Good Thursday Morning, My Dear, Sweet Precious Family! I Would Ask One Thing Of You Today….

 That one thing would be that you pray for the victims of the school shooting in Florida and our country.


It has only been a little over three weeks since the shootings here. To hear of another one only rips my heart open along with everyone else who has suffered through school violence. I am actually numb and confused. I don’t understand why someone would go into a school and kill our children. I wonder does something snap inside their brain or do they even have a brain. I know they have no respect for life. They have never been taught life is the most precious gift we are given. For some mindless individual to go into a school and gun down our innocent children is unthinkable to me.


I don’t want to understand the mind of a killer. Then again, perhaps I am wrong in thinking that way. Maybe if we knew what these animals were thinking, we could prevent these senseless killings. Maybe its not their brains at all that is the problem. Perhaps it is in their heart, a very black and hardened heart toward society and mankind alike. It hasn’t come out in the News yet, but the animal who did the shootings at Marshall County wanted to commit suicide. So instead of killing himself, he goes to a school and kills two innocent kids and wounds 14 more. He was hoping for death by cop. Maybe the one in Florida was hoping for the same thing. We will never know and when we do, we won’t understand because these are very sick individuals, very sick.


I have family in Florida also. I received a phone call last night from one of them I hadn’t heard from in a while. I thought the worse when I was told my family was on the phone. They have four teenage boys that are in high school down there. Two of them go to that high school were the shootings occurred. I feared the worse. Thankfully, they were calling to tell me the boys were fine. What a relief. But unfortunately, they are scarred for life. They witnessed their classmates getting shot and barely escaped themselves. What those boys witnessed will haunt them the rest of their lives. One of the girls up here involved in the Heath shootings lost her sister that day. She saw her sister get killed and she said to this day, that haunts her. How do you erase those imagines from a young person’s mind? You don’t and you can’t.  My family member cried and cried, I know for the safety of her own children and those who lost their lives yesterday. She apologized for crying and I told not too because I had cried a many a tear myself.


These senseless killings of our young people have to stop. Not only the killing of our young people but all killing has to stop. It has to start with us. We have to teach the value of life. Somebody has too because somewhere along the line the mainstream has failed. It is up to us to pick up the slack and remind our country of the sanctity of life. How precious it is and how fragile it is. We always hear the preachers saying we have to turn our country back to God. Let’s turn our country back to the Goddess. Let us show our country and the world, our Divine Mother’s love. Let us teach them our ways. For our ways are the Ways of the Old. During that time, we lived in harmony with each other, no killings, no blood shed, just harmony. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live like that again. Never having to be afraid to send our children to school, never having to wonder if our loved ones would be coming home again. The Ways of the Old sound pretty good.


Personally, my heart breaks and bleeds every time I think of a parent having to bury their own child. I am left numb. I have family and friends who want me to take away their pain and offer them words of comfort. But I am about out of words. There is no comfort in death. There is no words to take away the pain they feel. Temporary relief is all I can give them. The pain comes back, it lessens over time but it is always there. If I had one wish, it would be I never had to console another parent or friend on this planet and all the killing would stop. Pray with me, brothers and sisters, that the killing stops and no parent ever has to bury their child again. Pray that our world comes to know our Goddess and she will guide us into a better tomorrow. Without Her Divine Guidance, I hate to think what our world will become.


When loved ones, mothers, fathers, children
are taken from us,
We cry, our heart breaks and we look for answers.
We look for some reason as to why,
Yet we find no reason,
We are always left wondering,
Why, oh why and the answer never comes.


The only comfort that we can find is knowing
our Divine Mother spoke softly to our loved ones
as they were taken from this world….


“My beloved children give me your hand and follow me,” She said.
“Close your eyes and become one with the Wind.”
“Be one with the Rain. Be one with the Earth.”
“Be one with the power of Fire.”
“Join your loved ones who have gone before you.”
“Be of comfort, no more pain, no more hurt,”
“Just love, joy and happiness for you have come home,”
“My sweet, precious children.”


–Lady of the Abyss


2 thoughts on “Good Thursday Morning, My Dear, Sweet Precious Family! I Would Ask One Thing Of You Today….

  1. from the song devils and angels by royal bliss.. she said come with me ill show you my way, to a place where all the angels go. no more pain no more lies no more worries…


    1. To each his or her own. Personally, I don’t believe in angels. I believe in the Goddess and Her Divine Being. Perhaps next time a tragedy occurs, I should let you write the words. Maybe you could do a better job than I since your heart has been torn to shreds and personally effected by one of these tragedies.
      Lady of the Abyss


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