Surprise, Surprise, Surprise……

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Since I took up the most of the morning talking, I thought we should make it up to you somehow. So we are stopping at the Horoscopes for the day and going to add some Imbolc information on the site. I figure Imbolc will lift anyone’s spirits or at least I hope it will. It is just amazing to me how fast this month has gone by. I looked at the calendar the other day and couldn’t believe it, only 5 (at the time) more days to Imbolc? Where or where has January gone! I felt bad we generally start putting information about the upcoming Sabbat on a few day in advance. So we are starting that today. I hope it is information you can use and as always we are going to do our best to try to find pages you can print out for your BOS.


It just seems like when Imbolc gets here, it is the most magickal time of the year. I am not a huge fan of Winter and when Imbolc arrives a spark ignites in my heart and soul. The reawakening of Mother Earth what a glorious time of the year. It means Spring is not that far off, we have survived another winter (even though they are calling for snow this weekend, YIKES!).  You can feel the Earth reawakening under your feet. The grass starts to grow little by little, the yellow lilies start to emerge and you know the Earth is coming back to life when you see your first red bird or cardinal. It is time to open the doors and raise the windows to get rid of some of old Man Winter who might be lingering around your house. It is time to renew not only your home but also yourself. You feel alive again, full of hope. I love Imbolc it is my favorite time of the year.


Now if you don’t mind, we are going to provide you with some Imbolc information. Hopefully you will find it useful for your celebrations. If you have any special rituals or activities you do on Imbolc, let us know. We would love to hear what you do and share your celebrations with others.


As you already know, I am off for now….. 

Love ya,

Lady A


5 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise……

    1. Happy Birthday, Julie! I was born on the 19th and you the 20th. I hardly ever run into anyone this close to my own birth date. You weren’t born in Kentucky where you? If so, we might have shared the same nursery. Now that would be wild. I love Spring and Fall. But around here, we have a few days of both. It seemed like when I was a kid, Spring and Fall lasted forever. I remember we opened the windows and let the fresh air in and hardly ever turned the A/C on. Now days it is definitely a different story.

      It is great to hear from you. I hope you have a very blessed day and Happy Imbolc in case I don’t hear from you before then.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A

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  1. My Imbolc is spent doing a ritualistic clean in my home and renew my protection wards and spells keep it safe. I also usually lead Coven Life’s online gathering. This year I get to attend as just Teacher as one of my adepts wrote and will lead the ritual.


    1. That is great. Sort of sounds like the way I spent my Imbolc. I wanted you to know that I emailed you and asked if you would send me your phone number AGAIN. Someone cleared out the phone’s memory and POOF, you number was gone. I wish people would leave stuff alone. Anyway, I did have your number wrote on a notepad and I be damned if the notepad didn’t disappear. I wrote you I have come up with the perfect solution to keeping up with your number. I am going to have it tattooed on me. I do that you will be stuck with me for the rest of your life, you poor thing. But please send me your number again and I will put it in a safe place this time. Got to run.
      Love ya,


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