How to “Dress” a Candle

Dressing a candle means you are carving specific  runes into it and anointing it with a specific essential oil for a specific spell and/or ritual. You can use Sandalwood if you do not have the essential oil called for. Sandalwood essential oil is a generic oil that can be used for anything. There are some witches they may diagram with me about using the Sandalwood oil for anything. This is fine, I’m going by what I was taught and have read.

To dress a candle to bring something to you, such as money, good health, a new job, etc: Crave your runes starting at the middle and going up. Then using your index finger on your power hand (the one you write with) anoint the candle making a symbol that means spirituality to you, such as a pentagram, cross, circle,etc, starting in the middle working upward make the symbol three times. As you are making each say the spell or invokation you want to empower the candle with. After you have said the spell times end as you would any other spell.

To dress a candle to banish something from your life, such as over eating, smoking, bad love affiar, etc., dress the candle as above EXCEPT from the middle down.

Copyright 2013 Lady Beltane