On Wednesday, February 20th, We Celebrate…..

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On Wednesday, February 20th, We Celebrate…..

Winterlude(Ottawa, Canada)

Themes: Recreation, Good Sportsmanship

Symbols: Early-blooming Flowers; Snow

About Oniata: Oniata, an Iroquois Goddess, embodies what is means to be a good sport. According to legend she came to live with the Iroquois, who found her beaunty distracting, so much so that ment left their families just to catch a glimpse of her radiance. When Oniata found out about this, rather than getting agry with the men, she left the earth. The only trace of her beauty she left behind was sprouting of spring flowers peeking out from the melting snow.


To Do Today: Plant some early blooming seeds today so that when they blossom Oniata’s good humor and temperament can also bloom in your life.
In Canda, people take this opportunity to enjoy the last remnants of winter by participating in various sporting activities (especially skating) and by making snow sculptures. Try the latter activity yourself, perhaps create a flower our of packed snow to honor and welcome Oniata. If you live in a warm climate, you can blend up some ice cubes to a snow consistency for sculpting and make it into a snowcone afterwards to internalize the energy! Or, consider going to an ice rink for a little rest and relaxation. Return outside and appreciate any flowers nearby. Oniata lives in their fragrance and loveliness.


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Patricia Telesco