May’s Coven Gathering on the New Moon

This months coven gathering will be for the New Moon.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

7:00 PM CT


Coven Life chat room

There will be more information on Coven Life and WOTC about this New Moon gathering as the date comes closer.

The Ladies Did Some Scrabbling & Magick Happened!

Hey these witches are good! They did some scrabbling and turned all the Daily Tarot, Daily Runes and etc., into tomorrow’s Dailys!

Included in this podcast

Your Daily Tarot Card for May 8

Your Love Tarot for May 8

Your Past Life Tarot for Tomorrow

Your Witches Rune for Tomorrow

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Tomorrow

Your Animal Spirit Guide

The Wisdom of the Buddha

and last but not least…

A Little Thought from Me to You!


Good Monday Morning to all our dear Family & Friends! Ready for Your Astronomy for Monday, May 8th

A very beautiful & blessed Monday to all! It is a glorious day to be alive. You can feel Mother Earth waking up to this brand new day the Goddess has blessed us with. We hope you enjoy our broadcast today and have a wonderful afternoon.


A Witch Is….

To be a witch is to love and be loved.
To be a witch is to know everything, and nothing at all.
To be a witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be a witch is to change the world around you, and yourself.
To be a witch is to share and give, while receiving all the while.
To be a witch is to dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch is to honor the gods, and yourself.
To be a witch is to be magick, not just perform it.
To be a witch is to be honorable, or nothing at all.
To be a witch is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch is to know what you feel is right and good.
To be a witch is to harm none.
To be a witch is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch is to see beyond the barriers.
To be a witch is to follow the moon.
To be a witch is to be one with the gods.
To be a witch is to study and to learn.
To be a witch is to be the teacher and the student.
To be a witch is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch is to live with the earth, not just on it.

To be a witch is to be truly free!


Also included in this broadcast…

Your Daily Astronomy

In Your Sky Tonight

The Current Moon Phase

Your Astrology for the Week of May 8th

Up Next…

Your Weekly Love Horoscopes

Your Daily Horoscopes

If you were born today

and last but not least,

Get a Jump On Tomorrow


Good Monday Morning To All Dear, Sweet, Precious Family & Friends!


You ought to know when I butter you up that much, something’s up, lol! The site that hosts our podcast, Podbean, made an agreement with us. The agreement was that they would use our site as one of their featured site. I looked this morning and they have kept their word our site is one of their featured sites now. You can check it out for yourself here. I had talked to Podbean before this and asked them if possibly they could feature us. No hesitation or anything, YES! I told them, we wanted this opportunity to tell individuals what witches were really like and to dispel all the old myths and stereotypes associated with us. That is the truth. But we also need the patrons(those are the people who donate to support the podcast) and the followers there. I have been paying all the expenses for this one and the podcast out of my pocket. Plus we are almost ready to go on YouTube, I finished the graphics up this morning. Needless to say there is expenses there. So we are going to be doing a number of podcast over there until Podbean rotates again. Podbean kept their word to us, now we have to keep our word to them. It will also mean more members for this site. Now that you know all the circumstances surrounding this, I hope you will have patience with us. It won’t be for long, so we have to strike while the iron is hot.


Thank you for your understanding, your love and most of all your support,

Lady of the Abyss