Tarot 101: How to Do a Serenity Tarot Reading

How to Do a Serenity Tarot Reading

A Tarot spread to help you heal and find inner peace


The famous singer Marvin Gaye once said, “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you’ll never find it anywhere else.” How true this is! Unfortunately, sometimes it seems as if life gets in the way, and achieving tranquility is harder than it should be. Are you struggling with overcoming grief, feeling bombarded by the negativity in the news, or managing some kind of internal conflict? This 6-card do-it-yourself Serenity Tarot spread shows you exactly what you need to do to clear out the emotional clutter, and put yourself back onto a more positive path. Keep reading to see how YOU can use this spread to heal.

Serenity Tarot Spread Positions

Position 1: Your Foundation Card

Heart of the issue

The first card of this reading takes a look at what’s really at the center of your suffering. While it’s usually pretty easy to identify how we’re feeling, sometimes we don’t know why we’re feeling the way we do. When pulling this card, make sure to sit and focus on the emotions you’re experiencing at that moment. Allow yourself to fully embrace what it is that’s going on in your head and heart. Think of this card as putting the spotlight on the darkness you’re experiencing right now.

Position 2: Your Barrier Card

What is blocking you from healing?

The path to healing is not a straight line. The Barrier Card will help you see what it is that has been preventing you from finding the inner peace you need. Sometimes these stumbling blocks come from outside influences, and sometimes the struggle is coming from within. The message you receive from this card will allow you to confront — and deal with — what has been stopping you from finding inner peace.

Position 3: Your Healing Card

Advice on how to move forward

When we’re swimming in an ocean of emotion, it’s not always easy to see what it is we need to do to feel good again. The third card in this spread takes a look at your situation and gives you the practical insight and advice needed to help soothe any anxiety or uncertainty you’re feeling. Think of the Healing Card as your own personal counselor, helping guide you towards a better future.

Position 4: Your External Card

What you can do to help others

In dark times it is not only we who are hurting — others around us may be as well. We all have an internal light that acts as a beacon of hope no matter how dark these times may seem, and your External Card helps you see what this special gift is. Is your higher power that you act as a pillar of strength? Or, is it your unwavering compassion for those suffering around you?

Position 5: Your Internal Card

What you can do to help yourself

The Tarot is known for its ability to empower us, and there is nothing more empowering than learning that everything you need to be happy is already inside of you. Think of your fifth card as your “self” card, one that shines a spotlight on your greatest source of inner strength. The insight revealed in this position will show you that not only is healing is possible, but that you already have what it takes to get there.

Position 6: Your Revelation Card

Lessons you can learn from this situation

While it may not seem like it at the time, there is always a silver lining in times of adversity. Not only can our suffering teach us important lessons about life, but it can also teach us important lessons about ourselves. Think of your Revelation Card as a glimpse into your future — a future where you’re stronger and wiser for having gone through this situation.

No matter what it is you’re dealing with right now, this simple 6-card Tarot reading can help guide you towards a happier, brighter tomorrow. Are you ready to get started? Take a deep breath, shuffle the cards, and let the power of the Tarot guide you now.


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Tarot Card of the Day for May 5th is Knight of Coins

Tarot Card of the Day

Knight of Coins

May 5th, 2017









This card is usually called The Knight, but in some modern decks appears as the Prince. Traditionally, this card in this suit pictures an overseer of fertility and growth. His period of ascendancy is during the quiet years between conflicts, when everybody can collaborate in raising the collective standard of living. His horse is usually huge and thickset, more suitable to pulling a plow than riding swiftly into battle. His temperament is easygoing and relaxed, he’s moving at the rate of the flow, because he knows that you can’t hurry time.

Seeing the bigger picture, like a farmer planning for the future, he doesn’t allow momentary fads or fancies to distract him, and he doesn’t take seriously those who do. One can feel his stability and dedication — he is totally responsible and even somewhat predictable when it comes to his projects. He is earthy and gentle, as simple and deep as the soil he tills and the flowers he loves.


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Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, May 6th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, May 6th



Aries Horoscope

There is some tendency today to get all wound up very easily, dear Aries, particularly if you’ve been taking on too many different things and now you’re faced with a bit of chaos. You may feel a little rebellious when it comes to making nice with others or doing your errands and tending to everyday affairs. Watch that in your haste you don’t make rash moves or statements. Don’t fall for the idea that speaking your truths is good for everyone involved when words expressed in haste or out of a place of frustration can be damaging. However, if you feel pressure to get something done, you can try to redirect nervous energy into something truly worthwhile. You seem to have your finger in many pies these days and the variety is fun and challenging, but you need to leave some wiggle room, or you may be driven up the wall!


Taurus HoroscopeYou may experience some impatience with methods or processes that seem to be getting in the way of your efforts today, dear Taurus. As much as you want to build upon current projects or save your money right now, you could be fighting impulses to splurge or follow a whim today. Of course, you don’t have to satisfy all of your desires, particularly the ones that come on strong and seemingly out of nowhere, as these are likely to mask the exact or actual cause of restlessness. If you’ve left things dangling in your conscience, watch that you don’t self-sabotage and aim to act more mindfully. Tackle the problems at their root. The Moon’s move into your work and health sector this afternoon turns your attention to improving your daily affairs, health, and habits.



Your social life, friendships, or networks may surprise you or throw you a curve ball today, dear Gemini, clashing with your personal goals or personality. Impatience is likely now, and changes of plans can annoy you, but they might also lead to interesting detours. The only thing to concern yourself is that you should avoid impulsive and hasty moves now. You might confuse impulses with instincts today as Mars and Uranus form a minor but challenging aspect. The problem with this aspect is that if we aren’t in touch with our desires, we may end up making sudden moves that work against our best interests.



You could find it particularly difficult taking orders from people today, dear Cancer. You’d rather go your own way now, but be confident in your choices as you may be limiting your opportunities down the road with hasty, ill-timed moves today. Guard your reputation a little more carefully than usual. If you’ve been dealing with a long-standing frustrating problem, you may be tempted to put it behind you today. Again, keep your long-term best interests in mind instead of succumbing to the heat of the moment. The Moon moves into your home and family sector this afternoon, stimulating a need for more comfort and familiarity. This position can help smooth over rough edges.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

You can feel a little rebellious or impatient with friends today if you feel they’re not moving at a quick enough pace and they’re slowing you down, dear Leo, or there can be frustration with others’ opinions and ideas now. Mars in your social sector clashes with Uranus in your idea and belief house, and disagreements can come on very quickly now, and they can be quite disruptive. Restlessness can also come on suddenly if you feel tied down or limited by your commitments to others or new plans. Teamwork can be tricky and a little volatile today. You may want to avoid acting out or acting on sudden whims if they appear to come out of nowhere, as these are unlikely to be true hunches or intuition. Answer to a need for a little more variety now, but hold off on big decisions until a less impulsive time.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

There can be some minor upsets or tension surrounding parents, bosses, or long-term plans today, dear Virgo, particularly if you’re feeling a lack of support or reliability with others, which can stir the pot. You are directing a lot of your energy into reaching your goals, your work, or your reputation these days with Mars at the top of your solar chart, and this can be an incredible boost. However, when you’re annoyed by other things in your life, you might end up channeling frustrations into your work, and this can backfire on you. Aim to be self-aware today to prevent random shows of independence or rebelliousness interfering with what’s precious to you. The Moon moves out of your sign this afternoon, helping to settle your emotions so that you can focus on your practical affairs, which now need special attention.



Watch that differences of opinion or differing interests don’t lead to unnecessary conflicts with others today, dear Libra. There is a lot of nervous energy stirred up today, and while you may not be generating it, you can most certainly be on the receiving end of it! Tensions that have been brewing under the surface of things can have a way of disrupting your day. Others may seem to bring some instability to your life with changes of mind or plans. The Moon moves from your privacy sector to your sign this afternoon, and feelings that you’ve swept aside can no longer be ignored!


Scorpio Horoscope

You can feel particularly excited about pouring your energy into certain projects or even a relationship these days, dear Scorpio. However, your sometimes chaotic schedule can get in the way of both focus and necessary time to indulge your interests. Aim to bring more order to your life. You may feel that order will compromise your creativity at times, and while this is valid to some degree, there is a point when disorganization leads to waste. Look for this fine line! Watch also for the busy form of procrastination – when you do everything else except the thing you need to do. If restlessness is a problem now, it may be useful to find the source of your boredom as it may be driving behavior that causes you problems in many areas of life.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Aggravations in a relationship today may have their root in the sense of not being able to rely on someone, dear Sagittarius. Or they can arise from a need for more spontaneity, romance, or excitement, depending on the nature of your connection. If you’re feeling restlessness, it’s not a good idea to blame someone else or to drop sudden truth bombs, which is a real inclination with assertive Mars and abrupt Uranus in challenging aspect with one another today. Instead, look for creative ways to spiff things up. Do your part and hope that others meet you halfway. The Moon moves into your social sector this afternoon, releasing some of the pressures to perform.


Capricorn Horoscope

You may want to rush through your work, routines, or health programs these days with Mars in your solar sixth house, dear Capricorn. This transit can work in your favor much of the time, but with Mars’ clashing aspect to Uranus today, you should watch for impatience that leads to trip-ups. There can be aggravation with processes now, as everything seems to conspire to keep you from reaching the speed you like. You might also feel a little frustrated by uncertainty or impending changes related to home and family, which can interfere with your good mood. Aim to find the source of irritation and avoid redirecting it in disruptive ways today. With the Moon’s move to the top of your solar chart this afternoon, business or reputation matters assume more importance to you.



It will be important to watch for impatient words and moves today, dear Aquarius, as Mars in your creative sector clashes with Uranus in your communications house. Pushing a project or romance when it’s not ready to move forward can lead to conflicts and unnecessary stress. The Moon’s move into your spirit sector this afternoon stimulates a desire for more life experience or interesting things to learn and discuss, and this can help lift you above small frustrations. However, by extension, it might also encourage impatience with everyday, mundane affairs, so aim to keep on top of your reactions and responses. Direct nervous or excess energy into positive and productive projects.



Mars in your family and home sector these days can animate and enliven your domestic life or private life, dear Pisces, and can supply the motivation or energy to make needed changes or to take charge of these affairs. At times with this transit, you may need to get all worked up on the inside before you find the steam to make changes on the outside. Days like today, however, when Mars is aggravated by aspect can stimulate impatience and rash decisions or actions, and perhaps some unnecessary conflicts. Especially if you are feeling uncertain about money matters or if income feels unreliable, you may redirect some of the tension where it doesn’t belong, such as with loved ones. Watch for this. Use tensions stirred up now to work on a useful project, but watch for taking shortcuts which can be costly today!

*Remember to read horoscopes for your Ascendant sign and Sun sign. If you don’t know your Ascendant sign and know your birth time, you can look it up here.

If You Were Born Today, May 5


If You Were Born Today, May 5:

Determined and often stubborn, you have ambition and can work hard for what you want. You are multi-talented and somewhat restless. While you value stability, you crave stimulation and create new challenges for yourself to reach, which keeps your life in a state of flux. You are a good conversationalist, quite amorous, and especially attractive and magnetic. Famous people born today: Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Tyrone Power, Chris Brown, James Beard.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

With the Sun and Moon in harmony in your Solar Return chart, the year ahead should be satisfying and balanced overall. You are in comfortable demand and personally popular, and you are able to achieve a decent balance between work and play; personal and professional life. For the most part, you are on top of your game this year, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there is less stress on both your mind and body. Your self-confidence and positive attitude will reward you!

The year is infused with enterprising spirit. Your faith in your ability to produce and to win takes you places you perhaps never imagined. You can see the “big picture”, which helps you to plan effectively. Negotiations, deals, legal matters, reasonable speculation, travel, and competitive activities, including sports and business, are favored.

Helping you with the practical side of life is a Mercury-Saturn connection. Your thinking is often pragmatic and realistic, and your judgment is especially sound. You also derive much satisfaction from practical achievement. It would behoove you to identify and focus on finding pleasure in the simple things that make you happy.

Advances in intellectual and mental pursuits are likely, as you make steady progress that has long-lasting results. It’s a good year in which to get organized, to do detail work, and to prepare for the future. Work done during this period in your life will have tangible results in the future. Relationships with younger people in your life are solidified. 

This can be a good time for updating your electronics and technology in ways that open up new avenues for communication or ease. Wonderfully creative ideas can fill your head this year.

There can be a stronger focus on loyalty in your relationships, and working relationships can improve or work with a partner can be in focus. There can be a willingness to make sacrifices if it seems the best way to make improvements in relationships and with money matters. You can find it particularly natural and easy to nurture and support people.

Cooperation more than competition leads to benefits this year. This is a year of both practical application and a resourceful, confident approach. It can be a time of career advances and is a strong period for focusing on priorities. You can make serious progress on work that’s important to you. Relationships benefit from stronger focus and commitment, and you can be particularly good with money this year.


numerology number 22017 is a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice – be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.

numerology number 32018 will be a Number Three year for you. Ruled by Jupiter. This is a year of sociability. It is a friendly time when it is easy to enjoy life and other people. Focus is on personal freedom, reaching out to others, making new friends, and exploration. You are more enthusiastic and ready for adventure. It is likely to be a rather lighthearted year when opportunities for “play” time are greater than usual. It’s also a good year for expressing your creativity. Advice – reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 5th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 5th




Aries Horoscope

Observe and learn rather than jump into action in the first half of today, dear Aries. With the Sun in an awkward angle to Jupiter, two very different drives compete for your attention, possibly leaving you exhausted. You need to remind yourself that good principles, common sense, and fairness should be at the heart of your plans, as these are qualities that make you feel the best about yourself. Impulsiveness with your money is possible now, and this may not sit well in a relationship. Whether to attend to business matters or relationships can be a question for some of you. Adjustments may need to be made if you sense that there’s something a little off. Before rushing forward, attend to your priorities, which are sure to become clearer later today, when decisions can be made quite painlessly, and you have a solid handle on your situation.


Taurus HoroscopeThe first half of the day is another time for tackling things one step at a time instead of pushing things, dear Taurus. You may act as a middleman or go-between right now. Jupiter’s transit this year brings more enjoyment of work and service and also a bigger workload, but with the Sun in your sign these days, you’re seeking some independence and room for spontaneity. If you have too much to do these days, you’ll feel it especially now. Figure out what are your exact priorities so that you can focus on them until you have more wiggle room or you feel stronger and more resolved to divide your time in better ways. Once past the indecision of the first half of the day, you are in great shape for expressing yourself and creative or romantic pursuits.



Taking a step back from a problem this morning is perhaps the better strategy right now, dear Gemini. Solutions to problems are more likely to arrive if you aren’t obsessing over them. Jupiter in your creative sector this year has stimulated your love of creating, sharing, and enjoying life, but the Sun in your retiring, private solar twelfth house these days draws you inside yourself or in the role of observer more than participant. With two conflicting drives in play, you can feel unsure about your next step, and you might feel a drop in motivation and energy levels. However, these drives are not mutually exclusive, and you may very well learn a bit about your priorities through dilemmas of the day. As the day advances, excellent energy for bonding with loved ones is with you.



Try not to think too far ahead this morning, dear Cancer, and aim for one step at a time if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices. Jupiter’s transit this year makes it very easy for you to enjoy life at home or sticking with familiar places, people, and situations, and this influence sticks with you until October. However, the Sun is in your social sector this month and encourages you to experiment, reach out beyond your usual boundaries, and connect with friends or groups. Today, you may feel torn between two equally powerful drives, and this leaves you sitting on the fence. However, this dilemma can gently force a good think session about your priorities. As the day advances, you’re in a more certain, natural frame of mind and timing improves as a result. People come through for you.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The first half of the day can present a dilemma, or you could feel in limbo, unable to make a clear decision, dear Leo, with the Sun (your ruler) in awkward aspect to Jupiter. Career matters or responsibilities and attention to daily affairs and connections can conflict, or you may want to do it all when you just don’t have the time to do so. Your ambitions are great these days with the Sun at the top of your chart encouraging you to define and reach towards your goals, but Jupiter’s presence in your communications sector this year can augment your enjoyment of connecting with others and personal interests and lighthearted activities. While you can fall a little flat as you feel torn between two different drives, you might also get a better sense of your priorities through your deliberations and ruminations. As the day advances, you’re in particularly good shape with money and work.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

There are competing messages with you this morning, dear Virgo. Jupiter has been transiting your solar second house, stimulating enjoyment of building up your resources and the comforts of the moment. The Sun in your spirit sector encourages more spontaneity and exploration, however, and today, a dilemma may arise related to these two conflicting drives. While you can feel a little drained and find it difficult to know where to begin, the thinking you do now may get you closer to understanding your real priorities. Simplifying seems best now, at least until you feel that conviction and energy have returned. It can be difficult to find a balance between responsibility and pleasure, as it may involve cutting out some activities or toning things down, but as the day advances, you get into a much more productive frame of mind. The Moon in your sign forms a grand trine with the Sun and Pluto. You quickly gain the support and cooperation of others.



Jupiter in your sign this year frequently gets you going, encouraging you to explore new opportunities and possibilities, dear Libra. However, this month, the Sun encourages more of the role of an observer than a participant, as well as strategy and focus. With the Sun and Jupiter in a clashing angle today, you can feel a little off and uncertain of your next step. Disconnects with others may be that you are seeking out both independence and intimacy, and signals are a little mixed. Energy and motivation levels are subject to dips now until you sort out how to combine these drives or satisfy them in different ways. Certainty gradually comes as the day advances, but it’s still a time for laying low. Today’s energy favors enhancing or improving existing resources rather than beginning new endeavors.


Scorpio Horoscope

Jupiter in your retiring, private solar twelfth house this year (until October) encourages you to frequently spend time with yourself and personal reflection, dear Scorpio. However, the Sun’s transit of your partnership sector this month stimulates the need for companionship or someone else’s perspective and input. There could be a sense that people are demanding too much from you or you can feel strongly divided between needing privacy and sharing with others. Look for a way to compromise for best results, as both needs are valid. These drives seem mutually exclusive now, but there are ways of balancing and managing your life without undermining your happiness. Later today is good for taking a break to refresh and rejuvenate yourself through good conversations and making connections.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Jupiter in your social sector this year (until October) suggests vast enjoyment of inventing new ideas and plans and of your friendships and networking activities, dear Sagittarius. However, the Sun is in your work and health sector this month, encouraging more focus on routines, work, responsibilities, and practical concerns. This can present a dilemma today as the Sun and Jupiter form a clashing, awkward angle. You could feel torn between attention to your chores and your social life or larger goals. If you find ways to combine these things or cut back on time spent on both so that you don’t overdo either one, you’re in a perfect place. In fact, you might learn about your priorities today. As the day advances, decision-making smooths out as things feel more natural and not so forced. Practical matters tend to win your attention.


Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter’s transit of the top of your solar chart this year (until October) promotes the enjoyment of pursuing your goals and ambitions, dear Capricorn, as well as a particular love of order and discipline. However, this month, the Sun is encouraging you to get creative and enjoy leisure time — or romance for some of you. If you heartily pursue either of these things, you’ll feel that you’re missing out on opportunities, so the key is to either combine them or divide your time between them in a balanced way. You won’t get the chance to enjoy either if you feel overwhelmed, so look for ways to simplify. As the day moves forward, you come into your own. The Moon in your spirit sector connects wonderfully with Pluto in your sign and the Sun in your creative sector, setting up gorgeous opportunities for expressing yourself.



Jupiter’s transit of your adventure sector this year (until October) encourages you to seek out activities and interests that keep you feeling that you’re living spiritedly, growing, and improving, dear Aquarius. Your approach to life is more spontaneous and open, and you value your freedom to branch out and explore new things. However, the Sun this month turns your attention to home life and the enjoyment of familiar settings and situations. The dilemma between seeking comfort and wanting to move out of your comfort zone can be pronounced or a resolution is forced now with the Sun and Jupiter in aspect. Finding a balance between comfort and escape or adventure can be tricky but not impossible now. Avoiding taking on new projects or commitments can be important now so that you don’t add even more to your plate. As the day advances, you feel more satisfied, but you also benefit from some time to yourself for getting yourself centered.



Jupiter in your intimacy sector this year (until October) encourages you to seek out more meaning and depth from your projects, relationships, and life itself, dear Pisces. However, this month’s Sun transit turns your attention to the lighter side of life and encourages your need for variety. These drives clash in many ways, but while it may seem difficult to satisfy both, you can manage to find a better balance if you set your mind to the task. If you have been scattering your energies or keeping to yourself too much, you’ll feel that you’re missing out, so tone things down and divide your time more efficiently. Any dilemma encountered in the first half of the day can, in fact, help you get closer to understanding what you actually want or need. Fortunately, as the day moves forward, your tendency to overthink things drops away and your sense of timing and feelings of satisfaction improve as a result.

Spring Love Horoscopes 2017

Spring Love Horoscopes 2017

Love blossoms anew this spring

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The main event this spring has everything to do with recalibrating your love life. Venus, the planet of love and relationship, turned retrograde on March 4, and will remain retrograde into early spring (April 15, to be exact). As a result, you’ll continue to learn vital lessons connected to being true to yourself while still being in a relationship.

From April 2-15, Venus will retrograde through Pisces (having previously been in Aries), adding a different emphasis. Now, it’ll be about recognizing whether or not your romantic ideals are helping or hurting your relationship. After April 15 you’ll get to put everything you learned into practice. Lucky you!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

With Venus retrograde in your sign since March 4, spring love might elude you until after April 15. Although you may very well be in a relationship, if you are, for the first half of spring you’re most likely renovating it rather than relishing it. If this is true for you, then hopefully you’ll see the importance of this process.

A Full Moon in your partnership sector on April 11 may bring a certain level of enlightenment to you and your mate which will ultimately help you move forward. June brings surprises in your love life: happy ones.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your romantic prospects become exquisite after April 15, when Venus turns direct. In fact, on the 16th, pay attention to online dating possibilities. You may also notice that sparks are flying between you and a friend. Fortunately, you’ll have the green light to explore it now; before this time, you won’t have as much cosmic support. If you’re in a relationship. you and your sweetheart will spend a great deal of energy supporting each other’s dreams. Wonderful!

Life and love will really bloom for you however, after June 1. Venus will move into Taurus, making you gorgeous, confident, and more lovable than ever. Work it!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

A Full Moon in your true love sector on April 11 might bring a turning point in your romantic life. A casual affair could end, but if you are developing feelings for someone new you’ve been dating, then this might be when you’re ready to tell him or her.

If you’re in a relationship, you might feel as if your partner is getting in the way of your professional ambitions near April 8, and again on April 21. Find out why the support is missing. If you’re single, sparks might fly with someone in your social circle near June 3. It’s too hot to let it pass you by!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You and your sweetheart might enjoy expanding your horizons socially and intellectually this spring. After April 15 when Venus turns direct, you’ll notice opportunities in this regard, with a special one showing up on April 16.

Don’t allow work-related problems to get in the way of your love life happiness quotient on April 8, and again on April 21. If your partner opposes your ambitions in any way near May 25, realize that he or she might feel threatened by them. After June 6, you and a friend might turn into lovers. Or, you could allow a friend to set you up with someone special.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

A Full Moon in relationship-oriented Libra on April 11 will allow you and your partner to effectively communicate. It’s possible that you’ll reach a pivotal decision together. Or, you’ll gain a new level of mutual awareness that allows you to strengthen your bond. Shared finances will become a focus after April 15 when Venus turns direct in your 8th House of Joint Resources. Until April 27 you and your sweetheart will make significant progress in this area of your relationship.

If you’re dating someone new, you might feel insecure about getting too intimate near April 8, and again on April 21. Work through it if he or she is worth it. If, however, the voice inside of you screams this budding romance is all wrong, then get out.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Venus will retrograde into your partnership sector on April 2, and won’t turn direct until April 15. On March April 8 and again on the 21st, she’ll square off with constricting Saturn. What all of this suggests for you and your mate is a time of significant relationship effort. The two of you have an opportunity to make it through any rough patch, but it’ll require both of you being committed to doing what is necessary in order to get your relationship to the other side. Domestic problems might make this especially stressful, but again, if you love each other enough, you will persevere. By June 20 romantic bliss is possible.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Your love life might feel like all work and no play as spring begins. Venus turned retrograde back on March 4 right in the middle of your partnership sector, and will remain out of phase until April 15. In matters of the heart, you and your mate are likely reconsidering much about what you both need out of your relationship. If one of you has been feeling unappreciated, or that most of the work in your daily lives is not equally distributed, you’ll have an opportunity to remedy this.

On June 1 you’ll begin to see sparks fly again. If you’re single, pay attention to June 3: someone sexy might approach you in the most unexpected way.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

This spring it’s possible that an old flame will pop back into your life. The question is: what will you do about it? Venus is retrograde from March 4-April 15, but from April 2-15 she’ll back track through your romance sector. This is the stretch of time you’re likely to consider whether or not you want to give an ex a second chance. If this isn’t a possibility, then you might spend time instead trying to release yourself from unproductive patterns or choices that prevented you from enjoying the most gratifying romance possible. You’ll feel renewed by early June. In fact, by June 6 Venus will move into your partnership sector, adding harmony and support to your love life once more.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Your love life might feel like a shaky roller coaster ride for much of spring. You’re likely to second guess a budding romance with someone you’ve recently started to date. Or, it’s possible that you’ll be entertaining the idea of reconnecting with an ex. You may also be working through a problem connected to your domestic life with your sweetheart. Perhaps sharing the same space isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Don’t make any final decisions until after Venus has regulated her orbit in mid-April. In fact, if you can wait until June, even better. Decisions about love made when Venus is out of phase are usually ones that are regretted. On June 1, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Between March 4 and April 2, it appears that you and your sweetheart have a few domestic issues to work through. While it may not be anything too challenging, it’s enough of a headache to get in the way of romance.

Then, from April 2-15, you might have trouble reaching a vital decision together. Or, you’ll have to re-hash a conversation you thought was over and done with. While none of this sounds very romantic, take heart: you’ll have incredible prospects to enjoy passion and enchantment with your sweetie from June 6 through early summer. It’ll be worth the wait!

Aquarius (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Spring might not be your best season for love, but that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. The key is navigating through Venus Retrograde, which started in early March and will last through April 15. Until then, it might feel like you and your sweetheart are second guessing everything about each other. Or, if you’re single, you might question your judgment endlessly over your romantic choices in the past.

Between April 27-June 6, allow one of your siblings to set you up with someone he or she thinks is ideal for you. Or, introduce yourself to the sexy new neighbor who moved into your apartment building. If attached, after June 6 you and your love might talk about living together.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

As spring opens up, the planet of love is already napping. In fact, since March 4 she has been in hibernation mode, which may be the reason why your love life (and financial life) is a bit sluggish. Moreover, from April 2-15, Venus will be retrograde in your sign. As a result, you may feel less confident. Use this time to make yourself over from the inside out so that after April 15 you’ll be ready to show the world just how magnetic you truly are.

A romantic conversation might be extra sexy on April 16. By June 20 your mind and heart will both agree: fairytale romance is yours for the taking!


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Your Love Horoscope for the Weekend of May 5 – 7

Weekend Love Horoscope

Horoscope for May 5-7: Laying the foundation

Videos, Love, Horoscopes, Astrology


The Moon will be in work-focused Virgo on Friday, but will sail into relationship-oriented Libra by Saturday afternoon. The space between Virgo and Libra, however, is where things get interesting this weekend. The Moon will square off with Saturn, the planet of limits and restriction, early Saturday morning, reminding us that unless we’re willing to build up our love life brick-by-brick, we’ll have nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

Fortunately, by Sunday, the Moon in Libra makes sweet connections to Mars and Jupiter, allowing relationship harmony to flourish.


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Inspiration for the Week – Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness

Inspiration for the Week – Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Sometimes it is so difficult to know what to do when faced with situations that seem beyond our comprehension. That is a time when we can use the power of prayer. Offering a prayer gives us something positive to do for every situation.

There have been many studies on the efficacy of prayer. All of them have found that healing follows the energy in our prayers. We may never see the results of the blessings we are offering to others, but we can trust that it had a beneficial effect, because that is the promise from science as well as from a spiritual viewpoint.

When we pray for others, it settles our minds and hearts in a way that nothing else can. There is an All-knowing Intelligence within the Light of the Divine working in the field of energy that we create with our prayers. This energy fills and surrounds us with a healing Love that will never abandon us and can be sent where it needs to go for the Highest Good of all concerned. We are always connected with this Divine Presence, through our focus, our thoughts and most especially through our prayers.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to remember that there is a Creative Solution in this situation and I can invite that to be present at any time. I ask that Divine Light totally fill and surround each person involved so that this situation may be lifted up into the power of Divine Love for healing.

With every breath I take, I AM receiving precious Love into my being so I can radiate more Love into the world. May all beings receive Divine Love into their hearts and be blessed. I know there is a benevolent outcome in every situation when Divine Love is present.

I gratefully receive my tenfold return from all the prayers that I offer to the world. It is in Divine Order for us to receive what we give. Thank you for helping me to be a clear channel for God’s loving energy and the blessings flowing through me to the Earth and all humanity.

Thank you God. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages #11

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Dear One,

Sometimes it feels as though prayer is the only thing you can do for another person, even though you wish you could do more. Prayer is, however, the greatest gift you can give.

When you pray for another, you are sending a blessing of Divine Love and increased light-filled energy. This can bring them an expanded perspective on their life, an awareness of a Greater Power working within them as Love. They may not know why they feel better, they just know they do. God’s love is the power that can heal all things. All you have to do in prayer is ask that another be filled with Divine Love and a perfect outflow of energy from a Higher Source will occur.

Prayer is often the last thing one thinks about when situations become disturbing. In truth, prayer is most helpful as the first and not the last resort. You may not know what is best for another, but their Higher Power does. Each person has a guardian Angel ready to respond to the prayers offered for another. It is very simple just to pray that the Angels bless someone and lead them to their highest good. Praying for such divine outworking has tremendous potential and power. It opens the door to the place where miracles occur.

When you pray for a miracle in any situation, you are letting the Universe know that you are willing to receive it. A conscious opening occurs. Ways are revealed which have not been previously thought of. It is the natural order to have miraculous occurrences in life. Your awareness of this truth increases your faith and belief in Divine Solutions. This belief is what opens the door. Your faith is the healing elixir in all situations and prayer sets it all in motion.

All that is released to Divine Spirit, with the intention of perfect outworking for the highest good of all concerned, is blessed. This blessing increases the return of energy to the person offering the prayer. There is no real way to measure the energy of God’s return blessings, but ten times seems to be something the mind can accept. However, prayers offered only with the thought of tenfold return do not carry the powerful intention of a miraculous outworking. A pure surrender to the Divine Will is necessary, with the intent to allow a greater power to work through each person and each situation. This is the way to create miracles.

Prayer is a simple thought, a blessing given freely. It needs no special place, time or words. Your heart carries this spiritual energy, and has the intention for good. This is all you need to bring blessings to the life of another and into your world. As a bonus you are blessed also. This is a universal gift to you for desiring good in your world and in the lives of others. It is the Grace of God. Receive it freely, with gratitude.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

May 2017 Energy Forecast

May 2017 Energy Forecast

My friend,

Thank you for taking the time out of your full schedule every month to connect with me in this way. It is truly one of the highlights of the month for me, and I always look forward to it.


We are in a unique transitional period right now, individually and as a whole.

During times of great transition, the mind often goes into survival mode, because everything around it is changing. This can bring up a lot of fear.

The fear is a sign of resistance. The mind is trying to hold onto the past stories and patterns it has identified with and grown comfortable with, to keep itself feeling safe and protected.

This tendency of the mind—of resisting change by trying to hold onto the past—is at its peak right now. This is bringing to the surface many unresolved imbalances we may still be holding in our body, mind, and emotions.

Yet when this resistance comes up, it is a clear confirmation that big breakthroughs are just around the corner, if we open ourselves up to them.

Breaking Through

Many breakthroughs in our path of growth begin in what we see as a breakdown of mind, body, or emotions.

Of course, our Spirit never views us as broken in any way. It sees only wholeness and perfection in us.

This is why breakdowns are never an experience of the Spirit. They are an experience of the mind.

They happen when the mind feels it has reached a tipping point—the uncomfortable realization that the old thoughts and methods are no longer serving us.

The breakdown comes from the shock of realizing that change must happen, even though that feels very uncomfortable to the mind.

It resents the internal shifts that come with growth, because it has been trained to think of change as something that will take away the identity it has created for itself.

It fears no longer being needed in the way it usually functions.

Yet there always seem to be people who know how to embrace change, who aren’t troubled by the shifts the mind must make. They seem to be able to reinvent themselves, to evolve to an even greater version of who they are.

How are they able to grow without struggle, and to embrace change happily?

Think of someone you know who takes on shifts and changes easily, letting things flow without resistance or fear. These “free spirits” aren’t attached to the old familiar ways, so they are able to allow change without feeling threatened by it.

Notice how you feel when you are around someone like this. You probably relax more, as you experience the easy flow of this person’s energy. You can see that they view life more through their heart than through their mind.

Unlike the mind, our Spirit isn’t put off by change. It’s fueled and excited by it. In fact, it thrives on change!

Yet it’s not unusual for most of us to feel butterflies in our stomachs as we consider a big change, or deal with a new situation. This isn’t actually fear, or a warning about some upcoming event.

It’s our Spirit dancing with excitement, letting us know that we are moving forward in new and empowering ways.

Of course, the mind interprets the butterflies to mean nervousness or fear. Because it in its limited way, it doesn’t really grasp what’s happening.

When that happens, just speak quietly to your mind, to let it know that those feelings are a sign from your Spirit that it’s creating a wonderful new experience for you.

Let it know that it can release all fear. That just isn’t needed anymore.

The energies that came in during the month of March have been nudging us to go well beyond our comfort zone. If we didn’t understand that this was happening, we may have had times of feeling lost, confused, and at a point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, or physical breakdown.

Yet breakdowns can lead us into amazing moments of growth. In fact, a breakdown really just means “dismantling limiting patterns that no longer serve our higher good.”

We are now at the point where we are no longer able to find comfort in limiting patterns.

This may feel like a crisis, but it is the kind of crisis that births a whole outlook. It can be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because in that crisis moment, we have a chance to reassess our lives and create a new and higher reality for ourselves.

If we’re ready to learn from the breakdown, the next chapter of our lives can look much brighter as we experience more of our spirit’s power and our own higher selves.

But why are these breakdowns happening now?

The End of Karmic Contracts

A big reason why everything seems a bit more challenging than usual now, is because this is a time in which the old karmic contracts, vows, and commitments we have made over many lifetimes, whether consciously or not, are coming to the surface so that we can become aware of them and dissolve them fully.

Confirmations that our old karmic contracts are expiring can include inner nudges that encourage us to:

• Let go of our current job or business ventures
• Align fully with our life purpose
• Take better care of our body, mind, and Spirit
• Step fully into our power
• Move to a new location
• Release unhealthy relationships
• Start a new job, business, project, or hobby
• Make peace with ourselves, others, and the Universe
• Accept a higher level of abundance into our lives

Time for Completion

A completion is a sacred time in our lives that signifies profound closure. It is the end of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Completion is not about getting rid of anything or anyone from our lives with force. It’s not about fixing anything.

It’s actually about understanding that we have come to a point in our lives where certain contracts, vows, and obligations we’ve had with certain people, places, experiences, and ourselves, have been fulfilled.

Completion means that we have chosen to not run away or avoid something that felt uncomfortable or scary to us, but are facing whatever challenges needed to be faced full-on.

We have learned our lessons, and are no longer in need of recreating that experience in our lives.

Completion can even occur among Soul family members and Soul mates. These seem to be the hardest for most people, because we can remember feeling so connected to these beautiful Spirits at one point.

When a completion happens on a Soul level, a compassionate love still remains. If anything less than compassion remains, completion has not yet fully been achieved.

If you are someone who is experiencing a completion at this time, know that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey.

Times like these help us put everything into perspective, and help us appreciate the daily blessings in our lives.
Once a completion happens and the integration has been made, wonderful new adventures await us!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


The Witches Current Moon Phase for May 5th is Waxing Gibbous

TwilightMay 5
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 74%

The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has it’s roots in the Latin word “gibbosus” meaning humpbacked.

Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 74%
Moon Age: 9.75 days
Moon Angle: 0.52
Moon Distance: 385,201.23 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 150,915,441.13 km








Decorate your home and altar with combinations of flowers and colors to celebrate the union between the Goddess and the God.

Work with herbs in your magic by creating spell bags and sachets. Cook with herbs whenever you can.

Create a spell for strength and wellness by lighting a Beltane candle and burning your spell written on some pretty paper.

Create a harmonious magical garden with symbols and signs of the craft. Paint pebbles and draw shapes in the earth.

Get outside and find one useable foraged ingredient for your recipes. This is also good for expanding your plant knowledge.

Connect with the God aspect by connecting with nearby trees. Spend time touching the tree and water the roots as an offering.
Make daisy chains as offerings for the Fae folk.

Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days a Year, 5 and 6 May – Cinco de Mayo

défi spring fantasy a dominante verte
5 and 6 May

Cinco de Mayo

For several days, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans commemorate memorate the defeat of the French by General Ignacio Zaragoza at the Battle of Pueblo in 1862. His defense of the city dealt a major blow to Napoleon III’s attempt to establish a permanent French colony in Central America, which eventually led to the expulsion of the French from Mexico.
In California, Cinco de Mayo is still celebrated and serves to perpetuate Mexican nationalism in a foreign land. All of the pageant’s activities, speeches, songs, and events are played out in Spanish, usually beneath the American flag that is flown alongside the Mexican flag.

The Witches Correspondences for Friday, May 5th




Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Heart

Color: aqua, blue, light blue, brown, green, pale green, magenta, peach, pink, rose, white, all pastels

Number: 5, 6

Metal: copper

Charm: green or white garments, scepter

Stone: alexandrite, amethyst, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, jet, black moonstone, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger’s-eye, pink tourmaline

Animal: camel, dove, elephant, goat, horse, pigeon, sparrow

Plant: apple, birch, cherry, clematis, clove, coriander, heather, hemlock, hibiscus, ivy, lotus, moss, myrtle, oats, pepperwort, peppermint, pinecone, quince, raspberry, rose, pink rose, red rose, rose hips, saffron, sage, savin, stephanotis, strawberry, thyme, vanilla, verbena, violet, water lily, yarrow, and all flowers

Incense: ambergris, camphor, mace, musk, myrrh, rose, saffron, sage, sandalwood, sweetgrass, vanilla, violet, all floral scents

Goddess: Aphrodite, Asherah, Baalith, Brigid, Erzulie, Freya (Passionate Queen), Frigg, Gefion, Harbor (Beautiful One), Hestia, Inanna, Ishtar (Lady of Passion and Desire), Lakshmi, Lilith, Mokosh, Nehalennia, Nerthus, Ostara, Pombagira, Sarasvati, Shakti, Shekinah, Sirtur, Al Uzza, Venus (Queen of Pleasure), Vesta

God: Allah, Bacchus, Bes, Cupid, the Dagda, Dionysus, El, Eros (God of Love), Freyr, Frit Ailek, Shukra

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Anael, Hagiel, Mokosba, Rasbid, Sachiel, Uriel, Velas



Courtesy of Moonlight Musings


Waxing Moon Resolution Spell

Naga in SpringWaxing Moon Resolution Spell


Sometimes, when we have resolved to do something or stick to a regime, our resolution wavers. This spell will help strengthen it.

You will need:
A purple candle
White thread

Start by winding the cotton three times deosil (clockwise) around the candle, about a third of the way down. As you do so, focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out. On the third wrap of the cotton take a deep breath in and hold it for a count of six.

Visualise yourself being surrounded in purple light to give you strength.

When you are ready, light the candle and focus on the flame. As you do so, ask out loud for strength in your resolve and help with keeping your focus on the task. End with the words ‘and harm to none, so mote it be’.



Pagan Portals – Moon Magic
Rachel Patterson


Magickal Workings for The Waxing Moon

~ Spring Fantasy ~

Magickal Workings for The Waxing Moon


The waxing moon is the period during which the moon grows from dark to full. It takes approximately fourteen days for this to happen. In many magical traditions, people use this time of the moon to perform “positive” magic — in other words, magic that draws things to you, or increases things. Some examples would include:


Any magic related to increasing material items

Janie Doodle is a reader who lives in North Carolina, and follows a practical magic belief system based in the folklore of her mountain ancestors. “This is the moon phase where stuff gets done,” she says. “Anything I need or am lacking in, I bring it right to me during the waxing moon. As the moon gets closer to full, so does my wallet, my larder, and my garden.”

The waxing moon is the period during which the moon grows from dark to full. It takes approximately fourteen days for this to happen. In many magical traditions, people use this time of the moon to perform “positive” magic — in other words, magic that draws things to you, or increases things. Some examples would include:

Any magic related to increasing material items

Janie Doodle is a reader who lives in North Carolina, and follows a practical magic belief system based in the folklore of her mountain ancestors. “This is the moon phase where stuff gets done,” she says. “Anything I need or am lacking in, I bring it right to me during the waxing moon. As the moon gets closer to full, so does my wallet, my larder, and my garden.”




Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
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