September 2021 Planets Going Into Retrograde


In astrology, retrogrades are a necessary part of life. Even though the mere mention of the word “retrograde” could leave you with a whole bunch of anxiety, there’s no escaping the fact that sometimes, the planets love to move backward. At best, planetary retrogrades are an opportunity to lay low, embrace introspection, and tie off some loose ends. At worst, a retrograde can pave the way for the most awkward and frustrating situation imaginable. Either way, you’ll survive it. If you’re wondering what planets are retrograde during September 2021, take a deep breath, because the answer is a whopping seven.

Yes, you read that right. There will be seven retrogrades this month, and although that number sounds ridiculously high, there’s no reason to freak out. After all, the vast majority of these retrogrades involve outer planets, and in astrology, outer planets are already retrograde nearly half of the year, which makes the impact of their retrogrades less noticeable (at least at first). However, there is one retrograde that might give you a hard time, and that one happens to be the most famous (or infamous) of them all: Mercury retrograde.

Regardless, the cosmos have got a lot planned this September — especially when it comes to retrogrades. Here’s what you should know about all seven of them:

Pluto (April 27 to Oct. 6)

Saturn (May 23 to Oct. 10)

Jupiter (June 20 to Oct. 18)

Neptune (June 25 to Dec. 1)

Chiron (July 15 to Dec. 19

Uranus (Aug. 19 to Jan. 18, 2022)

Mercury (Sept. 27 to Oct. 18)

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