April 2018 Energy Report

April 2018 Energy Report

For once we have a ‘normal’ month as far as energy movement goes. Since January we have been off-balance energetically and we have seen that with the roller coaster ups and downs in personal and global events. April’s themes are indulgence and resurrection, so we’ll have opportunities for ‘me’ time as well as bringing our hopes and dreams out of the dark closets we have put them into. This is a month where we celebrate spring and new growth cycles, it’s another call to shine brightly and we have much energetic support to take aligned, inspired action, which begins with us. Everything we do in April has to be centered on taking care of our needs first, being true to ourselves, engaging in self-support, and that is how we will make the best use of April’s expansive energy.

April begins with two big events, the full moon of March 31 in Aries and Easter, which is April 1 (on April Fool’s Day). So the month starts out with the bright full moon lighting the dark night sky and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. The word resurrect means ‘to bring back to life’. What can be resurrected in your life now, starting with how much energy you are putting into creating your own life and the reality you live in? If you’re always putting others’ needs first and your dreams have been left behind, you can resurrect them this month.

Another big aspect in April is the movement of Venus into Taurus, the first sign it rules. This brings forward the theme of ‘indulgence’ to the forefront – how we take care of ourselves and give our needs the attention they require. If you’re tired, worn out, and run down, April’s energy will encourage you to rest, relax, and give yourself the same level of care and attention you give others.

What is the difference between being indulgent and wasting time and energy? Are we being wasteful when we take a nap because we’re tired instead of cleaning house, doing the dishes, or running an errand for someone? We can indulge our need for a nap because we’re tired and then assess whether we want to do the other things. We’ll need to define that difference for ourselves now because this is about creating self value, energetic balance and using our energy resources wisely, ensuring that we are part of the group that is on the receiving end of our energetic attention.

Venus in Taurus also signifies value – what you value and what is valuable to you. How do you set your value priorities? Do you compromise them to be liked or valued by others?

And with Mercury retrograde until April 16th, being indulgent and resurrecting things from the past will also figure prominently. Have you ever rushed out the door with a full list of things to do only to find you left your wallet at home or, as happened to me once, you see that your car has a flat tire and that changes all of your plans? Sometimes the Universe reminds us that we need to slow down, take care of ourselves and fill our own energy tank on a regular basis. Mercury retro is good for release, review, refresh, re-think, re-consider, renew, resolve, and rest.

Many ascension cycles are going to be ending in April and in May so that new ones can begin. While we believe that ascension happens in a straight line, a one-shot journey from A to B, it does not happen that way (which is why we can feel like we are not making any progress). Instead, we move through ascension in energetic cycles and once we have completion and closure with the one we’re in, the next one begins. That’s why I highlight them, note when they will happen in the monthly energy reports, email you as they are occurring, and post about them on social media because these cycles follow each other – as one ends, we step into the next one.

Let’s look at the current cycles for a minute. Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 during a major awakening phase that was crucial to this ascension cycle. Uranus is the great disruptor and we can thank it, and its close journey with Eris, for the dis-integration of the 3D paradigms of greed, control, power over, and domination. As it finishes its transit of Aries, the sign of the pioneer and the first zodiac sign, it has created an awakening of the concept of the individual’s place in the community (Uranus symbolizes the collective).

The previous Uranus in Aries cycle began in 1934 – the rise of Nazi Germany and fascism in the world, as well as a devastating world war. What are we seeing today? The awakening of humanity to these agendas and the resistance to the destruction of personal and national sovereignty. And the 7 years of Uranus in Aries has brought us together as a community through technology (and Uranus rules both community and technology) in ways that were unimaginable in 1934.

One more powerful energy aspect this month is the Mars/Saturn conjunction, active the first week of April. This is building the energy for the epic January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – the previous one happened in 1517. This is a powerhouse of energy so know that it’s available to you and use it well.

‘Power to the people’ is more than a Beatles song; it’s the new paradigm for all of us.

We are each a unique spark of divine light but we are also members of the community of light which includes all of humanity. What we do in our own lives we add it to the banquet of transformation potential that is available to all of humanity.  This community spirit has intensified during the last 8 years and our awareness of this inter-connection has made us realize that whatever evil in the world can be overcome with the collective’s desire for a higher frequency that includes peace, joy, love, and prosperity for all.

In these final weeks of Uranus’ Aries transit we can focus on expanding and strengthening that community spirit because in Taurus, Uranus will show us the value of being the family of humanity and how we can use the power of common intention to transform the world.

The middle of the month is very busy too, with a new moon on the 15th that is going to do plenty of energy resurrecting because it’s activating Uranus in Aries and Eris for one parting blast. Not a lot is written about Eris, the goddess of chaos and strife but she and Uranus have been quite a pair in the last 3 years as they have been creating a lot of chaos. They play a big role in the dis-integration of the 3D paradigms. Eris entered Aries in March 1925, it leaves in May 2045, so its influence will be around for a while.

This new moon is the final highlight of Uranus in Aries, which won’t happen for another 84 years. In the next 3 weeks, we have closure as Uranus moves out of its June 2017 shadow retrograde and it winds up it’s Aries presence which began in March 2011. Then it hits the final degrees of Aries and goes into Taurus on May 15.

For the first time since December 2017 we have a normal lunar month in April, with only a new and full moon. Since January we have had unusual moon activity, with multiple or no full moons, and that has dragged us through an intense realization of the power of our emotional energy. We use our emotions to filter energy. So if you have been noticing how your emotions impact your energy field, especially dense emotions like anger, grief, sadness, resentment, regret, guilt, and shame, this passage has done its work.

There is more to this topic, see the video below for additional insights into April’s energy. And the best way to use this month’s energy is to indulge yourself, slow down, pay attention to your body – it is the vessel for spiritual energy.

You receive and share energy through the body and is an important part of your ascension journey. Give it the care and attention it needs now. We have been through a lot and that journey is not over yet.

April starts with resurrection – what can you resurrect in your life now? Review your dreams, hopes, and desires. Are any of them still valid for you? Is it time for some energetic house cleaning to remove the density that is clogging the drains of your dreams? April has lots of energy to fill your tank and make your dreams a reality.  Have a wonderful month.