Your Celtic Ogham Reading for August 9 is The Rowan Tree

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The Rowan Tree


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Inspiration, Creativity


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As per the Celtic belief, Rowan Trees are generally planted in order to waive off all evils. Progressive thinkers and idealism are the keywords of this sign. You are born as strong human beings who love changes and variations; tend to become impatient with restrictions and are artistic and creative by nature. As individuals you remain detached and aloof. Artistic and creativity are your bright sides. If you do not get the opportunity of expressing your creative nature, then you tend to become quarrelsome and irritated.Conformity is something which you hate from the very bottom of your heart. Though you are born as leaders, but as a result of certain unwise decisions and works the number of your followers never seems to increase. Kindness and helpfulness are something which comes to you naturally. You cannot tolerate any kind of conceit and are show a respectful attitude towards the decision taken by others. Though you are very sympathetic by nature but taking up responsibility for others is something which you will always avoid. Supportiveness is something within your nature. But being highly ambitious you people tend to marry late in life.