I know you thought you got rid of me but guess what, let’s talk………

So how ya’ doing? I hope fine. I have a question and I want honest answers, please. I have been monitoring the store and the sales for it, frankly suck. The store was doing fine before I had my latest adventure and had to be off for a few weeks. I want to know did something happen during those weeks I was off. I want you to be honest with me because if something did I will do my best to make it right. Those of you who have dealt with me know that is true. Is it because an 18 year old kid is running it? Truth be told, he isn’t running it, he is helping me run it till I fully recover. When I am back to 100% I will be back to running it full time.


I have made agreements and signed contracts with various wholesalers to provide you with merchandise that is hard to find and also needed in daily rituals and spells. The design on the site has been changed for easier use. I have been told we offer some of the lowest prices on the net and I have seen this for myself. There is one wholesaler, I wouldn’t even offer to do business with because we would have to mark our prices up at least 40 to 50 percent to make a profit. That would be too high and no sales would come from that venture. I have done everything I know to do to offer a specialty store to you, our members. A place you would have to get the herbs you need, the cauldrons, the wands, the athames and the list goes on and on. Like I said sales were great now everything has hit rock bottom and I feel like there is a reason why. I want to know that reason. I want to fix any problems that might have occurred and also provide you with a super store for all your ritual needs.


I have come to the decision that if the sales in the store do not pick up by this Spring, it will be gone. I will have no choice but to close it down. I am not risking our other ventures so the store can drain every last dime from us and thus causing us to loose it all. I am a witch and a business woman. That would be very unprofessional of me to continue to put money into a dying cause. The store has a huge inventory and we have a huge inventory here. It cost money to maintain that inventory, most of it is on consignment to us. The site cost money, every time I turn around Wix’s is charging for the search engine or the shopping cart or some other ridiculous thing. I have checked other sites and they are outrageous. Wix’s is reasonable and it does allow us to make a profit. A profit that we use to support this site and our other various sites. I thought I had finally found the answer to pay for what I want to do and accomplish.


I don’t mean to bitch but I am very serious when I say I want to know what has happened since I have been gone. I have a feeling I know but I want to know for sure. As of Monday, I will take back complete control of the store. We will once again offer gifts with purchases and have monthly drawings for various merchandise. If you have any idea of any particular merchandise you would like for us to offer, please let me know. I know when I ask questions, I don’t get responses. I feel like you are scared to give me your opinion. I am not going to bite your head off, I swear. I want to hear from you. Or else I will be forced to close the store in the Spring to keep from losing everything. We have worked to hard for me to let that happen. If we do have to close the store, I guess we will have one hell of a yard sale. Seriously, talk to me, give me ideas, so we can make this work, please.


So Sunday night, I will have the hammer out busting off this cast on my arm and I will be back in total control of this site and the store. If you don’t like the new layout, let me know, we will go back to the old. If you want new merchandise, let me know, I can get it. If you don’t like some of the merchandise on there, let me know and I will get rid of it. I want the store to work, I want to make it profitable and most of all I seriously opened it for you. Hell, if I have to close the store it will be a failure and I don’t like failure. To me, failure is unacceptable especially when you have worked 24 hour days to get it up and running. Yeah, I worked many a 24 hour day, that is why I was falling asleep at the computer. I will ask one more time for you to give me your suggestions, your ideas, tell me if something when wrong while I was gone, just talk to me, please.


I have got to run for now, but please let me hear your comments and suggestions about the store. Till tomorrow….

Love ya,

Lady A


10 thoughts on “I know you thought you got rid of me but guess what, let’s talk………

  1. All businesses are very slow in January as people are waiting to pay what the owe for income taxes. Usually businesses start picking up around mid February as those who get returns start spending. Jacob did a fantastic job run ing the store while you were gone so I doubt that’s the problem.

    Congratulations on becoming a High Priestess!!! You can take over Cove Life’s Coven for a gathering if you ever feel the urge.

    Love ya,
    Lady B

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    1. I know businesses are slow in January but…I wasn’t looking in Jacob’s direction. I was looking some place else and I figure you probably know where. Jacob knew I was making the post and he agreed with me, he wanted it posted. You should know after yesterday how quick things can happen on the net and then suddenly disappear. He wanted to know just like I did if someone has interfered and neither of us knew anything about it.

      You know you read to damn quick. Thank you for the congratulations. It has always been everyone else’s plan for me to become a High Priestess. As far as I am concerned, I still consider myself a Solitary Practitioner. I have been one way to long to ever forget my roots. All the witches in my family’s line were either High Priest or High Priestess. The only one who wasn’t was my mother. I decided after I made that comment to delete it because I didn’t want the status of the WOTC to change. I know most people already think the WOTC is a coven but it isn’t and never will be. It was founded by Solitary Practitioners for other Solitaries. It will remain that way. I took the training for various reasons. I believe the main one was I have always been curious about covens but could never find out what I wanted to know. My curiosity is satisfied and I learned a thing or two. I am still a Solitary and no offense, speedy, you are doing a great job running Coven Life keep it up! Oh, I never got an email from you telling me what you wanted done. The cast is gone and I now have two hands to work with, so please let me know what you needed, speedy, lol!
      Love you,
      Lady A

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  2. I agree with Lady Beltane, Jacob did a fantastic job. I hadn’t ordered from the site until recently. Mostly to help out in some way. I have been a solitary witch since the 80’s and really felt that I didn’t need anything. Now that I have ordered and found things that I like I’ll be back for more. So please just give it some more time to turn around.

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    1. Jacob knew I was making the post and he wanted me to post it. We were both curious if someone had done something we didn’t know about. Jacob and I will run the store together. I got a lecture last night about what the hell was wrong with me. I should have never made that post. Those comments sort of made me wonder what kind of comments I might find this morning especially when someone is so upset that I made the post to start with. I am glad to know Jacob did a fantastic job and will continue to do a fantastic job for all of you. January is a slow month for everyone and I understand that completely. There has been too much hard work put in that store just to make a snap decision and close it. I believe I have found another site of ours that can support it till things turn around. It won’t be closing and we are going to try to make it work one way or the other. I would like to see it become one of the largest Pagan retail sites on net. I am relying heavily on this site’s reputation and mine to make it happen. We appreciate your business Pam. I also appreciate your precious friendship. When you get ready to order again, we will be there I promise.
      Love ya,

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  3. In the part of Canada that I live in the economy currently sucks and with everyone paying off their credit card bills from last month’s over spending shopping spree very few people are spending like they used to. And half of the ones that are still shopping are trying to negotiate lower prices no matter what type of store/service area they are in.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and your input. Jacob and I were just curious if something had happened we weren’t aware of. I know January is a very slow month. As I mentioned earlier, I have found another site of ours that can sustain the store till we get through this slump. I know down here in the States, everyone you hear on the TV is hollering the economy is great. I want to know where. Jobs are suppose to be plentiful. Yeah right, nothing against the restaurant & fast food industry but that is all the jobs we see open down here. You work for minimum wage which I believe is still $7.50 an hour and a gallon of milk is $3.95 or more. How do they expect people to live? I know most people in these industries have to work two jobs just to put food on the table. The economy sucks here too. My mother-in-law use to have a saying and I have come to think she is one of the smartest women I ever knew. She would say, “a poor man has no business with his head stuck out of the sand.” I think she knew what she was talking about. Thank you again for your comment and input.
      Have a very blessed weekend,
      Lady A

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  4. Business is probably just going through a slow spurt – it will pick up. I know I was ordering and donating until very recently as I’ve hit a hiccup in my finances. This too shall pass. Keep the faith Kit everything will work out.
    Have a blessed weekend and please try to stop worrying.

    Marcia DeCola

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  5. I totally agree with everyone… It’s just the time if year. I know in my family we were balancing things around for awhile bc the hubby was out of work and we are still playing catch-up. And all this during the holidays with a large family is hard. There are several items I want/need to order but just having to wait.

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