Good Monday Morning, my sweet, sweet family! How y’all doing this morning after? After the Super Bowl, Of Course, lol!

Good Morning To Someone Special...
I have to confess, I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl. Yeah, I know, I am probably the only person in the country who didn’t but I never really have cared for football. If you did watch and had a favorite team you were wanting to win, I hope they did. I have been watching Salem, yes I confess. I occasionally like to watch shows that involve witches and witchcraft. This one I started watching because I wanted to see how they portrayed witches. It is out there but ain’t they all. I believe in the first or second episode, I did discover that they did use actually characters from history, Tituba and Cotton Mathers. Mathers wrote a chronicle of events that occurred in Salem during that time frame is how I recognized him. Tituba, it was later revealed that she was the only real witch in Salem and they let her go free. Like I said it is out there but I have come to expect all the shows about witches and witchcraft to be the same way. If I ran across one that actually portrayed us as we were I would probably fall out in the floor. Not to mention those that showed us how we really are wouldn’t be on for long or sell many tickets at the box offices.


Ok, enough with the TV review, we are opening up a new section today. We have had tons of request for those pages with the days of the weeks printed out on them. So you ask, we deliver. We are opening up a section for each day of the week (if we have enough room left on here). It will be listed as Weekdays and under it will be Monday, Tuesday and so on. I know most of you want these pages to print out in  and put in your BOS. We were going to do this yesterday but we played in the store too much. We have already had one of our new capes sell out, which is fantastic(but that’s beside the point). Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up on what is going on today. There will be a few more posts than usual but when we are finished we will move on to the horoscopes. Have patience and we will get through this as quickly as possible. Besides you might enjoy some of these pages yourself, never know.


One more thing and then I will hush and get to work……We have had several individuals write in for help and wanting spells or wanting me to cast the spells for them. The first question I ask is,” Are you a practicing witch?” If the answer comes back, “No!” Then I cannot in good conscious give you a spell. I know those outside our world do not understand that. As witches, we study for a year and a day in the Craft. The study involves finding what Path/Tradition you wish to follow, do you want to be a Solitary or Coven witch, how to harness your inner power, how to go about writing spells and much more. I know to most of you, I am preaching to the choir. Sorry about that but there are those who visit and don’t understand why I refuse their request. This is the main reason, I use to mentor individuals myself. They either committed to studying for a year and a day or else I did not mess with them. You cannot do a spell without the training and knowledge that you need to cast one. It just won’t work. This crap, yes crap, you see on TV, wiggle your nose or poof up pops a ball of fire from your hand is pathetic and it does not happen. Witchcraft, without the studying and knowledge, can be dangerous. It would be like I was handing you a loaded gun and told you to go play with it. I can’t do that and I won’t. As far as me casting spells for you, I won’t do that either. Witches know that we each cast our own spells. Why you might ask? It is because the witch who casts her own spells has the intent needed to make that spell come to fruition. It is harsh to say but it is truthful, I have no intent or vested interest in your situation, so for me to cast a spell for you is like me throwing water out the back door. For a spell to be success, a witch has to raise the energy. In that energy is her intent toward the individual or event that she wants to occur. She is the driving force behind that spell. I cast my own spells but I do not cast other people’s spells. I won’t make apologizes for my refusing to give an individual a spell nor for not casting one, this goes against my belief system. If you wish to learn Witchcraft and commit to studying for a year and a day, that’s great. But otherwise, please stop asking for spells or wanting one of us to cast them for you. None of us here will do either.

Now business is concluded for the day. Let’s get this show on the road….

Love ya,

Lady A

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning, my sweet, sweet family! How y’all doing this morning after? After the Super Bowl, Of Course, lol!

  1. I get the same thing of people wanting me to write or do a spell for them. My answer, if I even answer them, is take the novice course and learn the correct safe way to do it yourself. To me any witch that sells spells or just does them for anyone is not a practicing real witch because they would know better. With that said I’ll just put a little plug in for Coven Life website which was set up by Lady A and myself as an online coven and school for The Craft.
    Lady Beltane


    1. I am glad you brought up those witches selling their supposed skills. I meant to include them and forgot them. I have no opinion of them at all. In fact, I think they are
      frauds. I am glad you brought that up, like I said I forgot the point about them.


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