They won’t let me have an account, so Lady A said I could use hers when I wanted too

This is Jacob, I am going to have to fix my own account. Below is part of a shout-out I just got through sending out for the store. I know you heard from Lord M earlier and now I would like to say a word or two. Lady A is a wonderful woman. She took my brother and myself in after our mother was killed in the auto wreck. She treats us as her own. She has taught us how to hunt, fish, and cook. She has become our mother. As our mother, I have grown close to her. I know what she values and she values the store and this site. As far as Lord M goes, he doesn’t.  He wants to pack us all up and move us up to his place. Neither my brother or myself want to go, and I know Lady A won’t either. She means a lot to both of us and I am willing to fight for her. As mentioned below, if we reach the tax money we need by the 16th, Lord M can take a long walk off a short peer. He might be my uncle but we are not close. I grew up with Lady A and she is like a second mother to me. I barely know Lord M. I wish you know the Lady I am come to call mother. She is head-strong, she would do anything she could for anybody, she volunteers in the community, she does public speaking and on and on. Lord M was right about one thing, she is passionate. When she believes in something, she doesn’t put 100% into it, she puts 110% into it. I see nothing wrong with that. If you are going to make something a success, it requires work. She has made the WOTC a success and the store if given half a chance will be a success also. That is why Joseph and myself are willing to keep it open if we can reach the little dab we need to pay the taxes. We love our new mother, we love becoming witches, we don’t want to see it end. We don’t want to leave Western Kentucky. I am asking for your help to keep us right here where we belong.

Thank you,



Going Out of Business Sale Date Changed

I don’t know if it has been explained to each of you the reason the store is going out of business. We have a $1200 tax on our property that we have tried and tried to raise the money to pay. We have not had success in doing this. We are currently only a short amount away from meeting this goal. The stress has cause Lady A to be hospitalized with chest pain and has two steins put in going to her heart. We will not only lose the office building, we will also lose her personal property. The dead line is April 16th. Due to her illness and hospitalization, we are moving the closing date up to April 16th. If we don’t meet the tax bill by then, we will need the additional time to pack things up and get out. If we should meet the bill, we would be more than happy to keep the store open for you. If you would like to make a purchase, now is the time to do so. We need your help. (It should be noted that Joseph and I are still adding merchandise to the store. We are holding out hope that something will come through for Lady A and the WOTC). Thank you!


Magickal Necessities

We have been adding new merchandise to the store. Holding out hope as Lord M said. If you can’t find anything you like a donation of any amount would be appreciated. Thank you again, Jacob


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  1. Hi, I don’t know if I can help more than what I have, but I was wondering how short you are now? Thanks, Heather 🙂
    Blessed Be!


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