Blast from the Past: Our Favorite Familiar of the Day

Name: Kazuya
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon Cross
Home: Devon, Britain, United Kingdom
Kazuya has always been a buddy and never a baby, not much of a cuddler but always wanting to be by my side, and was at my side when we left his mummy … we never looked back!

Owning my own gym he followed me to work everyday as our new home was but a few meters away, each day he would follow me more and more, most days waiting in the car park to the rear of the gym for me to finish work and go home, as the busy road out front was too busy for him, until one day he discovered where the back door was, and upon starting my shift, he would have to be let in where he would spend his day again at my side behind the reception desk.

When trouble started between me and my ex, he was moved to his Gran’s in Devon, at this time his gran was unwell and medication left her napping to wake up confused and disorientated. As Kazuya was always a side kick, he would be found hanging around his gran, which helped her very much while she got better. He also cleared the barn of rats that helped the farmer where they live. The barn is where this picture was taken.

This will always be my favourite picture of Kazuya, when this picture was taken his mane had gone a fiery red, which was strangely only for one winter, and has never grown back this colour again since.

Kazuya’s gran is all better, but he has stayed there, helping her and the farmer to keep his barn clear of rats. He does still chirp when he first sees me, and is always by my side when I visit, I think he would want me to move back home with him, his gran and grandad.




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