My Circle

Fire Tree

My Circle

The women in my life
sing my song
on days when I
have forgotten
who I am
they remind me
of the love and glory
that flows steadfast
through my veins

I neglect
to reach out to them
at times
when anxiety
overwhelms and I’m not
sure who I truly am

They hear me
even when I am not
calling out to them
they know
get out the rose quartz
hold it at your side
bathe yourself in the
river’s energy
go and lean on the
old gnarled tree

And just like that
I am back
fully present to my self
Where would I be?
Who would I be
if not for the glory
of belonging
to the circle of women?

beyond measure
They are who I am.


~ Joss Burnel ~
From the Book, Wild Woman: Poetry Inspired By Three Wise Women
Joss Burnel, Priestess Mystic