Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for February 19th

Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for February 19th

by Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

With the sun and Mercury’s move into romantic Pisces, and joining Venus and Neptune, this week heralds a period of sensitive loving and seductive responses.

We may all have to live under more rules and regulations than ever before, thanks to Saturn’s influence in Capricorn, but at least we can dream awhile, escape the workload and float gently down the stream.



You have goals, dreams and longings, and a realization that you don’t have to be stuck in a relationship, or dependent upon someone to be loved. In fact, your current assertiveness is giving you loads of willpower. So if you’re single, others will find you dramatic, enriching and lustful. If attached, you appear more realistic. Time to stand up and be counted again.




At last, you can speak up without being put down. At last you can think ahead, without regretting the past. And at last ‘you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs.’ The planetary energy this week, simply confirms that you have broken through to the part of yourself which is not only spirited, but also speaks from the soul.




Your determination and self-belief is returning.  It’s time to fly forward, breathe in new air, formulate new relationship goals and then live them out. Whether single or attached, you’re in one of those cycles of your life when you just can’t sit around waiting for life to happen to you, you have to go out and make it happen.




Right now, you can delve deep into your motives, push forward with romantic plans, and set the ball of delight rolling in your direction. Your mission is to crusade for the truth, to discover the unknown, and to realise that love’s very unexplainable essence, is actually a delightful mystery, and one which you’re about to enjoy.




You have a right to your needs and desires and you can’t just be someone you’re not.  And if you’re attached, and if your partner understands your ambitious streak, then this is the week for realising the glorious future you can make together. And if single? The planets will give you all the charm you need to get to know someone better.




This week, you won’t be exactly patient with those who are blind to opportunity. Yet your kind heart will be pulled in two directions by a loved one. Do you give up on them to make your own life what you want it to be, or do you give up on yourself to gain their approval? You know the choice is hard. It’s time to relinquish the fear, not the goal.




You have a strange desire to view life from another angle. If you persuade partners or admirers to accept your quirky thoughts, they will be more than happy to push you on to greater things. With adventure on your mind, motivated ideas will bring the kind of opportunities that mean you can give to loved ones the true goodness you have on offer.




You can’t be certain if someone has the same intentions as you do. In fact, you’re imagining all kinds of negative things, which is really your own self-doubt at work. But if you don’t ask outright what they honestly want, you might never know. In fact, they’re probably just mulling over a brilliant idea which will give you both the chance for long-term happiness.




You know you need a certain amount of space, and you know you want life to be an adventure. But this doesn’t quite fit your relationship reality right now.  It’s not that you don’t care, and it’s not that you want to give up on what you have. But this week, you can start to see how to plot a future which suits you too.




There’s something about you that needs expression right now. And this week, you name it, you can do, or be it. So think of this as the power of your own inner self bursting into life and through the doors of love. Then you’ll realise that the one you are with or the one you long for, is exactly who you also need right now.




You worry that no-one’s perfect, not even you. After all, most human beings are flawed in some way, aren’t they? But then, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have feelings and senses. Right now, you’re beginning to accept that gut instinct has little to do with the logic of the mind. In fact, your intuition is actually worth trusting for once.




It’s time to acknowledge your individuality, and to acquire compassion for others because of a newfound self- awareness. This week, you see that whatever you’ve been through over the past few years is actually moving you forward, not holding you back. You weren’t exactly a victim of fate, more just trapped by your fears. Now you can be liberated.