The Elements & The Pentacle

The Elements & The Pentacle


The  elements  are  what  makes  up  the  universe,  without  them  there  would  be  no   form;  we  are  made  up  from  them.  So  the  five  points  represent  the  five  elements   known  as  Earth,  Air,  Fire,  Water  and  Space.


Earth  represents  our  bodies  and  the  material  world,  the  Earth  the  stars   and  all  the  contents  of  the  universe.  Air  is  what  we  breathe  and  animates  life,   Water  is  the  our  life  blood  and  the  oceans,  rivers  and  watercourses  that  are  so   abundant  on  the  planet.  Fire  is  what  gives  us  heat,  it  burns  in  our  bodies  allowing   us  to  digest  the  food  we  eat  and  it  warms  our  bodies  in  the  life  giving  properties  of   the  sun.  It  gives  us  the  beauty  of  the  heavens  at  night  when  we  look  up  at  the   stars,  each  one  a  mighty  fireball  of  energy  and  without  fire  we  would  not  have  the   most  precious  substance  of  them  all,  light!  Without  light  the  universe  we  live  in   would  be  devoid  of  any  sentient  life  because  it’s  light  that  gives  rise  to  all  creation.


The  fifth  element  is  the  most  mis-­‐understood  and  that  is  Space,  people   have  called  it  “Ether”  or  “Spirit”  and  those  words  do  descried  some  of  its   properties,  but  space  sums  it  up  best.  Empty  space  the  stuff  between  the  stars,  the   stuff  that  hold  and  supports all creation. The formless void we come to know as the cauldron of the Goddess.


The Experience of Life:

On  a  more  basic  level  of  life  the  pentacle  comes  to  represent  our  journey  through   life  and  the  Give  points  can  be  attributed  to  the  lessons  we  learn  through  life  such   as;

✴ To Love,

✴ To Create,

✴ To Experience,

✴ To Learn

✴ To Grow.

The  pentacle  opens  up  a  gateway  into  the  mysteries  that  allow  us  to  have  devotion   to  the  forces  of  nature  and  this  encourages  us  to  open  our  hearts  giving  rise  to  an   unconditional  love.  When  we  start  to  work  with  these  forces  we  learn  to  create   with  them  and  this  gives  rise  to  experiences. When we have experience we learn and in turn we grow, this is called wisdom.


The Basic Emotions of Life

The  pentacle  can  also  come  to  present  the  Give  basic  emotions  that  often  cloud  our   mind  because  they  cause  so  much  havoc.  These  are;

✴ Anger,

✴ Jealousy,

✴ Envy,

✴ Attachment

✴ Greed.


These  things  arise  in  each  and  every  one  of  us  and  when  they  become  extreme   they  cause  us  to  experience  all  the  difficulties  of  life.  The  aim  of  any  spiritual  path   is  to  transform  these  basic  emotions  into  Give  wisdoms  so  that  they  don’t  affect  us   as  much.  We  need  to  turn;

✴ Anger into Love,

✴ Attachment into Generosity,

✴ Jealousy & Envy into Forgiveness

✴ Greed into a Freedom that allows us to let go.

It’s  not  easy  but  it  can  be  done  if  we  have  patience  and  are  prepared  to  put  in   some  work.  That’s  the  journey,  the  path  or  training  that  is  needed  to  allow  the   individual  to  experience  the  deep  mysteries  and  then  in  turn  actualize  them  into   their  lives.

We  are  all  looking  for  a  happy  and  fulfilled  life  and  it’s  through  the  spiritual path we aim to try to find ways of helping us achieve these goals.

Offerings to the Fire Element

Offerings to the Fire Element


Without  a  beating  heart  we  have  no  Gire  within  us,  it  is  the  blood  that  pumps   around  our  bodies  that  generates  heat  and  gives  us  the  power  to  illuminate.  Deep   within  our  heart  is  a  place  that  is  eternal,  an  inner  sun  that  burns  with  a  light  so   bright  it  connects  us  to  the  very  core  of  infinity.  It  is  our  innate  nature  that  burns   with  wisdom  and  allows  us  to  embrace  life.  When  we  align  ourselves  with  the   gods  and  with  the  path  of  The  Craft  we  burn  with  fire,  we  burn  with  a  yearning  to   know  our  soul’s  destiny.  That  is  what  drives  us  on  towards  the  source  of  all   knowledge,  it  allows  us  to  heal  bits  of  ourselves  and  others  because  when  we  get   just  one  single  glimpse  of  the  fire  within  the  heart  it  is  enough  to  illuminate  the   entire  universe.


Although  we  have  an  inner  fire  there  is  nothing  more  beautiful  to  be  sat   round  a  camp  fire,  how  many  times  have  you  looked  deep  into  the  flames  and  let   them  speak  to  you,  they  lull  you  to  a  place  which  allows  visions  to  arise,   transporting  us  inwards  to  the  deep  seat  of  knowing.  The  Craft  has  always  been   the  place  where  those  who  follow  it’s  path  burn  with  the  passions  of  nature.  To  be   alive  with  the  fire  of  wisdom  means  that  you  have  opened  yourself  up  to  the  face   of  creation  and  allowed  yourself  to  become  enfolded  in  the  arms  of  the  Gods.  They   burn  with  the  same fire,  which  is  in  your  heart,  they  are  made  from  the  same  seed fire that  you  have  within.  The  Gods  burn  with  the  same  eternal  flame  that   illuminates  our  own  being  and  to  know  the  flame  within  means  you  come  to  know   the  face  of  the  Gods.  Fire  burns  away  ignorance  just  like  it  clears  the  dead  wood  of   the  forest  allowing  new  shoots  to  germinate  bringing  forth  new  growth.  We  all   have  dead  wood  within,  our  internal  struggles  and  our  ever-­‐conflicting  emotions   are  what  keep  the fire from  burning  bright.  But  when  we  get  a  glimpse  of  the fire  we  fan  the  f flames  and  they  start  to  burn,  they  burn  so  bight  that  they  produce  a  source  of  all  light,  without  fire  there  would  only  be  darkness  and  with  total   darkness  no  life  would  exist.  Fire  is  the  source  of  all  life,  without  our  sun  this   earth  we  live  on  would  be  a  dead  rock  floating  around  a  burnt  out  sun.  Devoid  of   any  life  there  would  be  no  consciousness  to  illuminate  itself.  We  are  the  universes   knowing  itself,  and  it’s  through  this  element  we  come  to  understand  these   wisdoms.


Offering to fire can be anything that can be consumed by flames or even a simple votive candle.

Offerings to the Water Element

Offerings to the Water Element


Water  is  a  vital  element  for  our  survival,  we  are  within  water  while  we  are  in  the   womb  of  our  mother  and  we  die  very  quickly  without  it.  Because  water  is  in  such   abundance  on  our  planet  we  have  little  attachment  to  it.  Water  is  fluid  and  free   and  over  time  it  can  reduce  the  hardest  material  into  dust.  It  cuts  through  valleys   like  a  knife  through  butter  and  bursts  forth  from  the  ground  in  healing  springs.  It   is  the  lifeblood  within  our  bodies  and  upon  the  earth  it  is  abundant  and  Glowing,   unfortunately  we  pollute  it  with  toxins  that  are  now  bringing  us  close  to  poisoning   all  life.


We  should  always  try  to  keep  our  waters  pure,  they  are  what  carry  the   trace  nutrients  that  our  body  needs  for  survival.  There  is  nothing  more  stirring   that  to  sit  next  to  crashing  waves  on  beach  or  more  restful  than  laying  next  to  a   babbling  brook.  Water  out  of  all  the  elements  has  the  most  power  to  heal.  Our   ancestors  knew  this  knowledge  and  dedicated  many  springs  to  cures.  Even  in  our   modern  world  we  prefer  bottled  water  to  that  from  the  tap  thinking  it  has  a  purer   quality  to  it.  It’s  our  internal  emotions  that  draw  us  close  to  water  as  a  source  of   all  healing  and  I  often  wonder  if  it’s  because  we  floated  for  nine  months  in  the   waters  of  our  mothers  womb.  There  we  felt  safe  and  secure,  it  was  a  primordial   state  before  they  burst  issuing  us  into  the  world  of  duality  we  know  as  life.  How   many  of  us  enjoy  the  relaxing  comfort  of  a  bath  or  the  invigorating  power  of  a   shower.  Both  these  daily  functions  connect  us  deeply  to  the  element  of  water  and   draw  us  close  to  its  energetic  qualities.  I  love  nothing  better  than  swimming   outdoors  in  the  summer  in  open  pools  and  rivers,  feeling the power of nature enfold me in the waters of life.


A  daily  offering  of  water  can  be  made  on  your  own  personal  shrine;  it  is   something  very  easy  to  do  and  connects  us  to  a  source  of  connection  many  take   for  granted.  Water  is  the  best  substance  as  a  daily  offering  because  it’s  one  of  the   things  we  have  no  attachment  to,  we  don’t  in  any  way  covet  it  because  it  seems  to     be  around  us  in  abundance.  That  way  we  give  it  freely  and  that’s  the  spirit  which   should  be  nurtured  when  making  any  offering.  To  be  able  to  give  without  any   attachment  at  all  allows  the  offering  to  have  the  purest  quality  within  it  and   becomes  a  great  source  of  connecting  us  to  the  source  of  creation. Items  you  can  offer  include  water,  milk  and  wine.


You  could  even  collect   different  waters  to  offer  such  as  Sea  Water,  Lake  Water,  Spring  Water,  Rain  Water,   Snow  Water  and  Dew,  be  guided  by  your  intuition and may the hand of the gods always lead you towards your souls purpose.

Offerings to the Earth Element

Offerings to the Earth Element


When  we  make  offerings  to  the  earth  element  we  are  honouring  our  body,  without  this   vehicle  we  would  not  be  able  to  experience  the  world  in  all  its  beauty.  It  gives  us  the   chance  to  find  happiness  and  joy.  It  is  the  very  vessel  that  is  filled  with  the  light  of   creation  and  inhabiting  it  for  a  lifetime  means  we  have  a  chance  to  awake  to  that  inner   light.  It’s  incredible  when  you  stop  to  think  about  it,  but  that’s  the  problem,  few  do.   When  we  walk  a  spiritual  path  it  allows  us  to  move  forward  on  a  journey  upon  the   earth,  this  planet  is  a  living  body  like  our  own.  But  how  many  people  actually  treat  it  as   such?


Because  we  have  disconnected  from  the  earth  we  have  become  disconnected   from  our  bodies  and  look  at  the  amount  of  self-­‐loathing  we  see  in  western  cultures.  The   Craft  has  always  told  us  to  love  our  bodies,  they  are  sacred  and  that’s  why  from  time  to   time  we  take  off  our  clothes  and  walk  into  nature.  When  we  meet  nature  naked,  we  are   free,  we  are  totally  beyond  the  trappings  of  culture  because,  once  again,  we  have   entered  paradise.  The  Craft  has  always  held  ritual  nudity  to  be  a  profound  act,   unfortunately  because  of  our  modern  culture  few  these  days  feel  comfortable  disrobing.   This  is  because  we  live  in  a  highly  sexualized  society  that  has  used  sex  and  sexual   images  to  sell  almost  everything,  the  images  which  have  been  used  have  been  very   limiting  and  exaggerated  leaving  many  with  a  sense  of  inferiority  about  their  own   bodies.  Remember  we  are  born  into  this  world  naked  and  when  we  are  free  from  the   trappings  of  clothes  we  also  have  the  opportunity  to  free  ourselves  from  our  ridged   identities.


Offerings  to  the  earth  can  include  stones,  salt,  soil  and  food,  go  into  nature,  take   your  clothes  off  in  the  warmer  months  and  feel  the  sun  on  your  body,  feel  the  wind   caress  you  like  a  lover  and  embrace  the  natural  world.  Make  your  offerings  to  this   element  and  thank  it  for  giving  you  such  a  beautiful  gift,  your  body  the  vehicle of your awakening.

Offerings to the Air Element

Offerings to the Air Element


When  we  make  offerings  to  the  air  we  are  thanking  the  universe  for  our  breath. Each  moment  we  are  held  by  this  element  and  at  the  moment  of  death  it’s  our  last   breath,  which  heralds  our  departure  from  the  mortal  body.


The  air  is  also  our  First   breath  when  we  are  born  so  honour  this  element  by  getting  outdoors  and   spending  time  in  high  places,  feel  the  wind  on  your  body  and  rejoice  with  song,   laughter  and  dance,  which  are  all  part  of  this  element.  The  air  is  what  carries  sound,  music  is  what  nurtures  our  soul  and  we  can   see  that  the  two  combined  into  one  exceptional  union.  Music  has  the  power  to   heal  and  transform  us.  Think  about  how  many  times  you  have  put  on  your   favourite  tracks  to  change  your  mood.  Mellow  music  chills  us  out  and  reduces  our   stress  and  more  uplifting  music  gets  us  into  a  place  when  we  want  to  move  and   express  ourselves.  All  this  is  the  expression  of  the  air  element  and  by  being  aware   of  such  things  brings  a  greater  clarity  to  our  daily  activities.


Simple  offerings  can  be  thrown  into  the  air  or  left  tied  to  trees  so  that  they   Flutter  in  the  winds.  But  make  sure  whatever  you  leave  in  nature  can  be  broken   down  easily  such  a  paper,  incense,  cotton  or  silk  cloth,  food  and  liquids,  things   found  such  as  feathers  and  rocks.  Never  leave  anything  that  will  affect  the  flow of  the natural world,  to do that will only create blocks and hinder your path towards growth.