Today has been a day of trauma

I wanted to let you know that Lady Abyss has had an accident this morning.  Lady A and her little dog were walking to the office as usual. She made it to the office just fine. The back walkway is made up of huge decorative concrete stones and gravel. You can’t tell when those stones are iced over or not. I have been complaining that they were dangerous because you could not see the ice on them.

This morning the men found out that was true. Lady A slipped on one of the stones that had ice on them. When she slipped, she hit her head on one of the other stones. She knocked herself out and when we found her, we thought she had killed herself. There was blood everywhere. We called an ambulance and she has been taken to the hospital.

Lord Myst called from the hospital and told us that she was awake now and wondering why she was at the hospital. She has a large gash behind her left ear. Lord M told us they were going to put some staples in the gash. They did a cat scan and there was no damage or concussion. They should be home shortly.

After they get home, Lady A is going straight to be and nurse the horrible headache that she has from the fall. Due to this accident, we will be off the internet today. We will be back with you tomorrow.

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “Today has been a day of trauma

  1. Lady A, my thoughts are with you.. wrapping you in gentle healing, comfort strength and love.. rest well sweet sister.. and to all of you.. please be careful.. no more accidents (((hugs)))


  2. Sending prayers and blessings to Lady A and a white candle being lit.
    Very sincerely,


  3. Sorry that had to happen; I have my share of slips and falls in the winter time, glad that she’s alive hope she’ll feel better soon.


  4. Sending light and love to you Lady Abyss. You have had more than your share of troubles of late.


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