Correspondences Every Witch Should Know

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Correspondences Every Witch Should Know


There are many herbs that can be used for magickal purposes;

Herbs are wonderful for magick – they can be burned or tied up in sachets or made into
amulets to wear. (Do not ingest any of these herbs before you do your research and sure they are safe to do so)
Anise: purification, protection, keeps away nightmares
Basil: purification, protection, exorcism, love, prosperity
Chamomile: prosperity, meditation, calmness
Cinnamon: psychic powers, protection, success, healing, clairvoyance, prosperity
Dill: seeds draw money and protection, the flowers are used for love
Hazel: mental powers, hazel nuts are used in fertility amulets or spells
Lemon Balm: health, success, love
Mugwort: divination, clairvoyance, psychic powers, protection,
strongest when picked on a full moon night
Nutmeg: clairvoyance, prosperity
Parsley: purification, protection
Peppermint: healing, purification
Rosemary: protects from negativity, blessing, consecration, aids memory, protection rituals of all kinds
Sage: healing, prosperity, wisdom
Thyme: burn for purification, protection from negativity, clairvoyance
Yarrow: for a happy marriage, defense, protectio