Good Tuesday Morning, my Luvs! I will give you three guesses whose back, lol!

Thank you--Dankeschön
Ok, forget the guessing, it’s me Lady A! I could shout it to the top of the world. I missed you guys and gals. Somewhere along the line I sort of got attached to ya.’ First off, I want to thank you for the money you raised to save our property. I think the stress of thinking about losing it all is what did me in. You will never, ever know how much that meant to me and means to me. I was to the point were I was feeling all alone in the world and everything was hopeless. Quote a bible verse (don’t worry, I ain’t turned, I am still 100% witch), “Ye of little faith!” It would have killed me if we had lost everything we had worked so hard for, especially where my home use to be. But you all came through for us and me. I want to tear up now and cry, I can never say “THANK YOU” enough. You have always pulled our rump out of cracks before and I don’t give a damn what anyone says, we are family. You are the only family I have. That means something to me, something very special. I want you to know I truly do love you, not just for what you do for me and the WOTC, but just being there. I can feel your presence, I can feel your caring and your love. I hope, in return, you can feel mine. When I say I love you, I am not saying it just to be saying it, I mean. Don’t ever forget that. Thank you so very much, my dear sweet brothers & sisters.


As far as my health goes, I went to the doctor and got good news and bad news. Well not really bad news, I have developed a hernia but my heart and steins are super! I probably shouldn’t tell this but I am because it is about half way funny (you might as well laugh about it as cry). Kade, by the way he did fine with his surgery also. It is pretty bad when you and your dog both has to have surgery, huh? Anyway that’s not the funny part, Kade hates for me to take a shower, he has to see me at all times. So I take a bath. The last couple of times, when I was raising up out of the water, I noticed this thing in the middle of my stomach. It looked like one of those creatures from Aliens the movie. You know right before they break through your skin. That’s what this thing looks like. I got to thinking, “one of these days, I am going to get the water to hot and he is going to pop out.” So when I went to the doctor yesterday, I had him look at it and come to find out it is a hernia. Darn there goes my little alien! Now I have to go to another doctor and get the hernia taken care of. Don’t panic, I asked it is done as an out patient surgery and I should’t be off any time at all. But it has to be fixed, so might as well get it fixed.


I know Eleanor probably told you, my leg is out of the cast and I can actually walk on it. Funny the doctors said I probably wouldn’t be able too. I do go to therapy three times a week for it. So maybe after I get this last thing fixed, I can quit playing with the doctors for a while, I hope. Really I am looking for a rich one with lots of land. That way all of you can come and visit and we can celebrate one of our Sabbats together. I guess I better make sure he is a Pagan or out of town for the weekend. But that is something I have always wanted to do is to meet all of you. You have been so good and kind to me, I would love to meet each of you and give you a great big hug and say thank you in person. Oh, well, maybe one day.


I have had way too much time on my hands, if you can’t tell. Now let’s get this show on the road……

Remember my precious family,

I love you,

Lady A