Magickal Activity for August 9th, the Day of the Chinese Milky Way Festival – Spell to Rekindle Love


Spell to Rekindle Love


Items needed: A white birthday candle; one white or silver 8-inch taper candle; jasmine oil; white parchment paper; a small jar; silver cord.

Begin by chipping the wax away at the bottom of the candle so you have two wicks. Next, carve two stars onto one side of the candle. Carve your initials into one star and the initials of your loved one on the other star. Anoint the candle with the jasmine oil as you chant:

As the stars doth rise above
I beckon forth the return of love.

Lay the candle aside and write the name of your loved on the parchment paper. Place the jar on top of the paper. Light the birthday candle and drip the wax from it onto the top of the jar, and then affix the silver candle to the top of the jar so that it will permit it to burn from both ends. When the candle is solidly attached, light both ends as you chant:

Dark starry night, and candle light,
End forever this loveless plight.
Bring back my lover to me,
For this I will so mote be!

Stay with the candle until it burns out. Tie up the parchment ment paper into a small packet and place under your pillow. Keep it there until your loved one returns.