The Importance of Your Given Name

It is important not to let other’s that could wish or do you harm to know your whole given name. If the person practices the dark or gray or light side of The Craft the name you were given at birth can be
used against you when a Witch/Pagan performs a spell, hex, curse or anything else that might possibly harm you. The flip of the coin a White Witch can use it for good when performing a spell or
charming an item for a specific reason without your knowledge. For these reasons it is best to only let a Witch/Pagan only know your first name if any of your given name at all unless you know and
trust them fully.

Any Witch/Pagan that truly walks in the light and most that walk in the gray will not perform any type of a spell, healing, incantation, etc. for you without your permission. This is just good manners and common curtsey.

When enchanting/charming an object for yourself you should use your whole name in the spell being used. This will ensure it is for you. Example a black stone to gather negative energy and/or an
entity before it reaches you either by attaching itself to your physical body or your aura or your mind or your spirit or just hover close by and causing mischief in your life. Many of us have negative
things hovering around us for one reason or another…Why give them easy access to you?

This is why many Witches/Pagans chose a name to use when in a coven and/or gathering with other Witches.

Copyright 2011 Lady Beltane