Your White Magick Tarot Card Reading for November 22

Your White Magick Tarot Card Reading for Today



The Sun coming up in this position means that you’re a beacon of hope for some important people right now. The challenge comes in when you feel burdened by having to carry others’ emotions. Taking on too much only drains you, and rarely makes anyone else feel better. This card is calling you to claim your bright, magical birthright. Setting stronger boundaries isn’t mean. It’s important for keeping you sane and happy. A little healthy separation is best now.




Life may have dealt you a rough hand lately, but you’re trying to make the best of it. If you’re still searching for the fortitude you need, look to the energy of the Strength card. In this position, it urges you to participate in an empowering ritual to find your own inner courage. Burn a bright orange candle for eight nights in a row. Each time you touch the flame to the wick, use this chant, “With this fire, I ignite the flame of strength in me.”