Before We Get Started This Beautiful Friday Morning, A Message To A Dear Friend of Mine, NOT!

good morning

Good morning, my dear sweet family, my precious brothers & sisters of the Craft! What a glorious day it is, I got up this morning, lol! I hope everyone has a very wonderful & blessed Friday. Get through today and the weekend is finally here again. You know it seems that the days have been flying by for me but….one would think they would be slowly creeping by but they haven’t been. I guess they sped by because I was wanting the day I could return to my precious family to hurry up and come. Oh, by the way, I love you! Told you, you would hear it every day from me and I do keep my promises.


Before we get started, I do have one topic I would like to discuss or address to a certain sect of individuals who have been visiting our site. It is a subject I want to tread lightly on because we have other faiths and religions here with us. I have always been known as one who does not bash other religions and I am very religion tolerant. Here recently every time one of the ladies goes to our P. O. Box, we have literature and brochures from a certain church in our mail. Yes, you heard right, we are being mailed brochures about converting to their religion. This man and I have had run ins in the past and yet he persists. I think the reason he has started up again is because he just found us a few months ago and he decided he would give it another try.


So here I go treading lightly on this subject, I know he visits this site and I know at one time he was a member till I found him and blocked him. I believe that is why the mailings started. So this is addressed to my dear preacher friend…..


We do not want your brochures or your flyers sent to our P. O. Box. We have all chosen our Path, Tradition, and Religion here. We are a peaceful group, we have Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Baptists, Catholics and various other groups here, that is why I must tread lightly out of respect for the mainstream religions that are with us. I have respect for their religion and they have respect for ours. They have enough respect that they write me and ask me if it is alright for them to join our group. Why? Because they want to know why so many people are turning to our religion and leaving the mainstream ones. They want to know the truth about us and oh yes, dear brother the truth is getting out. They are finding out, we are not evil, we are not devil worshipers, all we want to do is live in peace and to co-exist. We want to be free to choose our own Path and walk it proudly. They are here because they know the more we learn about each other, we can make co-existing possible. They not only learn from us but we do learn from them also. It is a two way street that is becoming one very quickly.


As for you, my dear brother and yes I do call you brother. I have no hatred for you. In fact, I pity you. I pity you because you are so very closed minded. You have haunted us and taunted us for years, now it is time to stop. We are steadfast in our beliefs. Perhaps if you would take a moment to read some of the material here, you might learn a thing or two. Then again, you are very closed minded and your way is the only way. As I have always said with so many religions in this world, how can there be only one right religion? Answer me that. Or better yet are you sure you are following the right religion? There are enough priests and preachers here so if what I am getting ready to say is wrong or incorrect, please feel free to correct me. Now back to my dear brother, doesn’t it say in Revelations that when your judgment day comes that only 144,000 will be collected and taken to your heaven. Those 144,000 spoken of all come from the 14 tribes of Israel, I believe it does say that. Do you tell your members this on Sunday mornings? Do you believe you come from one of those 14 tribes and will be among the 144,000 gathered up when your judgment day comes? Oh, my goodness, a witch who knows the Bible. You should know better than anyone I grew up in a half and half house. Perhaps that is why I am so religious tolerant. And just maybe that is why my curiosity has always been peaked to learn about other religions and not to be closed minded. No, I seriously doubt that you tell your members what I have just said or ever will.


I bring that up for two reasons, first to prove I am familiar with your Religion and many other Religions as well. I know about all these different religions and yet when given the opportunity to choose which Path/Religion I would follow, I decided to follow Witchcraft. I come from a long line of witches and I am very proud to call myself a witch. I am proud to call myself a witch because of what my Religion offers and holds for me and those who decide to follow Witchcraft. Here comes the second reason…..we don’t recruit people to witchcraft. You will never find us hounding or harassing someone to come to our Religion. Witchcraft and the Goddess is inside everyone of us. All you have to do is hear Her calling and look within yourself and you will find Her. She is there, I guarantee you that. She is a very mighty Divine Being. You can see Her works and beauty every day. You can feel Her presence with you constantly. I have seen Her perform what you might call miracles. I never once saw any miracles or felt anything from the other side of the fence. I have seen the Goddess, I have seen my Deities. I have asked for their help and they answer. The Goddess has guided me and others for centuries. She has never asked us to kill in Her Divine Name nor will She ever. She will never tell us that only 144,000 individuals will be allowed in the Summerlands either. Because we do not die, we reincarnate. I am living proof of that. I am a very old soul. I know, my dear brother, you have no idea what an old soul is, so I will tell you. It is a soul that has lived many lives and seen much. A soul that can testify to what our Religion states is true. We do not die, we are reborn. Unlike your religion, we return to this plane again and again. I have seen the glories and the wonders our Religion holds. There is no converting me or the others here. We have all made our decision many years ago, so save your stamps.


One more thing I have always wondered, perhaps you can drop me a pamphlet in the mail and explain it to me, hmm. Why is your religion always looking forward and praying for this world to end? I have never grasped that (really don’t want to either, but…). I am just curious as to why. Does the future look the bleak for you in your Religion, that you have to pray for the world to end? If that is the case, I feel very, very sorry for you. Living in world that you are suppose to be grateful for but instead you pray for it to end. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Our future, on the other hand, is very bright and beautiful. We do not pray for the world to end. One of our main staples is that we are to help mankind and the Earth become a better place. To assist in any way we can, not to pray for it to end. We reincarnate and reincarnate so the lessons we have learned from our past life, we can bring forth with us to make this place we call home a better home. We don’t do it just for us, we do it for all mankind, including you. We do not judge, we do not persecute, we do not harass anyone in the name of our Religion nor do we send out pamphlets trying to convert people. The people who come to us come to us out of their own free will. Their minds are open and they want to return to the oldest Religion on this planet.


I hope I have given you food for thought, dear brother. Funny, I call you brother and you wouldn’t call me sister if your life depended on it. That is the difference in my religion and yours. You are taught to suffer no witch to live. We are taught all life is sacred and should be cherished. You want to drive us into extinction. Many have tried and yet we are still here and growing by the day. We will be here long after you are gone. You keep telling us to make the right decision, my dear sir, are you sure you have made the right decision?.


Save your stamps, your pamphlets and go door to door peddling your religion. But never, ever send us anything else again. Your threats of hell, fire, brimstone and Satan do not scare us. If you knew anything at all, you would know those words do not even exist in our Religion. If someone is on the outside looking in and comparing the two Religions, I believe in my heart I know which one they would choose.


Now leave us alone or the next time, you will find that you have harassed the wrong witch.

Your Sister in The Craft,

Lady of the Abyss


14 thoughts on “Before We Get Started This Beautiful Friday Morning, A Message To A Dear Friend of Mine, NOT!

    1. Thank you, Bronson. It is wonderful to see you today. I hope you have a very blessed day and a beautiful & relaxing weekend.
      Love to you & yours,
      Lady A


    1. Good morning Robin. Thank you for the kind words. I was wondering how it would come across. I know the creep will read it, he still visits the site. I talked to WordPress after I blocked him. They told me the only way I could stop him from visiting was to make the group private. That is something I would never do, it would defeat the purpose of the site and the creep would win.

      I am glad I brightened your day. Are you snowed in too? We have had a foot of snow, been snowed in for days and can you believe it, Sunday it is suppose to be in the 60’s, HA! I think the weather people have lost their mind. Got to run for now. It was lovely seeing you today.
      Have a very blessed weekend,
      Lady A


  1. I love this article. You have beautifully put into words the very essence of our spiritual path. I wish I my words could flow like yours dear sister.
    I use to get visits almost weekly from people who follow a certain main stream faith until I started meeting them at my door with a big smile and my pentacle proudly displayed. I would tell them I would be happy to listen about the beliefs if they in turn would listen to me about mine. Never once was the offer accepted and they quit showing up about 2 years ago. I too grew up in a mixed faith home and learn that I enjoyed learning about other faiths and their way of doing things. In the end though I choose to have the beautiful outdoors be my church, to listen to and be part of the universe along with its duality in all things including deities. It has brought me peace and comfort to be the person I am meant to be in this lifetime and to learn from all the other lifetimes I have lived.
    Blessed be dear sister. Love ya,
    Lady B


    1. This person has followed us for years. He would make comments every now and again but I blocked him here so he can’t. Now he has started sending crap in the mail, that’s taking it too far. Also where I draw the line. He is getting ready to see a side of me he don’t want to see. If not me, Eleanor. She is the one that brought the envelope home and handed it to me. I opened it and said a few choice words. Then she read it and had a few choice words of her own. If he don’t stop, one of us is going to teach him a lesson. We don’t bother anyone and I be damned if I or we will be harassed.

      As far as the words go, there are times I have no earthly idea where they come from. It is like they are being channeled to me. Or else I go brain dead and then I can actually write. There is nothing wrong with your writing, silly goose. I think you do a great job. Oh, by the way, I am sorry I missed your phone call yesterday. I had some errands to run. I am now making them take me with them when they go anywhere. Hell, I am tired of sitting at home. It ain’t easy getting in and out of the car but we get it done. Got to run for now.
      Love ya, sis,


  2. Very well said! Some very good points brought to his attention. If only these poor, blinded people could just see for one minute how free our lives are, I believe they would run out of those “church” religions!!


    1. I think the main problem is they aren’t told the truth. If they did, I believe you are right they would run and keep on running. The explanation and description of what their judgment day is going to be like is a far stretch from what their bible tells. If they only knew the truth. It is ashame and what is a bigger shame is that they have individuals like the one harassing us leading them. Perhaps if they found out the truth about their leaders that might open their eyes a bit.

      Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful to see you this morning.
      Have a very blessed day, sister,
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


    1. I was raised a Catholic but never liked it always felt like there was so much more out there. Later in life became a born again Christian and still felt this feeling of there being so much more. Now in my later years I have finally found my path I am proud to call myself a Christian Witch now I feel like this is where I belong. I use to be one of those closed minded individuals but I know now that was so wrong but now I believe in everything and really love my new path. I really loved what you had to say and am so glad to have so many new brothers and sisters out there…blessed be to everyone…


  3. Hello; I wanted to let you know that I just read your post, and I love it. I am one of those people who chosen to join this craft on my own free will- No one made me nor was I talked into it.., this is my choice and I am pleased to say I am proud of being an Witch.


    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it. This man is a very closed minded individual. I believe we could all talk to we were blue in the face and it wouldn’t phase him a bit. Like I told him, is he sure he is right about his religion, I know he isn’t. But the question is, will he wake up to that fact before it is too late? Now that I stop to think about it, I should have asked him, since we don’t have sin, but his religion does, would his followers consider it a sin to find out they were being led down the wrong path? I would really like to meet this guy face to face. He has stalked us for years. In the MSN group we had, he managed to get in there and it got pretty rough for him. We didn’t have to escort him out, he left on his on. But you can’t do that in an open forum. Sorry got off on my soapbox sort of, thank you again for your comment, Julie.
      Have a very blessed weekend,
      Lady A


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