance of the legendary researcher who is a member of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley. This deck is influenced by the Book of Thoth and Judaism. Although still being one of the classic decks, it contains the Kabbalah mystical symbol systems and astrology from the Book of Thoth, which requires users to do a lot of research to understand the hidden meaning in each card and have a certain knowledge base to capture the deck in the best way.

Thoth Tarot deck is accompanied by a guide book to help users are equipped with knowledge of reading cards and the connection between image system of cards and many fields such as astrology, arts, music, myths, Tree of Life, Runes, elements, and other prototypes.

The Thoth Tarot is considered one of the classic decks but it requires a lot of knowledge to be able to be contemplated. However, this is a controversial tarot deck, …

For Your Viewing Pleasure – In Memory of Lady Abyss and Her Appalachian Blood Family

Donnie Laws Narrator

Presents Applanation folk tales and beliefs of these proud citizens of the USA.

The videos I choose to post here have to do with ghosts, witches, superstitions. All videos can be seen on under  Donnie Laws Channel

The Guardian Ghost of the field. True Story of Unexplained Appalachia.

Appalachian Story of Mountain Witches

Appalachian Story of a Strange Hunting Encounter

Mountain superstitions of Appalachia Myths, Wives Tales and Signs

Rare Mountain Superstitions and sayings of Appalachia

Appalachia Mountain Roots Plants and Herbs

He has more videos to see and enjoy. I looked for ones that more or less tied in with Samhain. I hope you learned a little something, I know I did, and enjoyed the videos I picked out.


October 29 On This Date in History

Today’s Historical Events

539 BC King Cyrus “the Great” of Persia marches into Babylon, freeing Jewish captives and allowing them to return home

1268 Conradin, the last legitimate male heir of the German Hohenstaufen dynasty of Kings and Holy Roman Emperors, is executed with Frederick I, Margrave of Baden by Charles I of Sicily

1268 Conradin, the last legitimate male heir of the German Hohenstaufen dynasty of Kings and Holy Roman Emperors, is executed with Frederick I, Margrave of Baden by Charles I of Sicily

1390 First trial for witchcraft in Paris

1467 Battle of Brusthem: Charles the Bold defeats Liege

1508 Gelderse troops occupies Kuinre

1552 Tsar Ivan IV escapes back to Moscow after battle

1591 Giovanni A Facchinetti elected as Pope Innocentius IX

1618 English adventurer, writer and courtier Walter Raleigh is beheaded for allegedly conspiring against King James I of England

1665 Battle of Mbwila [Ambuila]: Portuguese defeat forces of the Kingdom of Kongo and decapitate King Antonio I of Kongo / Nvita a Nkanga

1675 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz makes the first use of the long s, ∫, for integral, helping discover integral and differential calculus

1682 William Penn lands at what is now Chester, Pennsylvania

1709 England & Netherlands sign anti-French “Barrieretraktaat”

1727 Severe earthquake in New England

1792 Mount Hood (Oregon) is named after the British naval officer Alexander Arthur Hood by Lt. William E. Broughton who spotted the mountain near the mouth of the Willamette River.

1794 French troops occupy Venlo (modern south east Netherlands)

1811 1st Ohio River steamboat leaves Pittsburgh for New Orleans

1814 “Demologos”, 1st steam-powered warship, is launched in New York for the US Navy

1833 1st US college fraternity to have a fraternity house founded

1859 Spain declares war on Morocco

1863 International Committee of Red Cross forms as result Geneva held conference (Nobel 1917, 1944, 1963)

1864 Greek parliament accepts new Constitution

1867 Mail packets “Rhone” & “Wye” capsize off St Thomas, Virgin Islands

1872 J. S. Risdon of Genoa, Illinois, patents the metal windmill

1881 Judge (U.S. magazine) first published

1888 Lord Salisbury grants Cecil Rhodes charter for British South Africa Company

1929 “Black Tuesday” Wall Street Stock Market crashes triggering the “Great Depression”

2015 China announces the end of their one-child policy after 35 years

Today’s Events in Film & Television History

1956 NBC anchors Chet Huntley and David Brinkley first team up in “The Huntley–Brinkley Report”

1970 WYEA (now WLTZ) TV channel 38 in Columbus, GA (NBC) 1st broadcast

1998 ATSC HDTV broadcasting in the United States is inaugurated with the launch of STS-95 space shuttle mission.

2008 “Quantum of Solace” 22nd James Bond film starring Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko, premieres in London

2020 Three people stabbed to death in church in Nice, France, in an terrorist attack, after similar attack and President Macron’s defense of right to publish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad


Today’s Events in Music History

1787 Opera “Don Giovanni”, music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte premieres at the National Theater of Bohemia in Prague

1923 Gibbs, Grey and Wood’s revue “Runnin’ Wild” (introducing “The Charleston”) opens on Broadway, New York City

1924 Musical revue “Dixie to Broadway” opens at Broadhurst Theater

1936 Cole Porters musical “Red Hot And Blue”, starring Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante, and Bob Hope, opens at the Alvin Theatre, NYC; runs for 183 performances

1941 Cole Porter‘s musical “Let’s Face It” opens at the Imperial Theatre, NYC; runs 547 performances

1963 “Meet the Beatles” booklet is published

1967 Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni and James Rado’s musical “Hair” premieres in NYC

1977 John Kander and Fred Ebb’s musical “The Act”, starring Liza Minnelli, opens at Majestic Theater, NYC; runs for 233 performances and wins a Tony Award

1982 Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson release single “The Girl is Mine”; peaks at # 2 in US, and #8

1994 Pink Floyd finishes their final concert tour at Earls Court in London

1995 “Fool Moon” opens at Ambassador Theater NYC

Today’s Events in Sports History

1889 “World Championship” Baseball Series, Polo Grounds, NYC: defending champion NY Giants (NL) beat Brooklyn Bridegrooms (AA), 3-2 in Game 9 to claim series, 6-3

1910 Hamilton running back / kicker Ben Simpson lands CFL record 11 singles in Tigers 14-7 win over Montreal at Montreal AAA Grounds

1920 Ed Barrow appointed GM of NY Yankees

1931 Lefty Grove, A’s pitcher who won 31 games, is named the AL’s MVP

1939 NHL Babe Seibert Memorial Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 5-3

1942 Branch Rickey named president and General Manager of Brooklyn Dodgers

October 29 Daily Correspondence Digest for the Daily and Birthday Horoscopes

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Moon Alert

There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today. The Moon is in Leo.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Parents should be vigilant because this is a mildly accident-prone day for your kids. Be vigilant. Perhaps social plans will change? A surprise invitation might arrive or an event might be cancelled. However, on the whole, this is a positive, upbeat day. Enjoy!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Your home routine might be interrupted today. Be patient with family members to avoid arguments. (Who needs this? Not you.) Family discussions, ideas and possible suggestions about home repairs might materialize. Later in the day, authority figures will endorse your ideas.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Pay attention to everything you say and do today because this is a mildly accident-prone day. A stitch in time saves nine! Discussions with younger people, children and romantic partners will be dynamic and stimulating. Late in the day, lofty ideas inspire you. “Count me in!”

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Guard your possessions against danger, loss or damage because something unexpected might impact your assets today. You might find money; you might lose money. Family discussions might have a financial impact. Keep your pockets open because someone might be generous to you. Yes!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

You feel rebellious today, which is why you might change plans early in the day. A discussion with someone younger, perhaps a neighbour or relative might be helpful. As the day progresses, others will support you as well, partners, close friends and even members of the general public. You’re on a roll!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Although this is a fast-paced, busy time for you, today you will welcome some downtime and savour some private moments just for you. Nevertheless, early this morning, something might be disruptive. This could trigger discussions about money and possessions. Later in the day, work flows smoothly.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

A friend might surprise you in the early morning. This could trigger discussions and meetings with others, especially about group activities or your goals. In fact, as the day wears on, you might be involved with activities with children or an involvement in sports or a special social occasion.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Someone or something might catch you off guard in the early morning. No doubt this will lead to busy discussions with others and possibly, some behind-the-scenes research. Later in the day, family events and entertaining at home will please you. Stock the fridge!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Travel plans might change in the early morning. Something unusual might occur in the media. Involvement with younger friends will fill your day with new ideas and possible travel plans. Something will happen that expands your horizons and puts you in touch with new faces.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Double check banking details and anything to do with shared property because something unexpected could impact these areas. If so, you will discuss this with bosses, parents and VIPs. Nevertheless, this is a positive day for you financially speaking. Good day to deal with banks or to ask for a loan.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Someone might throw you a curveball in the early morning. (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) This might trigger discussions about travel plans or something related to the media, publishing or getting further education. Let others help you today because they will.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Your workday might be interrupted this morning or perhaps something to do with a pet or your health will surprise you. Discussions with others will offer you practical support, which is probably a good thing. Later in the day, discussions with foreign countries or people from other cultures will benefit you.

If Your Birthday Is Today

Actress Winona Ryder (1971) shares your birthday today. You are an observant person with a strong imagination. You are also caring and generous to others. This is a year for your achievements will shine. You might get a promotion, an award, kudos or strong praise or a recommendation. The rewards for your past efforts are coming to fruition! You always do your share of the work and more.

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IF YOU ARE BORN ON OCTOBER 29, and you are driven by the idea of success, you are a Scorpio. You have a strong desire to be extraordinary. Ambitious, you are ready to meet any challenge that comes your way.

Some people born under this zodiac sign may walk away from conflict, but not you. In fact, you thrive on it. It makes you feel better.

The 29 October birthday personality have a tendency to not over react in situations that can be heated or where there’s a lot of confusion. Naturally, you keep your cool. However, you have your breaking point. It is not wise to push this Scorpion to the limit.

The October 29 birthday astrology analysis shows you to be high spirited and passionate people. When you get upset, it shows. This Scorpio birthday person normally doesn’t want the spotlight on them.

So they tend to avoid anything that would cause attention but especially negative attention to themselves. You like to watch people in situations than to participate. On the other hand, you are a private person who is discerning when it comes to confiding in others.

If today 29 October is your birth day, you are impulsive or adventurous. When you can, you’re off exploring with your family. More often than not, these Scorpions are close to their friends and loved ones. Needless to say, you are protective of them as well. Normally, you are ready for whatever when it comes to them. Your friends say that you could be guilty of starting a drama when there is none.

Because of the way you carry yourself, people may not think that you are approachable. However, it’s far from the truth. You are a passionate person that can be ummm, well… be peculiar acting from time to time. At the end of the day, people like you and respect you.

Furthermore, even with your small group of friends, you can‘t imagine anyone not liking you. As a child, maybe you had some rough times but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have the best intentions but when it comes to the past, you can’t change it. Changing the story doesn’t erase the facts. You are what you are because of your soul, move on. You’re not that person anymore.

The October 29th birthday horoscope predictions for career show that areas relating to physics or psychology are good for you. It is not going to be an easy choice but you have people skills that every good social worker should have. Most of the time, those qualities come natural. So another option could be found in the service industry.

For someone born today on a 29th October zodiac birthday, the entertainment field is also a possibility. Having said all of that, it’s hard for you to go unnoticed as you would like. Some of you born on this day are not particularly concerned with salary but are worried about your image. Once you decide on a career, you will be highly successful.

As the October 29th birthday personality negative qualities and traits go, you tend to belittle folks especially in the way you talk to them. Be sincere when you communicate with people who perhaps work for you. Only then will you be rewarded with trustworthy employees. However, you have your favorites and will go to no limit to provide a positive working environment for them. It would do your heart good to let go of things beyond your control. Don’t hold grudges.

Physically, you like being active and often times, you like competing but with yourself. The October 29 born Scorpions may set a goal for themselves, accomplish it and then set an even higher one right away. You enjoy activities that are uncommon like bungee jumping or rope climbing. This is good for the heart. Other areas you should concern yourself with are the bladder, blood vessels, and genitals.

The October 29 birthday meanings show that you are observant but competitive people. You usually don’t like attention but you can’t help yourself. People look up to you even when you are out of character. This is not very often but it happens when you feel you have been let down by someone you trust and care about.

For a profession, you’re a natural born social worker who is flexible and knowledgeable. It would seem that you like challenges. As a drawback, the 29 October birthday characteristics show that you are jealous, possessive and can be overly sensitive when it comes to your loved ones.


Famous People And Celebrities Born On October 29

Miguel Cotto, RA Dickey, Richard Dreyfuss, Kate Jackson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Winona Ryder, Gabrielle Union

See: Famous Celebrities Born On October 29

This Day That Year –October 29 In History

1859 – Morocco and Spain are at war.
1894 – Hawaiian Republic holds first election.
1994 – Jeannette Markey, then 28, marries Rich Little who was 55.
2010 – After almost a 20 year union, Randy Travis breaks up.

October 29  Vrishchika Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
October 29 Chinese Zodiac PIG

October 29 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Mars that symbolizes the God of War in astrology and stands for your ability to overcome the most toughest of challenges.

October 29 Birthday Symbols 

The Scorpion Is The Symbol For The Scorpio Sun Sign

October 29 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is The High Priestess. This card symbolizes psychic abilities, strength, decisiveness, and knowledge.  The Minor Arcana cards are Five of Cups and Knight of Cups

October 29 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Capricorn: This can be an entrancing love match.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign VirgoThis love relationship will be mundane and boring.

See Also:

October 29 Lucky Number

Number 2 – This number signifies endurance, diplomacy, flexibility, and kindness.
Number 3 – This number signifies encouragement, pleasure, imagination and positive energy.

Lucky Colors For October 29 Birthday

Red: This color stands for life-force, sensuality, brightness and an energetic personality.
White: This is a color known for its authentic values, truth, peace, virginity, and innocence.

Lucky Days For October 29 Birthday

Tuesday – This is the day of planet Mars and is a day of immediate action, aggression, passion, and forcefulness.
Wednesday – This is a day of planet Mercury that calls for better interaction and communication with people.

October 29 Birthstone Topaz

Topaz gemstone signifies trust in relationships and ability to accept people who make mistakes.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On October 29th

A pair of binoculars for the man and an antique jewel box for the woman.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2021 October 29

Haunting the Cepheus Flare

Image Credit & Copyright: Leo Shatz

Explanation: Spooky shapes seem to haunt this dusty expanse, drifting through the night in the royal constellation Cepheus. Of course, the shapes are cosmic dust clouds visible in dimly reflected starlight. Far from your own neighborhood, they lurk above the plane of the Milky Way at the edge of the Cepheus Flare molecular cloud complex some 1,200 light-years away. Over 2 light-years across and brighter than most of the other ghostly apparitions, vdB 141 or Sh2-136 is also known as the Ghost Nebula, seen at the right of the starry field of view. Inside the nebula are the telltale signs of dense cores collapsing in the early stages of star formation. With the eerie hue of dust reflecting bluish light from hot young stars of NGC 7023, the Iris Nebula stands out against the dark just left of center. In the broad telescopic frame, these fertile interstellar dust fields stretch almost seven full moons across the sky.

October 29 Daily Correspondence Digest for the Northern Hemisphere’s Moon Phase and Planetary Positions

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else, you know was on the date the person was born.


The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon. During this part of the Moon cycle, the Moon is getting closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated. This phase is best viewed an hour or 2 before the sunrise and can be quite beautiful if you’re willing to get up early. It can also be a great time to see the features of the Moon’s surface. Along the edge where the illuminated portion meets the dark side, the craters and mountains cast long shadows making them easier to observe with a telescope or binoculars.

Visit the October 2021 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s Waning Crescent Phase

The Waning Crescent on October 29 has an illumination of 43%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On October 29 the Moon is 22.78 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its 29.53 days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.

Phase Details

Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 43%
Moon Age: 22.78 days
Moon Angle: 0.51
Moon Distance: 393,075.58 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 148,558,227.43 km

Useful Moon Resources

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link

To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link

For Your Local Time and Date

Northeastern Hemisphere

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

29 October 2021
03:00 pm GMT 5:00 PM CET
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:06 Scorpio 24
Moon:15 Leo 28
Mercury:19 Libra 01
Venus:23 Sagittarius 20
Mars:29 Libra 21
Jupiter:22 Aquarius 33
Saturn:07 Aquarius 10
Uranus:13 Taurus 03 Rx
Neptune:20 Pisces 42 Rx
Pluto:24 Capricorn 27
True Lunar Node:02 Gemini 00 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:02 Gemini 53 Rx
Lilith (Black Moon):11 Gemini 26
Chiron:09 Aries 32 Rx
Ceres:10 Gemini 46 Rx
Pallas:09 Pisces 21 Rx
Juno:24 Sagittarius 39
Vesta:20 Scorpio 22
Eris:24 Aries 07 Rx

Northwestern Hemisphere

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Denver, Colorado, USA

October 29, 2021
11:00 pm GMT 5:00 PM MT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:06 Scorpio 44
Moon:19 Leo 42
Mercury:19 Libra 28
Venus:23 Sagittarius 40
Mars:29 Libra 34
Jupiter:22 Aquarius 34
Saturn:07 Aquarius 11
Uranus:13 Taurus 02 Rx
Neptune:20 Pisces 42 Rx
Pluto:24 Capricorn 27
True Lunar Node:02 Gemini 00 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:02 Gemini 52 Rx
Lilith (Black Moon):11 Gemini 28
Chiron:09 Aries 31 Rx
Ceres:10 Gemini 43 Rx
Pallas:09 Pisces 20 Rx
Juno:24 Sagittarius 46
Vesta:20 Scorpio 32
Eris:24 Aries 07 Rx

A Bewitching History: Why Witches Ride Broomsticks


By Megan Gannon 

Among the throngs of this year’s trick-or-treaters, hundreds of Americans will be dressed as Miley Cyrus or a minion from “Despicable Me,” but more will go with a fail-safe getup. “Witch” once again reigns as the No. 1 costume for adults, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2013 Halloween survey.

Many of the pointy-hatted sorcerers who roam the streets this Oct. 31 will be carrying broomsticks or besoms. But few likely know the murky tale of how witches came to be associated with those familiar household objects.

The story — full of sex, drugs and Christian inquisitors — starts with poisonous plants like black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), sometimes called stinking nightshade.

Flying ointments

Ingesting henbane, which is rich in powerful alkaloids, can cause hallucinations (if it doesn’t kill you first). According to legend, witches used herbs with psychoactive properties like henbane in their potions, or “flying ointments.” Some historical accounts suggest witches applied these ointments to their nether regions. And what better applicator than a wooden staff?

Lady Alice Kyteler, Ireland’s earliest known accused witch, was condemned to death for using sorcery to kill her husband in 1324. (Kyteler escaped, and her maid was burned at the stake in her stead.)

The English historian Raphael Holinshed later recounted the case and described some of the supposedly damning evidence authorities found against Kyteler:…

One Way to Make Your Own Besom Using Branches and Sticks – To “Fly” on Samhain

I suggest gathering these under a full or waxing Moon phase as they will hold more helpful energy. Your Besom can also be used to sweep out the negativity in your sacred place and/or wherever you are going to cast a circle. Remember to ask the tree you get your branch and sticks from even if they are laying on the ground no longer attached to the tree. It is always better to take what you need from a tree or shrub off of the ground beneath it rather than cutting pieces off the tree or shrub. Get a branch about 3 to 4 inches little taller then you are. Gather good size bunch of unstift smaller branches, I have found getting the sticks from under a shrub or pine tree make the best sweeping part of the Besom, if possible the size difference in them should be no more the approximately 2 inches in size. After gathering the branch and sticks remember to thank the tree for the parts it has given you and to leave an offering such as some water out of a container you have drank from. You need a ball of natural thin twine or some type of undryed vine. Tie the twine or vine to the branch making sure it is tight and will not slip off (you may want to by an angular cut about 4 to 5 inch up from the bottom of the branch to slip this twine or vine when securing it. (The size you have at the bottom of your Besom made from the twigs is up to you. Usually doing 2 to 4 layers of sticks make a good size Besom. Lay your first stick against the branch pull the twine or vine around the stick as tightly as you can, continue doing this until you have made you first layer of sticks pull the twine or vine in the opposite direction the you have been placing the in a tightly as possible and tie it off but do not cut the twine or vine. For the next layer you will follow the same instruction except lay the sticks in the opposite direction from the first layer. The third layer will go in the same direction as the first layer and the fourth layer goes in the same direction as the second layer. To help ensure you sticks stay secure to the branch at the end of each layer of sticks pour white glue over the sticks and twine or vine and make sure it gets down to the branch. If you want you can even put glue on the branch as you lay each first layer stick. Let each layer of sticks dry for approximately 24 hours before adding the next layer. When you have done the last layer and have used glue to help hold it together let the entire Besom dry a minimum of 72 hours before using it.

Lady Beltane 2020