WOTC Extra, Extra – The Element Fire & Its Associations

The Element Fire & Its Associations

Animals: Lions, tigers, and most reptiles. The more fierce an animal is, the stronger its connection to fire.

Colors: Reds and oranges.

Court cards: Knights.

Dragons: Dragons are related to fire for obvious reasons. These mythical fire-breathers can often be called on as guardians and guides.

Function: Feeling.

Phoenixes: Phoenixes are birds that live long lives, and when they die they are reborn from their own ashes. Call to the phoenix when you need to be reborn, too.

Qualities: Heat. Lightness. Brilliance. Rapid motion. Activeness. Generally masculine. Too much fire is hot, hyperactive, and angry. It can lead to insomnia and bad moods like brooding. Not enough can lead to your head feeling foggy, your body feeling sluggish. Fire is inspiring and passionate, bringing change into your life.

Salamanders: Salamanders are connected to the power of fire. Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, noted that the Salamander is “an animal like a lizard in shape and with a body starred all over; it never comes out except during heavy showers and disappears the moment the weather becomes clear.”

Sense: Sight.

Stones: Fire opal

Tarot trump: Judgment.

Tibetan failing: Desire, passion.

Tibetan wisdom: Discriminating Awareness.

Time of day: Noon. Do your magic at this time of day under the hot noon sun and your fire and love spells will be at their strongest.

Types of magic: Love and passion magic. Fire will bring more energy to your spells. It can also be used in destruction magic.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


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Viivi James