This Weekend’s Love Horoscope for April 6 – 8: A Love that Lasts

This Weekend’s Love Horoscope: A Love that Lasts

Love horoscopes for the weekend of April 6-8

After a rough week in love, things start to smooth out this weekend…

Earlier in the week, Mars and Saturn met up in the cosmos, which could have caused a good deal of frustration in your love life or long-term relationship. Normally you’d be able to talk through any setbacks, but retrograde Mercury’s tense aspects to both Mars and Saturn put the kibosh on any productive communication. Harsh words and angry feelings were probably thrown around instead, driving a temporary wedge into your happiness.

Thankfully, this weekend brings a bit of reprieve, and gifts you with the stable love energy you’ve needed to get beyond the problems of the week and shift your sights forward. On Saturday the love planet Venus makes a nice aspect to Saturn, helping you and your partner look at things with a more realistic mindset and a greater desire to build something lasting together. Instead of letting your emotions rise and come between you, you have the ability to keep things calm and focus on what’s best for your relationship. If you’re single or newly dating, this steady energy helps get things off on the right foot with a potential lover, and provides the staying power needed to turn a first date into a second or third, or even a committed relationship.

What’s more, the Moon will be in Capricorn all weekend. While this isn’t the most lovey-dovey place for the emotional Moon to be, it totally supports this consistency and practicality that Venus and Saturn are already delivering. The sincere and secure feelings you have this weekend can help you build a stronger relationship that can overcome future obstacles and bring you the comfort of a lasting, stable partnership. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018