Printable Spell to Bind a Bully

Well this came out smaller than I thought it would. I have typed out the spell and instructions below. To print the spell out copy the typed spell below and then paste it on to a word document, that way you can make the font what ever size you want it to be for easy reading when doing this spell. This way will also save you a lot of ink because of the parchment color paper it is written on.

Spell to Bind a Bully

3 Black candles

Black thread

Black pen

Piece of Paper

Empty glass jar with tight fitting lid

This spell should not cause harm to a bully, only make them leave you alone. For greatest effect, complete the spell at midnight on a Saturday of a waning moon.

Set the candles in a triangle shape large enough so that you can sit in the middle. Light the candles. Write the bully’s name the paper and draw a large X over the name. Fold three times and say:

I bind you (name) so that you cannot hurt me anymore, both physically and emotionally. Get out of my life, leave me alone. I bind you (name). I bind you.

Tie thread around the folded paper and pop it in the jar.

Snuff out the candles and add the stubs to the jar. Screw on the lid.

Hide or bury it away from your property.