Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2017

Message for April 2017

Like the sap rising in the trees, and the daffodils turning their heads to the lengthening days of sunshine, there’s a growing sense of shift emerging from deep within our hearts and souls. In many ways, it’s hard to articulate as it’s a feeling which is still taking shape and form so there are no words that can adequately do it justice. Yet, like the sap rising, the energy is vibrant and intense, and it’s important we acknowledge it to allow it more breathing space to flourish and thrive.

Of course, it’s part of human nature to want to understand and make sense of change but it’s an important part of our evolution to accept that there are times where, no matter how hard we look, there are no answers. Wholeheartedly accepting (and not resisting) this takes both trust and courage but these are essential traits on our journey in life. We are undoubtedly in confusing times and there are paradoxes everywhere as we can feel both overwhelmed and underwhelmed, joy and pain, calm and stormy, all at the same time. In the blink of an eye we can shift from having a clear sense of direction to feeling hopelessly lost and alone. Of course, many don’t notice much of this as the change can be on subtle levels and, as we know, lots of individuals never skim beyond the surface of life, so it’s usually those of us on a quest for meaning who feel the true epicentre of shift. Perhaps we feel it because we’re looking for it or maybe we feel it simply because we’re more ‘sensitive’ and in tune to the ebb and flow of the currents of life?

There have been several occasions recently when well-meaning friends have asked me to see the higher, or deeper, meaning to some on-going challenges in connection to my new home, in particular, recurring plumbing problems. I’ve been asked to look at what water means to me and what is it within me that’s creating these problems. I’ve had to step back from this perspective as there are times when seeking out meaning or answers actually doesn’t help. I have plumbing problems because of shoddy workmanship, no more, no less! If I look deeper into it, how does that help me? And if I do look deeper into it, would I feel responsible for these problems making me feel more of a victim? Sometimes ‘it is what it is’ and although it’s in our nature to look deeper, it’s not always in our best interests. It’s important to let our intuition lead the way and nudge us when we need to take a longer look at something.

Yet, how do we know? If the answer to that question was clear, wouldn’t life be so much simpler! Trust is our closest ally, so although we cannot articulate the spiritual and metaphorical sap rising up within us, if it feels right, why not see where it takes us before asking too many questions?

Of course, such a philosophy is perhaps easier said than done when we feel discombobulated and disorientated in a landscape that feels continually out of focus, but resisting and struggling doesn’t bring clarity, only more pain and confusion, so, despite our inherent human-ness to want to re-focus, we can’t. Not yet anyway.

Accepting and allowing this takes strength and we may feel unable to dig any deeper or find any more reserves but that’s the point: we need to stop digging and learn how to let go. It’s undoubtedly hard trying to go against instinct but we are evolving, and taking new steps into unchartered terrain isn’t easy but it’s time to breathe and let go…

With love,



April looks set to be a month of new beginnings and fresh creations as you draw near the end of a long chapter of your life. Although there have been times when this chapter has felt challenging, arduous and unforgiving, there have also been lighter, more enjoyable moments at the same time. In fact, when you look back and see the bigger picture, you’ve realised just how much you’ve grown and evolved as a person, and you are now wiser and more in-balance than ever before. The benefit of hindsight is always so much easier with the benefit of hindsight! There is a powerful and effervescent air of anticipation rising up within you as you begin to sense the tinglings of change and you can almost taste the shift in direction as you eagerly stride forwards with confidence and a strong sense of self-belief.

There can be no denying you are feeling more centred and self-aware than ever before, but, underneath your usual confidence, there is a sense of trepidation as, although you intuitively know you are on the right path, at the same time, you have no real idea as to where you are going or why. Life can certainly be confusing at times and it’s important you allow yourself to acknowledge this confusion as blustering your way through it may leave you feeling even more discombobulated than ever. Acknowledging this doesn’t mean you will then get lost in a haze of befuddled bewilderment, it simply allows you a little bit of breathing space to re-align your thoughts and to gain a stronger sense of clarity and direction. You may be keen to charge ahead into the next chapter of your life but there’s no rush: take a deep breath and let your intuition lead the way…


You have spent much of the last few months bringing together the many different pieces of your life into a more cohesive and unified ‘whole’, and this has enabled you to take stock and acknowledge where you are now with where you were and where you’d like to be. At the same time, you have had the opportunity to contemplate your true priorities and to think about what you really want in life. However, despite all of this positivity, you have, in reality, had very little time to notice these shifts as you have been so busy with things to do, people to see and places to go. It’s as though your life has been on fast forward and whilst you have a sense of inner coalescence and unification, you have been too busy to be still or rest in the moment. Yet, at the same time, you have been noticing the spaces in-between the spaces, and with each brief flicker of awareness of ‘space’, your consciousness has been tickled with the concept of there being more to life than constantly working through a never-ending to-do list.

As a result, despite being on fast-forward, you have also been breathing more deeply into life and April looks set to be a month of continued coalescence and cohesiveness as you start to find ways of living your life with more stillness and awareness, and less rush and busy-ness. Stillness is not inaction, it’s a willingness to let go of the rush and hustle, and the somewhat frenetic nature of your everyday life, to instead live in a more conscious and mindful way. Busy-ness keeps you distracted from facing that gap between where you are and where you want to be, but you seem ready now to not only face the gap but to leap across it as well…


There is a sense that you are, once again, beginning to see the world with fresh eyes and a new-found awareness and awe. It’s as though you are seeing everything for the first time and your senses are awakening to a brand-new world; sounds are clearer, colours are brighter and you can sense every heartbeat and breath. It’s overwhelming but completely natural at the same time and you are tingling with a magical, child-like wonder at the world in which you find yourself. Of course, this world is the world you’ve always lived in, it’s just that you are growing ever-more aware of the magic, both within and around you. This isn’t magic as in white rabbits and card tricks, this is the inherent magic of life and the universe: the force that makes stuff happen. Stuff like creative thought, life itself, consciousness.

Every single one of the trillions of cells in your being are buzzing and tingling with the magic of existence and although this is all quite heady and pungent, you intuitively know it to be true as you cannot help but sense the passion and creativity rising up from deep within you. Although there are days when you feel overwhelmed with the awe-inspiring vastness of your consciousness, there are also days when you punch the air with delight and brim over with excitement at the possibilities before you as they inspire and electrify you. You are a creative and innovative soul, and you know that it’s the time spent in the magic of awareness that brings you to life and enables you to navigate your way through the pedestrian everyday world. April looks set to stir the fires in your soul to inspire you to embrace the enchantment and to let your true self shine…


April looks set to be a month for embracing the new as you embark upon a new chapter in your life. Of course, along with the new, comes a need to shed the old, otherwise you end up accumulating a never-ending pile of ‘stuff’! Embracing the new is often far easier than letting go of the old, as you, like everyone else, is a creature of habit. Yet, intuitively you sense the need for a ‘spring clean’ as you are feeling somewhat cluttered and it’s hard to move freely through life when you feel weighed down. Knowing what to let go of can be hard though as there are so many snippets and pieces of you that ‘might come in handy’, so do you risk letting them go just in case you may need them again in years to come or do you take a chance and say ‘adieu’? This is one question which sadly doesn’t have a clear-cut answer as there are no guaranteed outcomes in life. However, travelling more lightly is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time so why not give it a try?

There are moments of being human that feel inspired and then there’s the rest of existence that feels quite mundane in comparison, and whilst the latter takes up 99% of life, that 1% reminds you how important it is to breathe deeply into life and to make the most of every single moment. Your life may be full of distractions and things to do, but, when it boils down to it, you already know exactly what you were born to do, you just have a tendency to avoid acknowledging it! This is mainly because it feels simpler to go with the flow than it does to step into unchartered terrain but this is your new chapter, and you have the pen in your hand, so the rest is up to you…


As you continue to gaze deeply within, there is a growing sense you are beginning to make some profound realisations about your true essence and sense of self. You have always been a pioneer, keen to explore unchartered terrain and you have never been one to shirk away from the challenge of self-questioning and honest reflection. When you look into the mirror of your soul, you see what’s really there so it’s no surprise you’re not overly keen to do this too often as it’s quite a profound and intense experience! It’s not that you don’t like what you see, but soul-gazing often highlights the gaps between where you are and where you intuitively know you need to be; it also shows you every aspect of your being, including those parts you are not overly fond of. Yet, everyone has those, you’re certainly not alone in that department!

It seems the reality of your reality leaves you nowhere to hide as you are not a natural at head-in-the-sand denial (well, not in this instance, anyway!). So, you get the opportunity to gaze within to see your true essence and yet this also brings an element of trepidation as you’re then not quite sure what to do with all you see. Why do you need to do anything? Couldn’t you just observe this bigger picture of your true majesty and magnificence, and, rather than doing something with what you see, use it as a compass or guide to inspire you forwards? Couldn’t you simply bathe in the energy of the gift of this insight and let it lead the way? You seem unquestionably ready for ‘something new’, and, even though this is yet to be clearly defined, it seems you are ready now to begin the process of becoming truly and wholeheartedly awake…


April looks set to be a month of innovative and inspirational thought as you begin to feel the urge to step beyond the boundaries of the four walls of your everyday life in order to contemplate a more enriching and fulfilling way of living and being. Contemplating this is the easy part though as the reality of doing something about it is somewhat more complicated! However, you are not one to be easily deterred by such things and there is a growing air of resilience and determination rising up from within you spurring you on to find a way to be the ‘you’ you know yourself to be. It’s not that you are not you, but, over the years, you have deviated off-course, trying to be everything to everyone and trying to get life right. This is to be admired but the cost has been a distancing from your true sense of self and this has resulted in a diminished awareness of personal destiny as the waters have muddied and your focus shifted towards the business of keeping on keeping on rather than the matter of exploring your true essence.

Survival is obviously an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to remain as the force that shapes and defines the rest of your life. You created those four walls of your everyday life so why can’t you re-design them, move them or knock them down? In other words, the boundaries around you are only there because you perceive them to be there. You are a free spirit and although you intuitively know this, you forget you have the skill, passion and tenacity to move those boundaries or blast them out of the way if you so choose. You have reached a crossroads of self-awareness: an opportunity to carry on as you are or to take a step in a different direction…


April looks set to be a month of insight and expansion as you connect with a new perspective that inspires you to see your life from a different vantage point. Sometimes seeing the same problem/situation from a different angle really can make the world of difference! As a result, there is a growing sense you will start to become aware of aspects of your life which may no longer feel right; you may not be able to work out why, but intuitively you know something is amiss. In time, things are likely to become clearer but for now it seems important to acknowledge these shifts and to allow yourself a little bit of breathing space to adjust and acclimatise to the shifting sands of your life. At the same time, there is a need for you to explore the concept of living wholeheartedly and to contemplate what this truly means to you.

You are very good at knowing where you are in life and where you need to be, you are also very wise when it comes to the concept of the present moment but it’s easy for you to get lost when it comes to grabbing hold of life with both hands and being here, now. It’s not that you avoid life, but you often think about it, cogitating over the finer details and philosophising over the existential meanderings of being human. Whilst this adds to your character, it does run the risk of you feeling powerless like driftwood rather than majestically standing at the helm of the ship. Don’t get lost in over-thinking, try to be wholehearted in every aspect of your existence: be present, be vibrant and allow your true, sparkling essence to shine brightly. Be open to seeing your life from all angles and don’t forget to live, and to love, wholeheartedly…


April looks set to be a month of illumination and enlightenment for you as you continue to embrace the concept of letting go. This has been a powerful theme for you over recent months as your consciousness has shifted away from linear time (where you’ve been and where you’re heading) towards a bigger picture perspective which feels more liberating and expansive than you ever imagined possible (and, with the enormity of your imagination, that’s big). The bigger picture is not really connected to the details of how you live your life but it’s more about the energy or essence of being you: in short, it’s the flicker of the flame burning in your heart and soul, the ripple on the surface of your mysterious depths. There really are no words to describe this aptly as your essence is indescribable (by the way, that’s a compliment!).

You are riding a wave at the moment and although you would love to know your destination it actually seems more important to be at one with the wave and to feel the rush of adrenalin as you soar in order to feel fully awake and alive in the moment. In other words, try not to get lost looking for details and instead savour the moment and remember the concept of letting go. Letting go is an art form and it’s one you have resisted at times as you cannot help but feel it’s rather too similar to giving up; it isn’t. For you, letting go is a willingness to stop trying to be the person you think you should be or ought to be. It’s also being open-hearted and open-minded to the power of the aforementioned wave to take you to wherever you need to be in life. Take a breath, feel the energy of the moment and soar…


April looks set to be a month of more questions. In fact, the same questions as last month. What do you truly want? What makes you happy? Not wanting to sound like a stuck record, it seems the reasons you are, once again, being asked these questions is the fact you haven’t answered! You have long had a to-do list for life, a bucket list of things to do, see and achieve. In many ways, you measure your happiness against this list, feeling happiness will be yours once you have done everything you need to do to be happy. Whilst there is logic in this approach it does put happiness slightly out of reach as you are always adding new points and caveats to your list. Does this mean happiness can never be yours or does it mean you need to stop chasing happiness and instead realise it’s here, now?

There is a long-held belief that happiness is the default setting which emerges once life is ‘sorted’ and once everything that creates unhappiness has been either fixed or eradicated. This way of thinking doesn’t allow for the idea that happiness is a force of its own that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. So, when asked what makes you happy, this isn’t time to produce a list of things to achieve to reach the nirvana-like state of happiness, it’s asking you to feel a connection to the essence of happiness and to allow this feeling to build and grow in order to connect you to the energy of happiness. It’s not far off on the distant horizon, it’s here now, just be open to it rather than feel you haven’t got there yet. Happiness isn’t measured by what you do or achieve, it’s a feeling, a state of being, which sets your soul on fire; feel it, become it…


Someone once said: ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day’. One could argue that it’s only right by accident as it’s not a functioning clock but this makes the assumption that the clock wasn’t built to only be right twice a day. It’s something of a lame possibility but it’s a possibility all the same! There’s a saying in the medical world ‘when you hear the sound of hoof beats, think horses not zebras’ suggesting a need to look for the obvious not for anything rarer. Yet, zebras exist and they really aren’t anything like horses, for a start they don’t neigh they yip, and, a group of zebras is called a dazzle. You may be wondering the point of these seemingly random thoughts, well, sometimes you need to see that a stopped clock may not be right for 1438 minutes of the day, but for those precious two minutes when it is right, everything is exactly as it should be.

Life isn’t perfect but there are moments of ‘almost perfection’ which have the potential to be great if only you didn’t just see them as random accidents to be dismissed. And, why not look for zebras? Why look for the obvious? Why not think zebra and dazzle rather than be a part of the flock of ‘obvious’? Okay, so maybe this is now getting confusing but it needn’t be! In essence there is a need to be more accepting of the good stuff, don’t be so keen to undermine it with logic and be prepared to look beyond the obvious. Sometimes, the really good stuff in life is tucked away in the corners of the unobvious; intuitively you know this but you don’t look as you’re too busy keeping on keeping on, sticking to the tried and tested. Well, it’s time to step beyond the boundaries of your everyday life as you learn how to dazzle and shine…


As you continue to focus your gaze on the here and now, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how small the gap is between where you are and where you feel you need to be. In fact, the more you focus on where you are, the more you are realising you are already exactly where you need to be. In short, you have pulled your expectations and hopes back into the present moment rather than leaving them perched high up on a pedestal on the ever-distant horizon. This doesn’t mean you’ve lowered your expectations, more that you’ve realised you are actually already living the life you were born to live, and, as a result, your dreams are not out of reach but within your grasp. You are a born thinker and idealist, and you have high hopes for your vision of what ought to be; this vision has grown and shaped over years and, like water slowly carving out limestone caverns, it has turned into something quite spectacular and majestic leaving you in awe and wonder.

However, just because you have forged out such a vision doesn’t mean you can’t re-shape or re-define it. Even stone can be re-worked. Of course, using stone as an analogy for your vision is perhaps not wise as there really is nothing concrete about you as you are more of a fluid and free thinker. Yet, the cavern analogy works as you do seem to struggle with the concept of feeling able to re-shape what you have already created. It’s time to believe that you are the master of your own vision and you do have the power to re-shape it once again if you so choose. In many ways, acknowledging this is more important than actually changing your vision as it’s a willingness to be open to the ebb and flow of the changing currents of your life that can truly set you free…


As you continue to allow the vibrant and beautiful kaleidoscope of colours to flow freely from your heart and soul, there is a sense your creativity is beginning to surge back into life once again. You have always been a creative soul but there have been times of your life when this has log-jammed due to stress or taking on too much. Creativity is your life-blood, it’s the force that inspires and motivates you. Creativity is not just about painting or weaving or being artistic, it’s a way of being that allows you to live in an interconnected way; your way of making sense of the world is to channel your emotions into creative thought, creative feeling and creative being. You

step through logic and into the realms beyond which can feel quite tumultuous and confusing at times as, by its definition, it’s beyond logic!

Whilst you thrive in such a space, there is a part of you longing to make sense of it, to know where you’re heading and why, and to feel less overwhelmed by the current of life. Yet, when you stop resisting this space beyond words, you feel very at home there and when you find your centre of balance, you realise just how much you need to be at one with the ebb and flow as you do not naturally stand still on any level of your being. Movement and flow are a part of your everyday, resisting this leads to overwhelm as you end up fighting your own sense of being. Accepting it allows you to become one with the flow, intuitively moving through life with wisdom and insight. Others may not understand this but this isn’t about them, it’s about you. So, take a deep breath and flow…