Celtic Dragon & Cross ~FLB

As Witches, we do magickal work for various reasons: prosperity, love, luck, power, and all that good stuff. But maybe the most important magick we do is healing magick.

Healing magick can be done in numerous ways-anything from a simple spell to a magickal bath to a healing charm to an herbal tea spiced up with a little magickal boost. As with all other magick, the most important component is your intent; other than that, you can choose whichever ever method seems most appropriate for the problem at hand.

Magickal healing work can be done not only for physical healing but also for emotional, psychological, chological, and psychic healing as well. My group once did a family healing spell when a couple of members were having difficulties dealing with parents, husbands, and children. It worked, too.
Healing work is best done on a Sunday or a Monday, when the moon is waxing to full (to increase health). If you need to work during the waning moon, then you can try doing magick to decrease illness instead. If you are using color and/or candle magick, try blue (for healing and peace) or green (for healing and growth). If working to banish illness, then black works well.

Many stones can be used in magickal work as well: clear quartz crystals, amethyst, lapis, and bloodstone are among the best. Some people even use one stone for each color of the chakras and place them on the appropriate spot on the body.

One important point about healing magick: if you are going to do it for someone else, you must-I repeat, must-get permission first. Witches believe in free will, and I cannot stress enough how important that concept is to the core of being a Witch. It is not up to you to decide if someone should be ill or not; each individual is entitled to make that decision for themselves.


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