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Go Through the Looking Glass at May’s Full Moon

Go Through the Looking Glass at May’s Full Moon

By Rick Levine


Unexpected events around the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017, send us twisting and turning down the rabbit hole and, like Alice, we can’t keep up with all the changes in Wonderland. Resistance is futile, even though the Sun and Moon emphasize the Fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus, urging us to hold on to the status quo. However, evolutionary Pluto harmonizes with this lunation, revealing the inevitability of transformation. Metamorphosis surely isn’t a pleasant experience for the caterpillar, yet it results in the transcendent beauty of the butterfly.

A very early morning hookup between trickster Mercury and prankster Uranus all but guarantees the day of the Full Moon won’t turn out as planned. In fact, unpredictable events can spark new ideas and change our minds in a flash. Tensions are released as we gain glimpses of a greater truth. We have an opportunity to see where we fall short of our own expectations and to initiate action that alters our trajectories. Crucial issues demand our attention and facing our insecurities is hard work. Nevertheless, there is magic in the air — invisible to those who fear the unknown, but obvious to those who are willing to engage it.

Aries Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

Every radical idea that pops into awareness causes your adrenaline to surge, but your emotional life is more complicated than your wild thoughts. The magnetic Scorpio Full Moon floods your 8th House of Intimacy, raising the ante on an interaction with someone special. You could quickly find yourself in over your head if you stir up too much excitement. Your feelings are highly charged and you can’t help but take a risk with your heart. Nevertheless, as noted by Morris L. Ernst, “More errors arise from inhibited indecision than from impulsive behavior.”

Taurus Horoscope (April 20 – May 20)

You might come to the sudden realization that you promised more than you can deliver. Naturally, you don’t like being in the awkward position of creating instability. But you can’t get away with fooling anyone because the perceptive Scorpio Full Moon shines its light in your 7th House of Others. Don’t let an uncomfortable relationship dynamic linger; hit the reset button by telling the truth as soon as you become aware of the situation. Entrepreneur James Altucher wrote, “Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.”


Gemini Horoscope May 21 – June 20)

Your lifestyle significantly impacts your wellbeing, especially when stress starts to dampen your natural positivity. The incisive Scorpio Full Moon agitates your 6th House of Daily Routine, urging you to stop and think about bettering your health. Happily, you don’t need to turn your world upside down; small adjustments can be catalytic without adding any more unwanted chaos or drama. A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

You could place too much weight on one interaction and attempt to intensify a relationship too quickly. Whether you’re considering transitioning a friendship into a romance or a casual associate into a business partner, the Scorpio Full Moon casts its light in your 5th House of Spontaneity, triggering feelings that are outside of your conscious control. Nevertheless, trying to deny what’s in your heart is unnecessary; simply ride the emotional currents wherever they carry you. Lao Tzu wrote, “Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.”


Leo Horoscope (July 23 – Aug. 22)

You’re not excessively gullible, but you are inclined to trust confident people who appear to know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, you’re easily led astray by a friend or relative who is extremely persuasive while the impassioned Scorpio Full Moon inflames your 4th House of Family. Exercising caution might be your smartest strategy until you have a better sense of all the dynamics at play. Keep your strongest desires quiet until the wild energy settles down; enthusiasm is temporary but regret is forever.


Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Your brain is flowing with amazing ideas that can sweep you away with overly ambitious thinking. You try to maintain a sensible perspective, but remaining practical is challenging while the alchemical Scorpio Full Moon transforms the energy in your 3rd House of Communication. Your objective analysis is bent out of shape by your feelings. Luckily, your rational mind is your saving grace, enabling you to minimize problems by considering every alternative. But don’t inflate a realistic strategy into an overextended one. Disappointment happens when expectations exceed the limits of reality.


Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Money matters are like a pebble in your shoe as you struggle with making a financial decision. The Scorpio Full Moon brightens your 2nd House of Resources, cautioning you to use logic when contemplating overspending on a non-essential item. Ask for sound advice from an expert if you’re thinking about a major expenditure. Adding another person to your deliberation process helps to clarify whether or not you can satisfy your material desires. Motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein said, “True abundance isn’t based on our net worth, it’s based on our self-worth.”

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

It may seem as if time is quickly running out, making you painfully aware of how many unfinished tasks there are still on your plate. The passionate Scorpio Full Moon lights up your 1st House of Self, emphasizing the urgency of your feelings. Don’t fret if you need to cancel a previously scheduled recreational activity so you can finish a project. It’s easier to acknowledge your frustration and to delay the fun, instead of turning an anxious situation into an impossible one. Innovator Nolan Bushnell quipped, “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.”

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Your friends want to know your secret; you’re able to transform work into play, even if you’re overbooked and behind schedule. Nevertheless, the intense Scorpio Full Moon activates your 12th House of Destiny, introducing a fateful sequence of events into your day. You can only do so much, yet you may be involved in too many projects already. Blogger Rachel Schultz wrote, “Over-commitment is what happens when your enthusiasm for life collides with the reality of your calendar.” Establishing workable limits is less stressful than promising more than you can deliver.


Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

You’re eager to cooperate with others, even if it means you won’t have time for your work. But sidestepping your own responsibilities won’t help anyone. You may be overloaded by recent commitments as the extreme Scorpio Full Moon illuminates your 11th House of Social Networking. Nevertheless, procrastinating only adds to your anxiety. Paradoxically, creating a bit of time for contemplation can actually increase your productivity. An old Zen proverb says, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”


Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Your motives might not be clear to those around you, but you want people to acknowledge your wisdom by seeking your advice. Your feelings may even be hurt if others run to someone else for assistance while the Scorpio Full Moon intensifies your 10th House of Status. However, your own problems may be more compelling than trying to solve anyone else’s predicaments. Happily, life is not an either/or proposition. You can be an ally to anyone you want, regardless of your reasons. Nevertheless, taking care of your business is still the most sensible place to start.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 19 – March 20)

If you are harboring dreams about furthering your education, consider pursuing a subject that is completely different from your current interests. You may feel pressured to make a significant decision about going back to school while the evolutionary Scorpio Full Moon resonates in your 9th House of Big Ideas. Nevertheless, you can’t just surrender to your unrealistic dreams. Instead of putting your plans on the back burner, adjust them to better align with reality. Manifesting your vision is easier when your feet are planted on solid ground.


Horoscopes courtesy of Tarot.com

Which is a Daily Insight Group Site

Cosmic Weather Horoscope (Wednesday 10th May)

Cosmic Weather Horoscope (Wednesday 10th May)

Jane Lyle Cosmic Weather horoscope


Still Waters Run Deep – the full Moon rises at 20 degrees Scorpio, the Scorpion

A Scorpio full Moon is always emotional, always deep, and always intense.

This one has added underworld power, courtesy of an alignment with the Dark Lord himself, Pluto.

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and symbolizes what lies beneath. Unconscious motives, buried resources, hidden secrets and shadowy operators are all energized by this full Moon’s astrology.

May 2017 Quantum Energy Report: Simplify Your Life

May 2017 Quantum Energy Report: Simplify Your Life

a message from Lisa Transcendence Brown
To view more of Lisa’s insight, please visit her website, Awakening to Remembering

These increasing cosmic, galactic, higher dimensional frequencies are re-structuring everything on a more advanced level now. Continually, increasingly, substantially… these are our words on a regular basis, because Galactic Earth Gaia’s/Our Ascension processes are not slowing down and shall not. They are not mean to. We are meant to adjust and hold more light in our own physical bodies…. more and more and more….

We are the ones who have to constantly adapt, constantly shift, constantly pull-away and anchor more light in our physical body structures. We are the ones that have to “learn” (Remember) how to EXIST in highest dimensional frequencies, how to manage all dimensional timelines, how to maneuver, how to function and LIVE in much lighter density realities…….

With our physical bodies… they held all. They kept us anchored, we suppressed/shoved it all in/held on as we agreed to take on heavy, dense physical body forms that bound us to the UNCONSCIOUS DENSITY REALMS of Old Earth before…..

Then it’s time to “exit the matrix”, which is where the crazy, bizarre, realities going sideways, feeling stuck, feeling squished, feeling pushed/pulled about, feeling all the chaos, confusion and our lives not making any sense at all anymore….. because it’s time to being our “VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE” … which makes no sense to the logical/linear human minds…. for it requires FEELING everything, until all of those suppressed feelings are gone, until our bodies can re-code themselves easier, until our Soul has awakened fully inside of our body for full integration to occur….. until WE leave “I”/self-serving-agenda consciousness and Unify inside…..

Simplicity is necessary, simply all….. Our heads complicate everything… and these mega-high frequencies that our planet-ship Earth now transmits out, moving through the Galactic/SOLar Core and expanding into multiple galaxies and deep into Earth’s Core too…. inside of us does these things and anything of “other existences” that is not totally PURE (karma) plays out in our every-moment-physical world…. Where the different types of Karma have been cleared, then it’s just residue/remnants that appear for us to see and resolve instantly so that all can instantly shift into a higher/lighter density bandwidth of existence…..

The human body was dense, held everything and operated on an old obsolete “Opearating System”. This system goes through a complete overhaul, a re-working of everything to bring all into full alignment with each’s SOUL through expediting our processes. It will always be more than our little human can handle, because the little human has to be surrendered to Highest Consciousness Existence where only Purity, Love and Unity exists. WE have to honor the cellular releasing/upgrading process as it occurs and return to Full Consciousness again.

These highly charged electrical impulses and circuitry systems that have been coming online for the last many years, within our Gaia and our Evolving Earthly Crystalline LightBodies that function on many variations of Super Quantum Light are constantly going in & out of different phases to synchronize constantly, to embody new Galactic Soul Codes. In and out of cycles, in and out of processes, in and out of different realities to anchor all new timelines here in our physical while the atomic structure of our bodies change and our molecular/cellular structure is constantly re-vamped, re-calibrated, re-tuned to vibrate, literally, every atom, molecule….. vibrating, shaking, zooming, shifting to communicated energetically in all new ways…..

WE vibrate in and out, higher/lower density as the body changes in gravity constantly now. Heavy/dense, activate, release. Light, happy, playful, heart-mind expanding, peaceful and free. Cosmic Frequencies shifting constantly to re-work the density/lightness of our bodies to bring all online more with the Crystalline Grid of Our NEW Earth……

Data, programs, holographic access, new codes, sequences, information, new processes….. not human, a little human or more human if we’ve got something to clear…. WE can maintain full consciousness while we cleanse cellular memory here…… It’s not fun, but it is necessary for all of us and it is a huge part of our service for all of humanity here…

Simplify…. this is the message for May (and from this point on). Simplify everything. Your body/life is going it require it. Your nervous system being reworked with new circuitry that cannot handles the overloading. The human body/brain/system will short out. Everyone must honor when their body speaks, nurture their bodies, love their bodies back to pristine “health”……. for the 5th Dimension has no dis-ease or sick, those were encodments for each’s human experience (human DNA) and to transcend this, each must choose to release the energy of those old programs (guild/blame/shame/victim/hurt/judgment/resistance/fight/survival/struggle, etc.) that is held deep inside. Each must choose to release the ENERGY of SEPARATION (other time) CONSCIOUSNESS and that anything is “outside” at all…..

“That time/story” about who did what to who (betrayal, lack of love, lack of respect, lack of integrity, lack of everything)…. that is human separation and keeps each bound to those old realities that cause the body/each to suffer….. and the new vibrations won’t “tolerate” this holding onto “other times” anymore….

As time collapses, for the human all speeds up. It will feel like there’s not enough time anymore. This is because there isn’t, for your existence is not in “time”. Your existence is in NOW, where time ceases to exist. In this NOW, all you have is “this”. Let it all go, let it fall away, bring YOURSELF into TOTAL PRESENCE….

OBSERVE what your head does, the stories, what’s going on with you, how chaotic you are inside, how much YOU keep trying to “leave this moment” to keep all of those stories going….. This is your own Separation…. and until you are ready to totally let go of that which will collapse if you keep insisting on playing in unconscious realities, then you are the one that keeps re-creating a perception of real until the dis-illusion is gone…..

Simplify…. see what is no longer serving your highest-heart existence here. Simplify, cut the excess stuff out, let it go…. move on….. Simplify…. the details, the need to control, the need to keep complicating things with the way your human wants all. Simplify your whole life….. Highest existence is SIMPLE and PURE….. If it’s not PURE, if it’s not totally aligned with your own UNIVERSAL SOUL, then it’s your separated, fearful, head-driven you.

PURE, no hidden agendas, no “just showing up” when you want something. PURE. SIMPLE. EASY. Pay attention to where you keep creating/allowing chaos, where you go unconscious/disconnect, where you get caught up in the stories/game playing, where you place your power in anything outside, instead of pulling away and going deep inside to listen/connect…… Where do you lack honor/integrity and UNITY inside….. ?

Your human will be faced with everything that you still hold inside. When you step back and disconnect from the external, you can connect with your inner-guidance system to align all yourself…..

Simplify, or these ultra-high, super stimulating electri-frying/electrifying charging frequencies will short your human body/brain/heart/spine/systems out. For the human, they overload. For us, they stimulate. Simplify. See where you complicate, see where your human’s in the way, see where you go unconscious and why…..

These frequencies are over-stimulating all intentionally, to “faster” bring NEW Earth’s Crystalline Gridwork fully online, continually……. When I use the words “new”, I refer to Higher/Lighter Density Existence. It’s only new to our human. It’s the unknown to our human, yet very known by us. Much awaited, as Frequency Holders & Light/Grid Keepers, we’ve waited and worked hard for these highest timelines that are arriving/materializing/present now.

These ultra-high frequencies (and hard on our human bodies at times), require that we shift our own priorities constantly now. These are hugely amplifying and stimulating our Fully Conscious “NEW Earth” economy, relationships, lives and evolution here. There is nothing that is not touched by this. Extensive and intricate Atomic/Molecular make-up of physical matter taking form, all re-constructed and re-built fully on NEW Earth Value Systems that are PURE.

You/WE all require more “Me/WE/BE” time now. More alone time with nature, sleep, rest, relaxed, so that when we are able to “do”, it’s simpler…. we choose the simple way instead of trying to control/complicate everything like we use to….. trying to keep everything “like it was” before…..

Maintaining balance requires more inner-focus for what we all allow/feed our energy into. Creation from our Purest Source Light point inside and emanating out…. Inspiration, Joy and fulfilling our unity/supporting roles here. It’s always about the bigger picture, not just “you”…..

For awhile, it will have to be “all about you”, for you are “reversing” your old unconscious ways of focusing on “everyone/everything” else…. (outside). Once/as you complete this cycle of loving yourself fully again, respecting you fully and realizing how much you do have to offer, utilizing all of your gifts, sharing to support (in every way), you will move into Intentional Full-Service to fulfill your own Soul’s Purposes & Galactic Missions here. The more invested we are, the more we receive. The more we contribute, share, support and really truly committed from the depths of our own Souls, the easier all becomes for us….

This network of all of us DOING our NEW Earth realities, constantly stepping-up, constantly honoring ourselves, gives us the ability to MASTER ALL DIMENSIONS/TIMELINES/REALITIES here…. Through our own Embodiment processes, we no longer separate off or go small. We do not disconnect from Unity Consciousness, even when we need to pull away to re-calibrate/re-group….. We just shift how we are contributing in that moment, for if we are not honoring ourselves, we cannot honor anyone else……

The depths and expansiveness of our existences all culminating/unifying in “this space” that we exist in here, go so far beyond the actual physical experience. We experience all of our existences simultaneously now. And when they are a REMEMBERED STATE of FULL CONNECTION, we have a very different experience than when we used to go unconscious to cleanse & clear. We need not go unconscious for these processes…. As multi-dimensional we have the capability to MASTER multiple dimensions simultaneously here.

If you find yourself struggling to connect, close your eyes and go deep inside and just BE….. bring all to a halt, just sit until silence and peace returns inside and emanate this out… when you open your eyes, do it softly, unfocused and feel……… Let all that excess energy dissipate….. Stay there until “this is your new place” to move from.

If you find yourself with “too much energy”, then still yourself inside and focus that energy, productively, intentionally on creation, inspiration and making a difference through transmitting your own light. All you touch, all you speak, all you do…. this effects all…….. pay attention to what you are transmitting out from inside of you.

These upcoming shift are going to require each to slow down more, each to simplify more, each to really truly stay connected inside more and to open up fully, see the bigger picture and let the rest go…..

If you know that on a Soul Level that you are mean to do certain things, stop worrying about the “how or when”, for those are a separation of time and human programs.

Raise your vibration, of all of your bodies (mental, physical, emotional) and elevate your consciousness to SEE. Then when you have the energy/feel to, get up and go get busy. When you are not able, then honor your Physical (Light) Body’s need to integrate higher light encodings and tuning processes that cause your body to go weak when it’s time to anchor/integrate/hold more light in your own physical form here. Clear your field of consciousness for this to occur easily. What you allow physically in your field will affect this. You decide how to create a higher vibrational physical space for this to occur easier for you. ♥

Get ready for more of everything…. Whatever you allow/focus on, this is what you keep bringing into your physical reality through your own un/consciousness here. ♥

Keep it simple. Choose to stop allowing your mind to complicate things. Observe where your mind (thought energy) keeps things “the old way”, keeps things going, keeps your body tense and in resistance/struggle mode. Open up your heart-mind-energy further and YOU SHIFT shift intentionally to ease, peace, unity (easy) and purity/love inside….

I love you. In-joy the magic that our highest existences bring us all, as we are truly ready and fully on-board. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Current Moon Phase for Wednesday, May 10th – Full Moon

SorceressFull Moon
Illumination: 100%

The Moon today is in a Full Moon phase. During a Full Moon the moon is 100% illuminated as seen from Earth and is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Moon will be visible throughout the night sky rising at sunset in the east and setting with the sunrise the next morning. The point at which a Full Moon occurs can be measured down to a fraction of a second. The time it takes between full moons is known as a Synodic month and is 29.530587981 days long.


Phase Details for – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Phase: Full Moon
Illumination: 100%
Moon Age: 14.40 days
Moon Angle: 0.49
Moon Distance: 403,485.74 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 151,091,621.27 km




Now Let’s Get Witchy, lol!

Alter Ego
Will You Be Of Wicca

Will you be of Wicca, tonight?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
Then come with me to the Circle of Light.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Take up these herbs and brew up a tea.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
And drink it all down; the gods you shall see.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Take up the glass, and look at your face.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
Go into yourself and find a new place.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Go to the Woods, and find an Oak tree.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
And cling to it tight, and strong you shall be.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Go to the Mountains and call to the Wind.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
And fly through the Air with the Thoughts that you send.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Fly to the Sun, and touch its bright Flame.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
Open your Mind; now choose a new Name.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Go to the Sea, and call to the Moon.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
Raise up your arms, then sing out Her tune.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

Now join your hands with Those who surround.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
Now share the Power that we send around.
Bend the Will; the Wish you shall find.

We shall part, but meet again soon.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Tyme.
To dance, and sing, and Call Down the Moon.
Bend the Will, the Wish you shall find.

Your Daily Sun & Moon Data for May 10th

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 79.63° E
Sun Altitude: 16.11°
Sun Distance: 93.867 million mi
Next Solstice: Jun 20, 2017 11:24 pm (Summer)
Sunrise Today: 5:50 am↑ 67° East
Sunset Today: 7:51 pm↑ 293° Northwest
Length of Daylight: 14 hours, 1 minute


The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 266.72° W
Moon Altitude: -16.47°
Moon Distance: 251261 mi
Next Full Moon: May 10, 20174:42 pm
Next New Moon: May 25, 20172:44 pm
Next Moonrise: Today7:43 pm
Current Moon Phase: Near Full Moon (Waxing Gibbous)
Illumination: 99.7%

The Sky This Week for May 10 to 14

The Eta Aquariid meteor shower, a full Moon, and another exciting things to look for in the sky this week.

Wednesday, May 10

Full Moon occurs at 5:42 p.m. EDT, and our satellite looks completely illuminated all night. You can find it low in the southeast as darkness falls and peaking in the south around 1 a.m. local daylight time. The Moon lies among the background stars of Libra the Scales.

Thursday, May 11

Venus appears brilliant in the eastern sky from the time it rises around 4 a.m. local daylight time until close to sunrise nearly two hours later. It stands some 10° above the horizon an hour before the Sun comes up. Shining at magnitude –4.7, it easily ranks as the night sky’s brightest light after the Moon. When viewed through a telescope this morning, Venus spans 32″ and appears one-third lit

Friday, May 12

One of the spring sky’s finest deep-sky objects, the Beehive star cluster (M44) in the constellation Cancer the Crab, lies high in the western sky after darkness falls. Under a dark sky before the Moon rises (around 10 p.m. local daylight time this evening and nearly an hour later with each passing night), you should be able to spot this star group with your naked eye as a faint and fuzzy cloud. But the Beehive explodes into dozens of stars through binoculars or a small telescope at low power.

The Moon reaches apogee, the farthest point in its orbit around Earth, at 3:51 p.m. EDT. It then lies 252,407 miles (406,210 kilometers) from Earth’s center.

Saturday, May 13

Saturn offers a visual treat all this week. The ringed planet shines at magnitude 0.2 against the background stars of western Sagittarius, rising by 11 p.m. local daylight time and climbing some 30° above the southern horizon around 3 a.m. Tonight finds it in the company of the waning gibbous Moon, which appears some 3° to the planet’s left as the pair rises. When viewed through a telescope this week, Saturn shows an 18″-diameter disk surrounded by a spectacular ring system that spans 41″ and tilts 26° to our line of sight.

Sunday, May 14

Neptune rises around 3 a.m. local daylight time and appears low in the east-southeast before dawn. The distant world glows at magnitude 7.9, so you’ll need binoculars or a telescope to spot it. Fortunately, it lies near a brighter star that will guide you to the planet. This morning, Neptune passes 9′ due south of 6th-magnitude 81 Aquarii. The star shines some five times brighter than the planet. You can confirm your sighting of Neptune through a telescope, which reveals the planet’s 2.3″-diameter disk and blue-gray color.

Astronomy Magazine

Spellcrafting for the Full Moon

Dream Work
Drawing Energy
Increase Insight
Raise Awareness

This is a time when the Moon is at its most powerful, and the magic most potent. Performing any positive spell at this time will achieve good results. Since the full moon only truly occurs for one night out of the entire lunar cycle, it can be hard to fit it into your schedule. You can harness the energy of the full moon for about 2 days before or after the night the moon is truly full.

Today is Wednesday, May 10


Wednesday is the day of the Teutonic deity known as Wodin or Odin, an aspect of the Allfather, god of knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes, the planet Mercury.

Deity: Woden

Zodiac Sign: Gemini & Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Tree: Ash

Herb: Cinquefoil

Stone: Emerald & Sardonyx

Animal: Raven & Cat

Element: Air

Color: Red & Blue

Number: 6

Rune: Odal(O)
Celtic Tree Month of Huath (Hawthorne) (April 14 – May 12 )

The Runic Half Month of Lgy (flowing water) (April 29 – May 13)

Goddess of the Month of Maia(April 17 – May 15)


The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick



On Wednesday, May 10th, We Celebrate the Goddess Spider Woman


MANY CULTURES AROUND THE world believe that all of the world’s creatures are connected by a strong, but delicately woven, web. The Pueblo Indians credit the spinning of this web of life to a creation goddess so potent that her true name is never spoken aloud. Some call this goddess Spider Woman. She is also honored as Thought Woman, because everything was created from her thoughts.

Spider Woman existed before the world existed. By spinning and chanting, she was able to create the four directions of the universe—north, south, east, and west. Within this sacred space, she produced her daughters, Ut Set and Nau Ut Set. Following their mother’s directions carefully, Ut Set and Nau Ut Set made the sun, moon, and stars to banish darkness from the universe; they created these heavenly bodies from shells, turquoise, red rock, yellow stone, and clear crystal.

As she spun her web and thought, Spider Woman made all of life, including the mountains, lakes, oceans, and deserts. She also created the different races of people from differently colored clays. Finally, using a last thread of her web, Spider Woman connected each human being to her always.

Other Native American traditions acknowledge acknowledge Spider Woman. She is a creatress to the Pima and Zia Indians. The Navajo believe she taught them how to weave. Among the Hopi Indians, who settled in what is now known as Arizona, she was one of the deities who created Poquanghoya and Palongawhoya; these powerful twins created the earth, with its bountiful fields, seas, and mountains.

The Book of Goddesses: Expanded Anniversary Edition
Kris Waldherr




Wednesday: Is associated with Mercury and the colors of Purple, Magenta and Silver

Wednesday is the best time to deal with such matters as: Accounting, Advertising, Astrology, Clerks, Communication, Computers, Correspondence, Critics, Editing, Editors, Education, Healing, Hiring Employees, Intelligence, Journalists, Kin, Learning Languages, Legal Appointments, Memory, Merchants, Messages, Music, Neighbors, Phone Calls, Placing Ads, Siblings, Signing Contracts, Students, Visiting Friends, Visual Arts, Wisdom, and Writing


Practical Magick for the Penny Pinching Witch
Carol Moyer



The Magickal Day of Wednesday


Wednesday is named for Woden himself, although the Romans called it dies Mercurii. This is a day associated with the color purple, the planet Mercury, and the metal quicksilver – which is also called mercury. See a pattern here?


When it comes to deities… yes, Mercury! However, there are a few other gods associated with Wednesday, including Odin and Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Gemstones like adventurine and agate come in handy as well, as do plants such as aspen trees, lilies, lavender and even ferns.


Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling, and journeys are all tied in to Wednesday. This is a good day to do a working to open up lines of communication – especially if your own actions are preventing you from being an effective speaker or listener. Go someplace new or return to an old favorite stomping ground, step up your game, and settle up your accounts.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on ThoughtCo


The Witches Guide to Wednesdays


Be bold and daring today! Expand your knowledge of the Craft by working with the planetary energies of Mercury on this multifaceted day of the week. Consider the Greco-Roman gods Mercury and Hermes and all of the many lessons they have for you. Embrace change and movement, and work on your communication techniques. Conjure up a little good luck for yourself with that Mercury dime spell. Call on Athena to inspire you to try magickal arts and crafts and to be more creative in your own spellwork and witchery.


Meditate on Odin and see what you can discover about him. I wonder what sort of fabulous and fascinating magickal wisdom you will uncover? Odin is a shaman, after all; he may appear in many guises and faces. I guarantee that he will make you laugh at yourself before he is through with you, but you will learn. It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. Will you let it shapeshift into wisdom?


Wednesday is the wild and wily day of the week, so try to go with the flow; don’t fight the quirky energies of the day. Most importantly, follow your heart, and always keep a good sense of humor, because of Wednesdays you will really need it.




Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


The Witches Almanac for Wednesday, May 10th

Independence Day (Romanian)

Waxing Moon

Full Moon 5: 42 pm

Moon Sign: Scorpio

Incense: Honeysuckle

Color: Yellow



The Witches Correspondences for Wednesday, May 10



Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear, Loss, Travel, Money Matters

Color: black, light blue, brown, gray, green, magenta, orange, peach, purple, red, silver, turquoise, violet, white, yellow; orange is the primary color

Number: 3, 5

Metal: mercury

Charm: distaff, rod, runes, staff, iridescent garments

Stone: moss agate, amethyst, bloodstone, emerald, hematite, lapis lazuli, lodestone, pearl, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, all blue stones

Animal: bear, dog, fox, magpie, swan, weasel

Plant: almond, bayberry, chamomile, cherry, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, coltsfoot, ginger, hazel, hazelnut, jasmine, lavender, millet, oak, peppermint, periwinkle, rosemary, sage, St. John’s wort, sweet pea, tamarind, lemon verbena, violet

Incense: cassia, cedar, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, mastic, mint, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, storax, dried and powdered citrus peel, and all incense made from aromatic bark, wood, and seeds

Goddess: Carmenta, Hecate (Queen of Crossroads), Hel, Ishtar, Ma’at, the Morrigan, Nike

God: Anubis, Bragi, Elath-Iahu. Enki, Garuda, Hermes, Maximon (Black Magician), Mercury, Nebo (Wise God of Wednesday), Odin, Shango, Ullr, Vishnu, Wayland, Woden

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Michael, Miel, Raphael, Seraphiel, Tiriel
Moonlight Musings



Correspondences for the Full Moon

Time: Approx 14 days after New Moon (Energy lasts from 3 days before Full Moon to 3 days after actual Full Moon)

Goddess Aspect: Mother.

Associated Goddesses: Danu, Cerridwen, Gaia, Aphrodite, and Isis.

Magickal Attributes: FRUITION Manifesting goals, Nurturing, Passion, Healing ,Strength, Power.


Full Moon Colours
Blue, white, yellow and orange



Full Moon Herbs, Oils and Incense Ingredients

Frankincense, sandalwood, rose, cedar, juniper berry, hyssop, myrtle, orange, rosewood, tangerine, tea tree, yarrow and sage.



Full Moon Crystals
Moonstone, selenite, quartz, black tourmaline, obsidian, amber, rose quartz and opal.



Correspondences for the Pagan Practitioner: A short guide to common correspondences used in daily workings

Pagan Portals – Moon Magic
Rachel Patterson



Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury


Wednesdays are wild and wacky days. They are for communication, change, cunning, and the arts. This is a Mercury day, and just its patron god this day is full of contradictions, change, and excitement. Some suggestions for Wednesday enchantments would include:

Pulling a little Wednesday color magic into your life by wearing purples or orange

Carrying a multipurpose agate with you and tapping into its various charms

Working with magical plants such as the fern for protection. This plant will also boost the power of any other magical plants with which it is arranged.

Incorporating lavender into charms and spells for transformation

Using the charming scent of lily of the valley to improve your memory, or working with the aspen tree for communication

Calling on Athena, patron of arts and crafts, for inspiration for a new project

Fanning out a Tarot spell to increase you creativity

Calling on Hermes on a Wednesday night to bring movement and good luck into your life



The Witches Perfect Spell for Wednesday, May 10 – Confidence in Your Works


You will be successful in that which you want to accomplish. It helps when you need a tiny extra boost, in confidence, to help you with your skills! It helped me and should help you too.

You Will Need:

A candle of your favorite color
Paper and pen
Gemstone of any kind you like

Light the candle. Write down what you need help with on a piece of paper. Hold the gemstone. Chant:

“Whatever entities that may, please help me in my travels, to be successful in ( whatever you need to be successful in). So mote it be.”

Whenever you approach the problem you need the spell to overcome, be sure to have the gemstone with you. This should help you.



The Perfect Spell for the Full Moon on Wednesday – Insight and Gaining New Perspective Spell


For this Wednesday night esbat, we are working magick with the Norse god Odin. Odin is a trickster god, and in his search for wisdom he gained deep magickal knowledge. edge. This spell also works with the images of the tarot card the Hanged Man. This illustrated card has many links to the god Odin, as Odin hung on the tree for nine days to gather wisdom and was eventually rewarded with the runes.


The Hanged Man card tells you to look at things from a new perspective. It speaks of a time of a transitional period, astral travel, and meditation. If you look carefully at the Hanged Man card, you will see that while the fellow is hanging upside down from his foot, he looks pretty peaceful about the whole situation. This card symbolizes letting go of that which no longer serves your highest good. This card’s image illustrates the quiet search for inner wisdom and knowledge and the gaining of a new perspective on your current situation. Wednesdays are all about movement, communication, and change, so let’s take this energy and put it to good use. Combining this with the light and influence ence of the full moon only sweetens the deal and turns up the power of the witchery.


Insight and Gaining New Perspectives Spell

This spell works with the runes as one of its props. If you have a set of runes, this is definitely the time to break them out. If not, no worries. The runes are a nice link back to the god Odin, but in a pinch you could also draw a few rune sigils on a piece of paper and set that on your work area. Improvise and be creative. What do you think you could also add to this full moon spell?


• 1 purple candle (purple for spirituality and to align with the energies of Mercury)


• A coordinating candle holder


• A nail or pin to engrave the candle with Wednesday’s planetary symbol of Mercury


• A black feather or a picture of a raven (this bird was sacred to Odin, and the raven represents mystery and magick)


• The Hanged Man tarot card


• Your tarot deck, set off to the side


• Runes scattered across the work surface or a drawing of a few runes


• A lighter or matches


• A safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell


Carefully engrave the Mercury symbol on the candle. Place the candle in its holder and then arrange the rest of the spell components to your liking. You may certainly embellish this spell by adding a statue or image of Odin, if you choose. This full moon spell is designed to help you look at things from a new perspective and to receive some inspiration, so put on your thinking cap and be imaginative. Take a few moments to ground and center yourself. Then light the purple candle and speak the following verse:


Odin, hear my call on this full moon night

Grant me wisdom and improve my insight

May I gain a new perspective at this time

Bless me with peace and inspiration divine

I now release that which no longer serves

This change begins with the sound of my words.


If you choose, this would be an excellent time to meditate and see what Odin has to tell you. Lay your hands on the card, feather, and runes. Take a deep breath and relax. Now let your mind open, and see what you learn. When you are finished, close the spell with these words:


By the power of Wednesday’s witchery

This spell is sealed; I set the magick free!


Allow the candle to burn out in a safe place. Clean up your other spell supplies. Save the feather or raven picture for future magick. Return the card to the tarot deck, and gather up all your runes. If you like, now is the perfect time to do a simple reading with your runes or your tarot cards. Ask for clarity and for insight, then draw three cards or stones and see what Odin has to say.



– Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan


Useful Full Moon Recipes

Full Moon Oil Recipe

6 drops gardenia essential oil
4 drops lotus essential oil
2 drops jasmine essential oil
Add to a base oil such as sweet almond or grape seed (about 15mls of carrier oil should be about right).

Full Moon Balm
(for pulse points)

6 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops palma rose essential oil
¼ cup grated beeswax
¼ cup vegetable oil
Melt oil and wax together, cool slightly then stir in essential oils. Store in an airtight pot.

Full Moon Incense
(loose mix to burn on charcoal disc)

2 parts sandalwood
2 parts frankincense resin
¼ part dried rose petals
½ part orris root
6 drops sandalwood oil

Moon Magic Bath Salts

1 cup sea salt
8 drops sandalwood essential oil
8 drops lotus essential oil
Mix together and store in an airtight container, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of the mixture in you bath.

—Pagan Portals – Moon Magic
Rachel Patterson


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days A Year for May 9th – 11


In ancient Rome, May 9 through 11 was Lemuria. This was a time of great consequence and set aside to appease the spirits of the household dead, who were believed to be particularly ticularly active during the month of May. It seems that the most terrifying of the wandering apparitions were those of children who had died young, because they apparently harbored bored ill feelings for the living. The head of the household would rise at midnight and make the mana fico sign (the thumb between the middle of the closed fingers). He would then walk barefoot through the house and scatter black beans as a ransom som so ghosts or spirits would leave the other household members bers alone. Otherwise, they might be carried off. Little is known of the public rites that took place at this time, except that all state affairs were in abeyance, no battles were fought, no business was conducted, and no marriages were contracted. It is, however, believed that the sacrifices made to Mania (mother of the Lares) on May 11 might have been part of the Lemuria, because Mania was a Goddess of death.



Magickal Activity for May 9th – 11th , the Festival of Lemuria

Protection Bag

Items needed: A small black bag; one each of the following stones: cat’e eye, flint, jet, obsidian, olivine, and onyx; 10 black beans; one black vtive candle (in a holder).
Light the votive candle. Chant the following as you place the stones in the bag one at a time:
To any who shall cause me harm,
Your powers I now disarm.
Place the bag full of stones next the candle. Allow the candle to burn out. Carry the bag in our purse or brief case, or place it near the main entrance of your homel


Good Morning, It’s Wednesday, May 10th, Ready for a Little Astronomy

Good Wednesday Morning to all our dear family & friends, and a very special welcome to all those who have recently joined us. We are delighted to welcome you to the WOTC. We hope you enjoy your visits and come to think of us as your home away from home.


We Are Witches All

We sing and dance and hold our rites,
We live and love together.
We go sky-clad or wear our outer robes
If it is chilling weather.
About the altar we do dance;
We praise The Gods
We love and ever do, we give
Our thanks to the sun.
And moon above, We are The Craft;
Love The Craft; We are Witches All.
Join us.. In Our Circle For We Are Witches All.
Walk into our Circle and feel the love Bound,
And Meet The Lord and Lady who guide us in our Rounds;
” An’ Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt.”
It is The Wiccan Rede.
We fear no foe for love we show,
In thought and also Deed.
Our words of thanks, our songs of praise,
We offer them in pray’r.
We sing their praise, we ask their help;
We know that they are there.

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