April 2017 Horoscope

April 2017 Horoscope

Exercise caution

Maria DeSimone

April begins with Venus still traveling retrograde. She’ll edge out of Aries and into Pisces on April 2 where she’ll remain napping until April 15. During this last stretch of Venus’ retrograde you’ll have an opportunity to consider how blurry the lines in your life may be when it comes to unconditional love versus blind acceptance. If you are being taken advantage of, it’s time to wake up. This is a great time to review what your dream lover is all about.

Then, on April 9, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus and remains out of phase until May 3. On April 20, he’ll backtrack into Aries. The usual do’s and don’ts connected to Mercury retrograde apply now, and this includes a caution around all communication matters. Avoid making financial decisions while he’s retrograde in Taurus. Then, when he’s in Aries, retrace any decisions you made in the past in haste. Remedy any regrettable ones if possible.

A Full Moon in Libra on April 11 calls awareness to relationship matters while a New Moon in Taurus on April 26 allows you to plant seeds around future material growth. Finally, Mars enters Gemini on April 21 where he remains until June 4. Intellectual stimulation will be a key motivating force behind actions.


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