The Witches Magick for Friday, May 19 – KNOT LOVE SPELL

  The Witches Magick for Friday, May 19



Items Needed:


3 cords or pieces of yarn in romantic colors (You can find these in the crafts section at Walmart.)


Take 3 cords or strings of different romantic colors – pink (for love), red (for passion) and white (for purity). You may choose other colors that are meaningful to you if you prefer.


Tie a knot near one end of the braid as you visualize a new love arriving in your life.


As you tie the knot, say the following prayer or another prayer or chant that is meaningful to you:


“Venus, Queen of Love, divine
Bring the love to me that’s mine.”


Braid the three strings together as you continue to visualize the perfect romantic partner falling deeply in love with you as you fall in love with him/her. Really try to feel the emotions of the two of you being happy together, being romantic, kissing and smiling, etc.


Next tie another knot and repeat the prayer as you continue the visualization.


Do this a total of seven times (knot & prayer, braid & visualize, knot & prayer), until you have seven knots in the cord.


Keep the knotted string with you (you may wish to fashion it into a necklace or bracelet and wear it) until you find your perfect love.


After you have found love, keep the cord in a safe place. If you decide you want to end the relationship someday, you can use the cord in a ritual designed for that purpose.


Note: Don’t worry if you lose the cord. Your love does not exist inside of a cord. The magic is always inside you. It’s in the visualization. It’s in the emotions that you felt as you braided the cord and tied the knots and said the prayer. The cord itself is merely a symbol to keep you focused on finding love.



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As a child you saw,
The world of wonder,
Amazement and awe

That connection you felt,
To the earth and sky,
To the creatures of nature,
That would slither or fly

Before the world,
Had to make sense,
And logic invaded,
And rules became defense

Think back to a time,
When the crashing sea,
Was all you required,
To explain beauty

Before you were told,
“That cannot exist”
And your signals were crossed,
And ideas mixed

Think back to a time,
When things you touched,
And things you’d seen,
Were the tip of the iceberg,
Not the whole thing

The world we live in,
Is so much more,
Than what we see,
When we walk out the door

So much more than the naked eye,
Could ever make out,
Although we try

Let yourself go,
Erase all your doubt,
And find out what,
This world’s all about.


Blessed Be: A Collection of Witchcraft Poetry
Chastity Skye


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