Your Rune for Thursday, August 9th is Thorn

Your Daily Rune for Today


Right way Up

Rune Thorn

Symbolizes: strength

Symbolically, Thurisaz heralds setbacks, delays and a period when stopping and taking a break are going to be essential. Having a rest will be productive in finding other strategies.


This rune symbolizes strength. It tells you that you have enough energy to do what you need to do and this will apply to all areas! In fact, you will be going through a very opportune time for realizing and trying out what you have achieved. It’s the same on the material front, where profits and benefits will be legal currency and improve your financial situation. All the same, that doesn’t mean that your path will be free of obstacles. However, you can feel reassured that you will find the help you need on the road ahead. Some good news could arise and clarify the situation. This is a rune that augurs well for a good outcome, as long as the negative influences of the second rune drawn don’t turn out to be unlucky or destructive. You will be quick to take up challenges from the outset and with a bit of common-sense, the outcome should be very good.