Support the WOTC

In case you are new and unaware of the fact, the WOTC relies totally on donations and support from our members. If you would like to support the WOTC and see that we continue our daily operations, there is a simple way you can help us out.

Support us by patronizing the new Witches of the Craft’s store. All the sales that come from that store help us continue our daily operations and covers our daily expenses. We would greatly appreciate it if you might sometime visit the store and remember your purchases go to the continued operation of our main site.

Right now, Lady of the Abyss has an automatic $5.00 coupon at the top of the main page. It would be a good time to pick up a knick-knack or something you need. We appreciate your donations and your patronage of our store.

storeWitches of the Craft’s On-line Magickal Boutique

I should add Lady of the Abyss is not with us today. She has a family emergency.  As you know our area has been hit hard by flooding. Her son’s home is now surrounded by flood water and keeps rising daily. His house is five foot off the ground by he told Lard A, you could go fishing off the front porch. The water is under his home. His wife and children have already left their home but Lady A’s son is staying due to looters. It is ashame when someone is losing everything they have, then you have people come in and steal what they have left. That is the reason she is not here today. Please say a prayer for Lady A’s son and his family as they go through this difficult time. The water is only suppose to rise and that is not good news for Lady A’s son or his family. Keep them in your prayers.

Thank you,