We Are Off To The Doctor…..So No Witches Digest Today

Good Friday morning, my dear sweet brothers & sisters of the Craft! How y’all doing this morning? I hope your day is off to a wonderful start. I love the graphic above. I used it yesterday at the end of one of the Digest, I didn’t know if everyone got to see it or not. Well, at least she doesn’t have green skin, a pointy nose and warts, lol! I know that’s nothing to laugh about especially as much as I bitch about those kinds of pics. I just wanted to let you know that we wouldn’t be on the internet today because I have a doctor’s appointment. Can you imagine them not trusting Lord M and me to go to the doctor by ourselves? I think they just want to go and listen to the doctor chew me out for busting my arm’s cast off. Yeah, that’s probably it. Anyway, I should get news about when the one on my leg is coming off. Since it is getting stronger and I can actually put weight on it now, I hope soon. But the bone was shattered completely in too so I don’t know if it will take longer or not. One of those wait and see deals.


I have a bunch of ready-t0-go witches standing around. So we are off for now. Oh, while we are gone and if you get bored be sure to check out the store. There are some great sales going on there right now and are ending soon. I hope everyone has a very beautiful and blessed Friday. Got to run for now or should I say fly….

Love ya,

Lady A



2 thoughts on “We Are Off To The Doctor…..So No Witches Digest Today

  1. In as much, as i am here, i do enjoy all the post u share with me. But i must confessed that, i don’t have any level(i don’t know anything) in witchcraft. I love being one but i don’t know where to start. I need guide lines from the suprem one, i will be the most happiest man on earth, if anyone show some concern on my dieing need.


    1. Good afternoon Eteng, I apologize for us not meeting your needs as far as learning the Craft. The WOTC is not really set up as a teaching site. We are more of a resource center for other Pagan sites and also for witches who have been practicing for a while. We do have a sister site that has an excellent teacher and she teaches new comers to the Craft. The site is Coven Life https://covenlife.co. I am sure if you would go to that site, Lady Beltane would be more than willing to teach you the Craft. That way you can start out on the right foot and learn what you need to know to practice.
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


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