Good Morning, It’s Wednesday, May 10th, Ready for a Little Astronomy

Good Wednesday Morning to all our dear family & friends, and a very special welcome to all those who have recently joined us. We are delighted to welcome you to the WOTC. We hope you enjoy your visits and come to think of us as your home away from home.


We Are Witches All

We sing and dance and hold our rites,
We live and love together.
We go sky-clad or wear our outer robes
If it is chilling weather.
About the altar we do dance;
We praise The Gods
We love and ever do, we give
Our thanks to the sun.
And moon above, We are The Craft;
Love The Craft; We are Witches All.
Join us.. In Our Circle For We Are Witches All.
Walk into our Circle and feel the love Bound,
And Meet The Lord and Lady who guide us in our Rounds;
” An’ Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt.”
It is The Wiccan Rede.
We fear no foe for love we show,
In thought and also Deed.
Our words of thanks, our songs of praise,
We offer them in pray’r.
We sing their praise, we ask their help;
We know that they are there.

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