Psychic Protection – Shielding

Psychic Protection – Shielding


One of the most important skills we will learn on our path is psychic protection. Shielding is a very important component of that. I really encourage you to take the time to learn this skill as best as you can. This, honestly; has been the most important thing I have learned to control my gift. It’s what makes it so that I can go through a funeral if I need to, or watch a movie with friends without spouting waterfalls. It also allows me to keep my cool if I am in the presence of someone who is less then pleasant. What? Everyone in the world isn’t happy? Giggles. You know how essential something like this can be.


Right now, if you’re not familiar with shielding you probably have a visual in your head of a knight in armor carrying a shield in front of him. That’s not a bad visual. The purpose of that shield for the knight is to stop anyone from hurting him. While it doesn’t always work perfectly, it will help protect him from incoming attacks. If you think about it, I’m quite sure, just knowing that shield was there helped to bolster his confidence and calmness when going into battle or stressful situations. A psychic shield works much the same.


A psychic shield is a collection of energy that we place around ourselves and program to do what we wish it to do. There is so much you can do with psychic shields. It can take a lot of time for you to find the shield that is right for you. You may wish to have many types of shields that you work with. I could literally write a book just on shielding techniques…perhaps one day I will. For now though, I want to get you use to a basic shield, and talk about a couple variations on it that I believe will help you.


The Basic Bubble Shield


When working with energy, you will find that I mention white light fairly often. The white light is the light that comes from the divine. It is the energy that is warm, loving, and peaceful. The light that we are graced with on the other side. However you can have it’s benefits while you are here. All right, it’s time to get comfy again!


How many of you are familiar with your aura? Your aura is the energy that is made by you and surrounds you as you go through your day to day life. Depending on your mood, is what color it will be. For now, you just need to know that it’s there. It’s extension from your body varies depending on several things. For right now though I want you to envision it being about six inches to a foot away from your body. Have it?


Now, I want you to work on forming that ball of energy in your hands like we did before. However now, we want to make that ball of light surround us completely and protect us. Work on surrounding yourself with a ball of white light. Think of it like the bubbles you blew with soap when you were a child. It’s a layer of protection around you to stop energy from getting to you. So as you form this ball of light around you, I want you to envision it protecting you from any negative energy. This bubble will only allow positive emotions to come to you. Anything that will hurt, or harm you in any way is not allowed through it. When you are done, finish it by saying, “Only loving, positive energy may come to me.” This programs your shield and lets your intentions be known to the universe.


Each morning when you wake up, you want to shield yourself before going out for your day. You may need to take a few minutes throughout the day to redo it if you feel it’s not working anymore. Try to make it a part of your daily routine. Allow yourself an extra five to ten minutes each morning to protect yourself. It will make a difference as you go through your day.


Now how do you tell if your shield is working? I mentioned before that some of us can “see” better then others. I am one that can feel things better. If you are an empath, it is quite likely that you will be able to feel the energy of your shield before you can see it. Sometimes feeling your shield can be difficult too. So what are some other ways to tell if it’s working or not? Take a look at how you are going throughout your day. Do you feel confident and protected? How are you feeling emotionally? Do you feel in control of your emotions? These are all ways to tell if your shield is working properly. If it’s not, see if you can grab a restroom break for a few minutes. While in there, breathe deeply and reapply your shield. This should help you.


We also need to cleanse our shield. This is done by manipulating energy primarily through visualization as well. I usually do mine at night. As I’m falling asleep I will mentally scan my shield and try to feel it. I use my energy to cleanse any negative energy from it and tend to any places that may need it.


Variations on the Bubble Shield


There are so many things you can do to modify your shield. From textures, to layers, to shapes, to colors. The basic bubble shield is a great way to get started. I urge you to work on mastering it. When you are comfortable with it you can start experimenting with the aspects of your shield to customize it to you. The other area of shields I want to go into with you a little bit is basic colors of your shields. You can do a lot by changing the color of your shield to what is appropriate.


It is also perfectly acceptable to have more then one type of shield. I have a complex bubble shield that I use almost all the time and I customize it to what I need in the situation I’m in. I can change it at a moments notice now. Though it took me quite some time and practice to get there. Along with my bubble shield I also use a cloak. I visualize my cloak as being a dark navy blue on the outside, and a beautiful snow white on the inside. The inside is really silky and quite comfortable around me. It helps me to feel protected. When I wish to become more invisible I will pull the hood up on my cloak and retreat into it. It works really well in stores. Almost too well as do find I get stepped on quite a bit when I use it which always makes me laugh. Because I have such a hard time seeing it, I love having tangible proof for myself like that to help let me know it’s working as it should.


Colors of Shields


I wanted to give you a basic background on colors of shields for you to use with your bubble shield. You may want to experiment with these. It can be helpful to keep notes on what colors you use and what you have noticed when you use them.


White Light – White light is the main color I use. It is the color of the divine. For those of you who work with angels it will help keep you surrounded with their love and protection.


Rose Light – Rose is a warm loving color. It works hard to keep all energy received very loving. It is especially helpful in protecting you against negative people.


Yellow – Like sunshine, yellow is a very uplifting color. You can use this in situations where you think you may need extra help staying in a positive mood.


Green Light – Green is a healing color. Use this when you, or someone around you is feeling ill.


Blue Light – Blue is a very calming color. You can use this color shield when you want to stay extra calm in any situation.


Purple – Purple is a psychic color. You want to use a purple shield when you are doing any type of intuitive work.



Jasmeine Moonsong, Author
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