Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 1st






Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 1st



Aries Horoscope

Remind yourself of the need to feed your imagination and faith, dear Aries. Your more worldly concerns may need to wait. Watch that you’re not misunderstood, especially about issues from the past. Also watch that you don’t trick yourself into thinking something you want to believe, or ignore an important matter. News coming in may not be all that it appears at the moment. Wait and process things before making final decisions and conclusions. Look for hidden agendas. Tomorrow’s energies are similar, so if you can feed your creative urges, take a break, or otherwise tend to emotional and spiritual needs, you may benefit the most.



Early today, you can feel especially connected, creative, and romantic, dear Taurus. It can be very easy to get others to go along with your plans and ideas. As the day advances, clarity tends to fade, particularly surrounding money and friendship matters. You might sense a hidden agenda with people in your life, or you may be itching to know how someone feels, but cues are hard to read or completely absent! Consider more imaginative, engaging ways to do, or drum up, business. Avoid letting others’ demands, beating around the bush, or complaints drain you. If it’s possible, put some of your worldly goals on pause so that you can take care of your emotional and spiritual needs.



While there can be good energy for creative work, dear Gemini, practical matters may not fare as well, simply because you’re being nudged towards stronger consideration of your imaginative, emotional, and spiritual needs today. Lack of clarity on the job can affect you strongly now, and this may also play out with authority figures in general. Try not to project fantasies on people and situations, as you may make more of them than they deserve, good or bad. As well, the tendency to be indiscreet without intending to is rather strong right now. Avoid making a stand or show right now, as you may regret it later when your head is clearer. If goals are too far-reaching or not very clear now, take things a step at a time and entertain smaller, more realizable goals.



There can be quite a play on your perceptions and beliefs today and in the next few days, dear Cancer. Today, there can be the strong temptation to turn on the emotional blinders about a matter that you don’t want to face just yet. While it’s best to avoid drawing conclusions for now, you should make extra effort to avoid glossing over important details as well. Try to assess a matter that seems too good to be true, or, alternatively, seems too fantastical to hold weight, before banking on it now. Consider that you may be tricking yourself when it comes to a belief or goal. Aspiring towards a goal is one thing, but if it’s preventing you from enjoying the moment, then you may need to make adjustments. This morning is strong for making contact and interactions with friends, who are on your side.



You may be struggling with what’s true and what may only be wishful thinking today, dear Leo, particularly when it comes to emotional attachments, relationships, and finances. This is not the time to be indiscriminate with your money, particularly when it comes to others handling it. Keep abreast of what’s going on with shared resources. Trust, of course, is important in a relationship, but sometimes others can slip. You might also need to draw some boundaries with people who may be pushing your limits. Today and tomorrow, there can be some confusion or inability to see clearly and focus. Questions of commitment and attachment can arise. This can be a reminder to take better care of spiritual needs before pushing forward with your goals, and this will be stronger the more you’ve neglected them in recent weeks.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

This week can serve, on some level, as a checkpoint, dear Virgo, for goals related to career and life path, partnerships, and home/family life, dear Virgo. Today and tomorrow, you can be dealing with possible illusions that have blinded you to progress and growth, or the viability of dreams. This can be a “foggy” day in the relationship and career departments. There may be important details that are hidden or omitted altogether, and these things can hurt you at a later date. Boundaries are tricky to draw with those close to you, but if you allow others to overstep them too often, they might keep pushing your limits to see how far they can go. Interactions can be laced with elements of guilt, deception, and insecurity, making it important to separate yourself from uncertain situations and to save making final decisions and conclusions for a later date. Today is strong, forever, for pursuing personal interests and connecting with friends.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

The day should be just fine for personal enjoyment, dear Libra, if you can avoid making definite commitments. It is also important to not take things at face value, particularly interactions involving co-workers, contracts, and agreements. There is a lot of misleading information and speculation floating around you right now, and it’s better not to take any of it as final or decisive. Push the limits when it comes to creativity and feeling today, but avoid setting yourself up for disappointment as not everyone else may be on the same page. There is a cosmic push to experience more of life beyond your routines these days, but you may be battling low energy or a cluttered schedule that keeps you from doing so. It may be that you are discovering the need for more imagination in your daily affairs, work, and routines in order to better motivate you.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Confusing or confused signals are quite likely in love relationships today, dear Scorpio. Avoid giving them off and avoid taking what you experience today too personally. You may be passionately seeking an answer to a pressing issue, but pushing matters will not get you anywhere. Avoid putting your faith in promises made today, including those that are not explicit because they may only be extensions of your own wishful thinking. Imagination is powerful now, possibly to the point of self-deception, but if harnessed in the right direction, you can be highly creative. This is a time for looking within and finding ways to better satisfy your needs for imagination, creative expression, and spiritual meaning, even if this temporarily takes you away from pursuing your more worldly goals. Friendships may be more supportive than love connections just for now, but you are also in a good position to learn much about yourself and your needs through your love relationships and feelings, and your personal appeal is very strong.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Whether or not to put your faith in someone or a situation can be a struggle today, dear Sagittarius, as the Sun and Neptune form a square. Tomorrow, Venus will do the same, so prepare for a couple of days of being on the fence. Emotionally complex relationships tend to be the most susceptible to ups and downs today, while the more superficial connections tend to do just fine. Insecurities may lead you to accept behaviors in others that cross lines – watch for this. Try to depend on yourself and tend to your personal goals rather than to focus too heavily on others. After all, you are the only one responsible for your happiness. Let go of the thought that you might get concrete answers or commitments from others right now, or even clear signals from within, and life will be a little easier. Enjoy the moment without expectations for best results now.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

This morning brings lovely energy for communicating and connecting with helpful people and good information, dear Capricorn. As the day advances, and over the next few days, there can be some temporary confusion until you recognize your more spiritual goals. The material world needs attention, of course, but if you’re not all there, you may be making mistakes now. It can be difficult to stay on course, but a rest or time for reflection is important. This is not the best time for making important decisions, particularly revolving around health and work matters. Dream up possibilities, but wait for a clearer day for new initiatives or big steps.



The morning can be good for stimulating discussions and learning, dear Aquarius, particularly with or about family and personal matters. As the day advances, there is a tendency for fuzzy perceptions, particularly related to financial and emotional/romantic matters. Insecurities about relationship definitions or who/what is yours can affect your enjoyment now, as much as you want to believe in something or someone. Focusing on the tasks at hand may not come easily right now, but if something touches your higher ideals or inner dreams, you’ll feel considerably more motivated. Watch for the temptation to look the other way if faced with money problems, or to borrow from the future in order to satisfy an urge today and tomorrow.



This morning, you can get your ideas across and come to a happy agreement with someone, dear Pisces. As the day advances, the Sun and your ruler, Neptune, close in on a square aspect, and this influence can challenge your goals or even your confidence temporarily. If you haven’t been paying enough attention to your spiritual and emotional needs lately, you could feel drained or lacking in direction. The key to taming inner restlessness is to truly understand what is causing the dissatisfaction. This involves digging deep, as many of the reasons we give ourselves for dissatisfaction are superficial and temporary. You may be feeling a little left out or disappointed until you recognize your true needs.

Cosmic Weather Horoscope – June 2016

Cosmic Weather Horoscope – June 2016

Written by Jane Lyle


Don’t look down! June 2016 is looking bendy and bonkers as we tumble down the rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland world. Or maybe some of us push through the musty winter coats hanging in the wardrobe and find ourselves in Narnia.

Fantastical children’s stories, science fiction, and imaginary worlds draw close as we question reality – we wonder how many dimensions there might be going on simultaneously. But it will be hard to find reliable information. Everything is shifting around, yet sure and certain progress is a real challenge. Push too hard, and you may find yourself going in entirely the wrong direction.

A planetary pattern called a mutable grand cross flavours the whole of June. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. As a group, these psychologically acrobatic signs represent excellent qualities of flexibility, changeability, and adaptability. At their absolute worst these signs can be flaky, vague, fickle and superficial.

Currently, Jupiter is in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Sagittarius, while the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini activate them, producing much talk of one sort or another. The result is confusing, giving an illusion of things being stuck while underneath they are actually in transition – 2016’s big theme. What’s really going on might not be clear until the autumn. Meanwhile, keeping a wide-open mind is vital.

It’s easy to get terribly preachy and self-righteous with planets in these signs – particularly Sagittarius. But the opinions we so eagerly express may not truly reflect what we really believe. And, honestly, we may not even know what that is just yet. Perhaps not the best time for the UK referendum on Europe, for opinions on this and much else will change, and change again, all summer long. Yes, it’s all a bit sticky.

Fortunately, there’s some powerful, earthy energy around too. We can use it to help ourselves achieve practical dreams. King Jupiter in Virgo is flowing with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, in dynamic Capricorn during June, exact on the 26th.  Make the most of this beautiful pattern – the next time Jupiter and Pluto meet, in November, it’s much more challenging.

In another corner of the cosmos, Mars backtracking in Scorpio continues to peer under stones and rummage through forgotten archives in search of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Information emerges that changes our attitudes or conclusions – particular areas in focus during June and July include sex, money, taxes, violent crimes, and death.

On a personal level, painful, damaging past relationships or financial dealings come up for review. Eventually, healing these wounds, or releasing buried anger, opens up the possibility of rebirth and regeneration. It’s also a very useful time to come up with plans and strategies for later on in the summer, and on into the autumn.

Mars, planet of action, desire, war and combat is in special focus this summer.

Moments to watch are:

19th July – Mars in Scorpio connects with July’s full Moon in Capricorn inciting passionate, brooding feelings. Sex, money, and security are on our minds more than usual.

23rd – 24th August – there’s a rare, significant meeting of Mars, Saturn, and the bright fixed star Antares in Sagittarius. It’s a potent time, for Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia, Watcher of the West, symbolically marking the entrance to the underworld – or the unconscious mind. Mars and Saturn align every couple of years, but the last time they both met up with Antares was in February, 1986.

Antares’ meaning combines success and power with obsessive thinking and notable creativity. There can be a deep need for intense experiences. Caution and objectivity are advisable, but it will take great effort to find them.

Traditionally, this star also signifies sedition, and the death of famous men. This Mars, Saturn, and Antares line-up highlights religious intensity, extreme patriotism, and considerable tension between impulsive actions and holding back.

A wide range of national horoscopes are activated by Mars, Saturn and Antares. These include:

Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Spain, and Syria.




Friday 3rd June – Saturday 4th June:

Can you feel the approach of a vibrant new Moon in Gemini? It’s a time of great mental activity, information, and ideas pinging back and forth. Mind games proliferate too, so we must all be as flexible as possible. If there are things you’d like to let go or put to one side, now’s the time to tiptoe away. It’s all about the mutable signs at the moment – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, so adaptability is the key.

The aspects are: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius, exact on 3rd June. On 4th June, the Sun squares Jupiter in Virgo, and Venus opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The stage is set. The new Moon rises at 14 degrees of Gemini on Sunday, 5th June.


Sunday 5th June:

New Moon rises at 14 degrees of Gemini, the Twins

Image: ‘Twins’, Qajar art, courtesy of the Art Museum of Georgia, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Our charming Gemini new Moon shines on all the multiple twists and turns that lie ahead during the whole month of June. There are codes to be cracked. But pieces of this particularly fiendish jigsaw puzzle are missing.

It’s a very significant Moon for both the UK, and the European Union – bringing up issues around transport, travel, migration, education, and media.

There’s more in the Moon Diary.

The aspects are: New Moon is conjunct both Sun and Venus, opposite Saturn 13 Sagittarius, square Jupiter 14 Virgo, square Neptune 12 Pisces.



Monday 6th June:

Art, love, beauty, peace, and culture are our resources, and just as valuable as cold, hard cash.

Venus and the Sun make their exact connection today in media-friendly Gemini, and this is their summer message to us all.

Venus will be an evening star this summer, having reached that part of her journey where she changes from morning star to evening beauty.



Tuesday 7th June:

Prince Rogers Nelson, musician, star: 7th June 1958 – 21st April 2016

A hugely talented artist, Prince was a versatile, mischievous Gemini with mercurial Mercury itself also in the sign of the Twins. But underneath the witty, elusive mask and playful whimsicality planets in the fixed signs reveal a more relentless, and determined core.

Venus, in sensual, musical Taurus, is keeping company with experimental Uranus in dramatic Leo, mystical Neptune in sexy, intuitive Scorpio. Sexy, androgynous, flamboyant yet very private – this planetary pattern was projected in all its Dionysian glory through costume, dance, and mesmerising performance.

His Moon, in musical, spiritual Pisces, also connects with Neptune and Venus – signifying a triple dose of musicality, plus a natural-born ability to create mystery and glamour. Intense Pluto and the Moon’s nodes, also in show-business Leo, align with the blazing fixed ‘royal’ star Regulus – a star associated with outstanding success. Potent.

Prince died too soon for those he leaves behind.  He said:

A strong spirit transcends rules’


Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th June:

Talking about a revolution? It’s possible.

There’s much communication, as Mercury in Taurus is fired up by Mars in Scorpio. I’m afraid some of it will be intense and angry, although there’s the possibility of fierce, passionate creativity too.  In Taurus and Scorpio, sex, money, crime and vengeance are likely to be high on the agenda – although they’re the usual suspects much of the time…..

The aspects are: Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars in Scorpio. Mercury is aligned with the intense fixed star, Algol.

This fixed star, the Medusa’s Head, does have a particularly baleful, murderous and death-dealing reputation. Yet there are many layers of meaning, and the obsessive nature of this star can fuel great creativity and energy too.



Friday 10th June:

If you’re not a sports fan, look away now. A whole month (and more) of sporting madness is about to begin. It culminates in an intensely sporting weekend, with the Wimbledon Tennis Ladies Singles Final on Saturday, 9th July, and the Men’s Singles Final on Sunday, 10th July at 2pm. Followed, in the evening, by the Euro 2016 Final match. Phew! And then, the Olympic Games are scheduled begin in Brazil on 5th August, but that’s another story entirely.

The UEFA European Championship 2016 kicks off today in France

With twenty-four teams competing in ten host cities, it’s the biggest European football championship so far. It reaches what promises to be an emotional climax on 10th July. Sporty Mars will be backtracking in relentless Scorpio during June, finally turning direct on the 29th. Watch out for more angry, volatile outbursts than usual in June. It could be a real mission to get things moving as well, particularly for France and defending champions, Spain, whose national horoscopes are activated by Mars.

Countries with a challenging path to walk between big dreams and structure, rules, and reality are Iceland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland. These nations will be feeling the effects of that confusing square off between Saturn and nebulous Neptune. It’s exact on the 18th June, but its flavour infuses the whole month. At it’s best, this combination means hard work makes dreams come true. At it’s worst, it denotes disappointment, depression, delusions and restrictions.

And what about England? It’s hard for me to be objective about that! But, looking at the chart for the Coronation of William the Conqueror on Christmas Day, 1066, there’s a powerful boost from Jupiter, Pluto, and the mysterious Moon’s nodes – suggesting confidence, energy, and determination. This team could go further than we might imagine.

What’s encouraging, too, are some positive planetary patterns that link 1066, 2016, and 1966 – the never-to-be-forgotten (and so far never-to-be-repeated) World Cup when England won against West Germany.

Back in July 1966, Uranus – planet of surprises and upsets, and potent Pluto (both at 16 degrees Virgo) were energising fleet-footed Mercury in Capricorn (16 degrees) and sensible, hard-working Saturn in Virgo (16 degrees) in the English 1066 horoscope.

In June 2016 Pluto is crossing 16 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter is at 16 degrees Virgo. There’s some strong, positive, earthy energy activating our 1066 English chart, just as it did in 1966. The Moon’s nodes (15 Virgo) plug into this pattern, emphasising team spirit, loyalty, and the fortunate ability to support each other. Uranian magic of the ‘anything can happen’ variety is the crucial difference between 1966 and today.

Only remember, there are no cast-iron guarantees of stellar success. When helpful patterns come along, we must choose to channel them, and decide to seize the moment. Otherwise, we simply feel better than usual and nothing much happens. Having said that, it’s clear that the planets support cautious optimism, although maybe not delirious July joy.

Manager Roy Hodgson, born on 9th August 1947, also has some uplifting planetary transits, particularly towards the end of June and beginning of July too with expansiveness, courtesy of Jupiter, energy from powerful Pluto, and some (hopefully pleasing, but you never know) surprises courtesy of unpredictable Uranus. Saturn is doggedly supporting his stoic side and his optimistic planets in Leo – whatever happens, he’ll remain true to himself and his beliefs. We wish them all the very best of luck.



Saturday 11th June – Tuesday 14th June:

Fresh thoughts, exciting encounters, and eccentric styles entertain us as Venus and Uranus stir up some fizzy bubbles of fun in Gemini and Aries.

Unusual and spontaneous moments sparkle, lighting up planets in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, plus Aries, Leo and Sagittarius around 22 – 24 degrees.

On Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th the Gemini Sun boosts moods, impulses, and light-bulb moments by making the same connection with fiery, unpredictable Uranus. It’s electrifying.



Sunday 12th June:

Mercury enters one of his two home signs, airy Gemini, the sign of the Twins, today.

Levels of chatter and communication increase after Mercury’s lengthy, cautious, and serious-minded residency in Taurus. Mercury whizzes through Gemini, leaving for Cancer on 29th June. During these lively weeks, Mercury favours talking about the numerous weird confusions generated by the ongoing tension between fear versus ideals, practicality versus fantasy and all the other opaque situations described by Saturn square Neptune.

You may have Mercury in Gemini if you’re a Sun sign Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer – depending on your year of birth.



Monday 13th June:

Neptune turns retrograde at 12 Pisces. It turns direct on 20th November.

Neptune in its watery home sign of Pisces is always going to be idealistic, musical, artistic, spiritual, and somewhat away with the fairies.

In apparent reverse, Neptune’s cosmic hall of mirrors becomes ever more mind-bending. Dream-catchers at the ready then.



Friday 17th June:

Venus enters water-sign Cancer, the Crab. Venus in Cancer is a silvery Moon goddess, a bewitching mistress of dreams.

Venus in Cancer can be seductive yet self-protective, sensitive, and most intuitive about others’ emotions, sexuality, and motivations. Generally, loyalty is prized highly – this Venus likes to create a stable, loving partnership, even though fluctuating emotions, moodiness, and powerful possessiveness can cause tension in relationships.

Financially, Venus in Cancer is astute. It favours collecting art and antique silver, property investments, and earning cash from vintage items. Good food, fine wine, and the sight of the sea bring great pleasure.

Who Has Venus in Cancer?

You may have Venus in sensitive – yet shrewd – Cancer if your Sun sign is Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, or Virgo – depending on the year you were born.

Some famous people with Venus in Cancer are:

Sun in Gemini, Venus in Cancer: Rafael Nadal (3rd June, 1986); Angelina Jolie (4th June, 1975); Donald Trump (14th June, 1946)

Sun in Cancer, Venus in Cancer: Meryl Streep (22nd June, 1949); Khloe Kardashian (27th June, 1984)

Sun in Leo, Venus in Cancer: Barack Obama (4th August, 1961); Kate Bush (30th July, 1958); Robert Plant (20th August, 1948)




Saturday 18th June:

One of 2016’s main signatures is exact again today. This is the second of three meetings between structured Saturn and slippery Neptune. Its themes surfaced late last year, and continue on into autumn 2016.

Here’s what I wrote back at the start of this big, transitional pattern in 2015:

‘The endless layers of Saturn’s dance with Neptune are in focus now, and on into 2016. Saturn is structured, risk-averse, and often realistic to the point of pessimism. Neptune dissolves boundaries and rigid structures like the sea eroding the coast. Neptune is misty and idealistic, Saturn is all about the rules, the bones, the clock and the calendar.

Dreams, beliefs, and hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs of every kind will be tested rigorously between now and November 2016 both in our own lives, and in the world around us. This includes legal highs, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and medical marijuana. Financially, Saturn/Neptune links do not favour unrealistic credit and tend to mark periods of deflation and financial limitations. The discouraging manifestation of Saturn/Neptune means hopes are dashed, dreams squashed, and disappointments have long-lasting effects.

Saturn and Neptune’s current square-off happens in the philosophical signs of fiery Sagittarius (Saturn) and watery Pisces (Neptune). Both signs are optimistic and flexible, yet both signs are capable of religious fanaticism, financial deception, and political delusions. Who’s fooling who? Over the next twelve months it could be impossible to answer this question with any certainty. Some of our longstanding heroes will topple over Saturn’s rocks headfirst into Neptune’s salty oceans.

And yet when Saturn and Neptune work well together it’s possible to make dreams come true. It’s no easy task. Saturn is firmly grounded, bringing wisdom, patience, and a strong work ethic, while Neptune’s spiritual vibrations emphasise universal love, inspiration, and surrender to something bigger and finer than me, my selfie, and I.’


Positive Saturn/Neptune themes include:

For ourselves:

*Practical inspiration – free spirits come down to earth, but get results

*Freeing ourselves from limited thinking

*Dissolving outmoded routines, unhelpful structures, and exhausting relationship patterns

*Finding new creative routines – each baby step leads towards our finished creations

*Making proper, regular time for sleep and meditation

*Creating uplifting rituals – a daily walk, a journal, a seasonal celebration, a spot of hocus-pocus in your voodoo kitchen…..

*Establishing vital emotional and spiritual boundaries

*Learning to sing or play a musical instrument – or just singing in the shower


In the world around us:

*Appreciating and discovering the spiritual wisdom of other cultures, and other times

*Working tirelessly to clean our oceans, rivers and lakes, and prioritising sustainable fishing

*Discovering the wonders of ancient art and ancient ruins – particularly those under the sea, or beside water

This Saturn/Neptune cycle began in 1989 with a conjunction in Capricorn, with the first square in 1998-99. The two planets opposed one another in 2006-2007. What’s happening now could bring up or test themes and events from those years. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989, for example – and now Germany’s commitment to the ideal of a Europe without boundaries is being tested by the migration and refugee crisis. Saturn and Neptune are all set to preside over much confusion in the oil and gas industries, spark off debate and new legislation in medicine and alternative treatments, and encourage new initiatives and legislation to crack down on internet scams and the elusive labyrinths of the dark web. A new Saturn/Neptune cycle begins in 2025.

This current Saturn/Neptune meeting colours the whole year ahead. The exact squares between Old Father Time and Water World are:

November 26th 2015 – 7 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces

June 18th 2016 – 12 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces

September 10th 2016 – 10 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces

If you’re a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarian or Piscean then you’re likely to notice the effects more than most. Anyone with planets in those mutable signs in their birth chart will also be dealing with these themes during the coming year.’

Saturn square Neptune is exact at 12 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces. Both planets are retrograde.



Monday 20th June:

Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer the Crab.

It’s the longest day here in the northern hemisphere. The seasons turn for everyone here on Earth today as a new phase begins with the Sun in the dynamic cardinal sign of Cancer, the Crab.

Let’s not forget to say happy birthday month to all those enigmatic, complex Cancerians out there. You are creative, intuitive, ambitious and infinitely tenacious. Ruled by the Moon, your inner seas ebb and flow with mysterious tides of emotion that you prefer to conceal from others, or even from yourself. You hate change, unless it was your idea. However, you are often successful in life since you don’t give up on anything (or anyone) easily.

The Solstice Full Moon rises in Sagittarius at 29 degrees

Image: Vintage optical illusion disc via

This is the second full Moon in the sign of the centaur this season. It completes a cycle linked with education, travel, religion or idealistic aims and beliefs.

Aligned with fixed star Acumen, in the constellation of Scorpio, it shines on sharp minds, and stinging words of criticism too. There’s more in the Moon Diary.



Thursday 23rd June:

Today Britain votes on whether to stay in Europe, or say farewell to the European Union. The Moon, signifying the public, is in intellectual, humanitarian, yet detached Aquarius all day. Mercury is in changeable Gemini, opposing the UK’s Mercury in Sagittarius – clearly suggesting divided opinions, perhaps an almost-perfect neat line down the middle? Jupiter expands everything from Virgo, squaring up to Mercury to denote a feeling of too much information and spin, or the possibility of a large turn-out to vote.

Today is also Midsummer Eve. Ancient traditions tell us that this is one of the witchiest, most haunted nights of the year. Fires were lit at sunset on this day, to celebrate this magical night, and to fend off any spiteful ghosts and mischievous spirits.

You spotted snakes with double tongue,
Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen;
Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong,
Come not near our fairy queen.

Philomel, with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby;
Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby:
Never harm,
Nor spell nor charm,
Come our lovely lady nigh;
So, good night, with lullaby.

Weaving spiders, come not here;
Hence, you long-legg’d spinners, hence!
Beetles black, approach not near;
Worm nor snail, do no offence.

– ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare




Sunday 26th June:

Amidst all the slippery shenanigans of June 2016, we’ve had the deep, fertile power of Jupiter and Pluto, encouraging us to make things real.

This aspect is exact today – there’s still time to get going with something that needs optimism and drive.

The aspect is: Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, 16 degrees



Wednesday 29th June:

Change of pace

Mercury enters Cancer today. Here, the planet of communication and movement expresses itself in an imaginative, intuitive, and tenacious way. A good memory is one of Mercury in Cancer’s most helpful manifestations. It’s shrewd and canny too. Mercury in Cancer loves history too – whether on film, in novels, or as a subject to study. Mercury in Cancer can worry way too much about everything, as emotions and thoughts attempt a complex balancing act.

You may have Mercury in Cancer if your Sun sign is Gemini, Cancer, or Leo. This depends on the year when you were born.


Wednesday 29th June’s other shift is:

Mars turns direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio

Mars is moving slowly, remaining at 23 degrees of Scorpio until 11th July. It’s effect is a powerful one for Taurus and Scorpio, and to a lesser extent Leo and Aquarius.

Special birthdays energised by assertive Mars this summer are:

Taurus:  12th – 14th May

Leo: 14th – 16th August

Scorpio: 14th – 16th November

Aquarius: 10th – 12th February

If you have planets around 23 degrees of these signs in your natal horoscope they are activated now. If this is you, then what’s been held back or stuck should now begin to gradually edge forward as we move into July. Simple solutions and uncomplicated plans promise to be the most successful.




The Astrology Room

Dark Stars Horoscopes – June 2016





Dark Stars Horoscopes – June 2016

by Jane Lyle


You’ve been learning how to go at a different pace since April. You don’t like it much, but you can see what you may have overlooked in your haste to get things done. What’s emerging is useful, and this probably irritating experience will, eventually, work out in your favour. Pouring energy into pushing for new things is a waste of time right now. Other people will simply stand in your way. But by August the brakes are released, and who knows where you might be heading? Anyway, this is Gemini season, which means it’s a great time to be sociable, explore your neighbourhood, and make the most of every little thing – from your morning coffee to a gorgeous sunset. You’ll learn things, meet new people, and disrupt your old ways of thinking, or routines that no longer serve you. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Your month begins with a powerful new Moon aligned with your ruler, lovely Venus on 5th June. This would be a meaningful time to think about what you really love, what you value highly, and how to make those things shine and grow this June. Women may be very helpful to you, or be able to point you in the right direction. Keep these things close to your heart, and bide your time. Currently, partners in love, at work – or both – are unable to help you much. They’re struggling with their own concerns. You can be supportive just by being your warm, affectionate self, but you can’t solve their problems for them. Don’t be blinkered by others now – your creativity and sense of wellbeing is boosted all month long by lucky Jupiter and intense Pluto, and you can perform a fabulous transformation act. If you take deliberate steps towards your desires and dreams, the universe will meet you half-way.

Your annual new Moon in Gemini on June 5th is a very special one this year. It’s marking an amazing moment when you can ride the waves of energy all around you like the best surfer on the beach. If you can go with the lunar flow, you’ll see much more clearly what 2016 is really all about for you. Setting intentions, if you like doing this, would be a positive move. This atmosphere lasts throughout the month, but is at its most powerful as June begins. Just don’t expect others to agree with you, they’re likely to be in a cautious frame of mind. And your desire to leave one longstanding commitment – a job, a romance, or even a neighbourhood, may unsettle people who care about you. Around the Solstice (20th) you’re extra-restless beneath a ‘close the deal’ full Moon in skippy Sagittarius. So try to keep your feet on the ground now and again – but do make the most of June’s sparkling bubbles of mental inspiration.

We’re often told about the benefits of ‘moving on’. Yet you, of all the signs, value history, memory, and the treasures of the past – and you’re spot on this June, for the past is playing a vital role in current events. Your beautiful ruler, the Moon, promises fascinating conversations, compelling dreams, and interesting discoveries in your neighbourhood, or beyond, all month long. And if you keep your extra-sensitive antennae tuned in you’ll pick up all sorts of helpful pointers. You might even meet a great new friend, or reconnect with someone from the past. So don’t be afraid to drift a little, you could find something wonderful, and chances are it will be directly linked with your own history. It’s also a positive time for communication and writing – and once lovely Venus enters Cancer on the 17th you’ll create a good impression everywhere you go. Make your imagination and wellbeing a priority in June, and you can build up the energy you need to make some impressive moves in July.

Great opportunities are hiding in plain sight this June. But they may not be what you expected or imagined for yourself earlier in the year. Maybe you need to look at things from another point of view, or simply stop knocking on a door that refuses to budge? This isn’t a sign of weakness, for June is all about flexibility – if you’re willing to change, or even wait and see, then you’ll feel less stressed or frustrated. Relaxing a bit mid-month opens your fiery spirit up to exciting encounters, creative surprises, and new looks – and is most definitely a time when all work and no play is a bad move. You can’t force yourself to be creative and productive, you need to stretch out in the sun before you gather up your strength to pounce. Try to avoid confrontations with the men in your life too – whatever role they play in your world. Relationships with key figures approach a new era by the end of the month, for now you’ll be better off focusing on your own happiness.

Avoiding any kind of DIY in June could be a wise step to take – everything is likely to take much longer than expected. Domestic appliances, cars, or even technology are unreliable too – this is not a great time to invest in stuff for your everyday life.  Similarly, resolving longstanding family issues will have to wait until the end of June. But when you move towards exploring love, creative ideas, or having fun then you’ll attract good luck and feel much more in tune with your true self. A powerhouse of a new Moon on 5th June illuminates vital clues – and conversations with women could be especially important. You’ll also benefit from study, travel, and generally making a conscious effort to think along positive lines. Day by day you’re moving towards an autumn turning point, and even though you can’t really say what that might be like yet, you sense important developments. The more open you are, the easier this exciting transition will be.

Be prepared for a flurry of new information, invitations, or social surprises in the first couple of weeks of June. Other people are very likely to open up spontaneous possibilities – or even romantic frissons – between the 10th and 14th, so don’t hide your Libran light under a bushel whatever you do. Much continues to be outside your immediate control, and you don’t always feel comfortable with that. However, if you accept it you can conserve your precious energy. This would be a very clever step to take, for once Venus and the Sun move into Cancer the Crab (17th and 20th) you’ll be in a much better, and luckier, phase – and it will be time to move forward with your goals and dreams, and see what develops during July. Towards the end of the month you can make some delightful discoveries – either in your fertile imagination, or right under your nose in your own home and family. Something valuable is waiting for you to find it, so why not let intuition be your guide?

Many things begin to edge forwards this month, although your legendary patience is still very much needed in most situations until July. Still, if anyone can do it, it’s you. Your traditional ruler, Mars, is pretty much sitting still in Scorpio, favouring revising, reworking, and revisiting skills, projects, lovers and attitudes. Buried rage might be an issue, so prepare to be very honest with yourself. Your other ruling energy source, Pluto, offers rich gifts in the form of knowledge, creative cooperation, and vitality – for there’s a remarkable June link with lucky Jupiter. You can benefit from this by communicating your ideas, joining forces with others, and building up your self-confidence. This works extremely well when you channel energy into something you’ve already begun. New initiatives must wait until July, when the atmosphere changes – and money starts to flow again. Don’t expect everyone to be as loyal and reliable as you are, many people are dealing with much confusion this month. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and sooner or later you’ll be delighted by your success.

Look up at the night sky and make a wish when the new Moon rises on 5th June. There’s love, beauty, music and pleasure to be found – but only if you allow yourself to see it. With Saturn and Neptune around, you may have been feeling negative, confused, or disappointed this year – or perhaps things aren’t quite working out how you’d expected. However, the dastardly duo can also help you work hard (very hard) to manifest your dreams – and although it’s a real slog, you’ll see pleasing and enduring results eventually. Both May and June bring full Moons in your sign too, indicating the end of a phase in your life – this could be a way of thinking, a relationship, or a routine. Significant changes are afoot, but – like all of us – you won’t be able to pin everything down just yet. Your fantastic humour and ability to adapt helps you make the very best of this time. Indeed, insisting on certainty just won’t work – you’ll be able to do that in August. Meanwhile, look outwards and upwards – there’s a magical vista unfolding.

June’s a bit like a gorgeous gift wrapped up in dirty old newspapers. As you peel back the layers, you’ll wonder what’s going on. But the gift is there, waiting for you. It’s linked to what you did, or what you were thinking about last October, or again this March. Did you miss out on something then? Or did you start a project, friendship, or journey at that time? June brings an unusually powerful chance to move things forward and create something wonderful, or attract the luck and love you need in your life. Remember, this is one of those times when the universe is inviting you to step forward. This is a distracting, confusing month in many ways – so it’s up to you to see the bigger picture. Once the Sun (20th) and Venus (17th) are supporting you from intuitive Cancer, it’s easier to feel optimistic – for you’ll see just how much others are cheering you on.

Hopefully, by now, you’re getting used to delays caused by others. You can’t push the river, much as you’d like to – and things may not move at the pace you’d prefer until mid-July. Yet this can be a good thing, for fresh information and unexpected events promise to reveal possibilities you hadn’t even considered. Interesting disruptions can crop up any time this month, but between the 10th and 15th June looks like a very lively time for you. And, dull though it may sound, you have a useful chance to revise old projects, or get back in touch with former friends and colleagues. For some Aquarians, this brings romance. For others, it’s an opportunity to put something right, or make a new beginning with someone you’ve neglected or argued with. If this sounds incredibly boring, why not see it as a time of preparation instead? Autumn and winter seem a long way off, but developments then could be astonishing. Preparing mind, body, and spirit now gives you that all-important ninja edge.

June can be a memorable month for you if you can somehow keep your balance, and tune in to all the amazing mutable energy that surrounds you. It could be a very meaningful time for your goals and ambitions – with wise advice from older women looking especially helpful. Interesting possibilities are linked to what you’ve already achieved – and that’s probably much more than you think. There are people who believe in you, so why not listen to them for a change? This is a challenging year for you, and you need to embrace love and support rather than hide away. Think back to last October and March. Did you have any ideas, or meet anyone who inspired you? Did you take that inspiration any further? June brings another unusual chance to get involved with a group project or partnership that holds fabulous, fertile potential. Let the shimmering new Moon in Gemini (5th) be your guide. Towards the end of June, romantic feelings make you smile – just practise your acrobatic skills until then, and listen to the rapturous applause from your fans.




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Claire’s monthly horoscope – June 2016






Free Monthly Horoscope Forecast – Your Guide to the Month Ahead


Claire’s monthly horoscope – June 2016

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

You begin this month with a more refined and sensible air than you’ve had in months and this should gain you much attention and respect from those you’ve long wanted to get back on track with. Time spent with someone from your past mid-month helps to fill in many blanks about what a close one did or didn’t do earlier in the year. It may be the summer, but it’s a great month for study, so get your priorities sorted. Finances benefit it you do. Ring now to hear how love can see you making a major life change.



TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

There has been a rather awkward air developing between you and a close one which has made it hard for you to feel you can talk to them. This does mean though that you’re likely to have spoken to third parties, which may have put their noses out of joint for you not making them a priority. Use the peace talks Saturn can support from the 14th onwards when it will be easier than usual for others to see your point of view. Ring now to hear why it’s such a great month to go for career changes and which signs can help you.



GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

It is going to be easy for your close ones to accuse you of things you have not done, as you look guilty before you’ve even opened your mouth! Family come to the fore this month and I see you’ll be feeling more sensitive than is normal. This will garner you more attention than usual so use this month as a platform to say what you really feel. All aspects of your life can improve if you do my friend. An ex wants a favour you must not feel pressured to give. Ring now so I can give you the confidence boost you need.



CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

You must be careful in love this month as it’s going to be easy for you to be charmed by those who may not be all they claim to be. Check the status of those you’re interested in. Not just with them, but with those who know them well too. Your ruling planet sees your emotions working like a see saw and it may prove difficult at times for you to feel in control of how you’re feeling. Keep your eye on the bigger picture to hold on to reality. Ring now to hear how travel and love promise to put a large smile on your face.



LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

A lack of energy could see you saying no to the very things you need to be saying yes to. Try to keep your eyes open and focus not on the past, but on the present and the future. It’s what can put the spring back into your step my friend. I can see from your stars that events last month took their toll on you and that you feel you had the wool pulled over your eyes. Now though, you’re older and wiser and by embracing life you will start to feel alive and reinvigorated again. Ring now to hear which sign makes June great for you.



VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

You find out things you did not know about people you thought you knew well. Try not to cast judgement though Virgo, as this really is your chance to show that you are wiser and more open minded than certain signs had believed you to be. Time taken to deal with older people’s problems can do a lot to make them feel more loved and supported. A new attraction could change everything for many of you and is someone you did not think was your type. Ring now so I can tell you more.



LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

Venus enters your tenth house on the 18th and you have up until then to try to work out what you think and how you feel about the situation which has obviously stirred your heart. Take your time and don’t be pushed into decisions by anyone else. This is your life and you are the one who must make the choices which will affect it. The chance to go somewhere really alternative is costly, but worth the outlay. Ring now to hear about a new lifestyle which awaits.



SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Although you have made some enemies in business this year, you have actually made more friends and this pleasing piece of news can help you to gain the confidence you will need to take your personal life up to a whole new level. Telling tales on those you work with will come back on you and it’s only by keeping other’s business behind closed doors that you will manage to do the same for yourself. A younger person pleases you with their newfound maturity. Ring now to hear how successful foreign links are written in your stars.



SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

There was a time when you thought you would and could accept second best, but that time is no more Sagittarius. You have learnt much about your past from the reactions others have given you so far this year. One of the main lessons is that it is wise to live and let live. A new friend could turn out to be someone much more personal to you if you give them the green light. Watch out for an Aries trying to pull the wool over your eyes in business. Ring now to hear which family members need careful handling.



CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Think before you speak this week, as many of the signs are saying things they just don’t mean and it’s going to be easy for you to jump on board this dramatic band wagon. Utilise the new skills you have learnt over the last two months to take your career to the next level. Time you spend on sums and finances can help you to have a more fluid personal life my friend. An argument in the family must be downplayed around the 18th if you are to remain on good terms. Ring now for support.



AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

I know you are feeling in two minds as to what you should do with your life, but try to take your time and don’t rush your decisions. It has taken you a while to get over the bumpy start which 2016 has offered to your sign and you must feel as if you have been taking two steps forwards and one step back. Forced decisions in the home are only made in your best interests, so try not to resist them too much. New ways to make money link to a skill you have not used in a while. Ring now for a romantic secret to be uncovered.



PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

You don’t like being told what to do. You and I know that for a fact. I also know that you have spent far too long talking about what you want to do and not enough time doing it. Fellow Pisces offer you the strength and guidance to make life great again, so seek them out and don’t be afraid to tell them your wildest dreams. It can begin a most exciting chapter of your life indeed. Hard work you do in your own time is set to pay dividends and you no longer worry about how things look but how you feel instead. Ring now for insight.




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Astrology of Today – June 1, 2016






Astrology of Today – June 1, 2016


  • The Moon is in Aries until 10:46 PM.
  • The Moon is void from 11:42 AM to 10:46 PM.
  • The Moon is in Taurus from 10:46 PM forward (until Friday, June 3rd, at 11:01 PM).
  • The Moon is waning and in its Last Quarter phase until 5:35 PM/the Moon is waning and in its Waning Crescent phase from 5:35 PM forward.
  • A Last Quarter Moon occurred on the 29th, and a New Moon will occur on June 4th.
  • Mercury is direct and is in its post-retrograde shadow until June 7th.
  • Mars is retrograde (Mars is retrograde from April 17-June 29).

Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2016

Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2016

Message for June 2016

We live our lives wearing a succession of masks. Sometimes we intentionally wear a mask to hide away from life or to distance ourselves from pain. Sometimes we put on a mask to avoid taking an honest look in the mirror of our souls. And sometimes we don a mask without even realising it as we join the flock to ‘fit in’ or belong. We can spend our whole lives wearing mask over mask over mask and then spend just as long, if not longer, unpeeling the masks in a quest to get to the true essence of what lies beneath. When we peel off one mask we may feel as though we have reached the core of our essence but how do we know if we’ve reached the truth or just another mask? If we continue to dig, question and explore, we may wonder if there is such a thing as truth or if we actually exist in the form we believe ourselves to be in. How can we tell? How do we know?

Well, it’s unlikely that we can know, after all, life is a series of lessons and even though we may feel we have peeled back all the masks, we reach another pivotal stage in our evolution to find another mask to be peeled back. It therefore feels more than a continual cycle rather than a finite task. Instead of digging and peeling until we reach ‘truth’, we spend our lives wholeheartedly seeking truth and expecting every new layer to be peeled back to reveal even more. Such a process can be hard to accept, after all, we strive to reach a point of equilibrium where we are content, happy and joyful, having eradicated the pain, trauma and challenges from our lives, yet it’s only when we accept that this simply isn’t possible that our perspectives shift and we accept the gift of the present moment.

This isn’t to say we should expect pain and challenge, nor is it to say that we should stop the process of healing and releasing the masks, but it seems important to stop waiting for this process to end before we begin to wholeheartedly live once again. So many of us sit on the periphery waiting for the ‘right moment’: once we’ve met Mr/Mrs Right, once we’ve got the perfect job, the ideal house, lost weight, once… The cycle can go on perpetually as there will always be a reason ‘not to’ if we want there to be. Of course, this isn’t particularly a conscious choice, after all, most of us are just trying to do the best we can in any given moment, but we seem ready now to step behind this into a more awakened and balanced space.

This is a time to set ourselves free from the layers of pain and grief, and the detritus we’ve collected throughout our lives, not by eradicating it, but by beginning to love it. This isn’t the same as loving its presence in our lives, it’s more a willingness to accept both sides of the human penny and to know that we can’t have one without the other, just like day follows night. However, it’s the in-between moments where we stand in-betwixt the two that matter most as these are the times when we can fully appreciate the value of the whole spectrum of experience in life.

If we see the pain and the darkness as a place we fear to tread, through a fear of collapse or implosion, we start to close doors to the soul that have the potential to bring us so much enrichment and joy. I for one, have felt close to shattering again recently but it’s the darker moments that have given me hope as they have reminded me that another mask is falling away.

June looks set to be month to turn to face the many different facets of our beings with compassion and love. None of us are perfect but this is what makes life so rich and vibrant as it’s the imperfections that have the potential to bring us opportunities for enrichment and growth. We may still be toying with the questions asked in May: What do we truly want? What makes our hearts sing? And the more willing we are to accept the present moment, to stop waiting for the ‘perfect time’ or to deny the existence of our masks, the more likely we are to finally find the answers we’ve been searching for…

With love,



‘It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feeling good’. These Nina Simone lyrics look set to perfectly sum up your month ahead as there’s a powerful sense of new beginnings and change both around, and within, you. It may take a little while for you to grab hold of the energy of the ‘feeling good’ part though as there is an air of caution around you whispering in your ear that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. You seem torn between wanting to reach up your hands to the sky and say ‘hello world!’ or feeling that you should watch, wait and see what happens. It’s unlike you to feel so cautious but your fingers have been burned many times before and you just want to ‘be sure’ before you grab hold of your new life and begin to truly feel good.

In many ways this is wise, but it’s also important not to try to hedge your bets as the new dawn is coming in its own time and in its own way; you cannot hold back the tide nor can you set the agenda. It therefore seems prudent to at least begin to adjust to the changing tides as they are shifting whether you want them to or not. Of course, on most levels, you do want them to change, but maybe this isn’t quite the perfect moment. Well, does the ‘perfect moment’ exist? Is there really an ideal point in time that would be better than any other point? Are you really waiting for the best moment or do you have a niggle of self-doubt that embracing your new dawn, new day and new life is perhaps slightly more daunting than you expected? Well, take a breath and feel that good feeling rising up within you as that will lead the way…


June looks set to be a month of continued wriggle and wiggle room as you begin to establish a more robust sense of purpose in life. It’s almost as though you have, until recently, been tightly wrapped up, having squeezed your unique-shaped self into a different sized hole in order to get on with the business of life but you have broken the mould and begun to expand your body, mind and soul into a much bigger, freer space. Although in many ways this new space feels quite alien and unfamiliar to you, you cannot help but feel the tingling of excitement deep within your soul as you can sense wave upon wave of optimism and hope rippling into all areas of your life. There is a sense that you may struggle with this expansiveness as it feels somehow counter-intuitive to your usual over-giving nature, but you are beginning to see that having too many things to do, people to see and places to go really isn’t as important as you once thought it was.

Perhaps your biggest ‘battle’ here is actually the one going on within as you wrestle with the idea that you are somehow letting others down by allowing your own essence to rise up and expand; you are very good at reading people, but you are also very good at self-sacrificing, and this seems to be skewing your perspective at the moment as, although the idea of boldly exploring new terrain in life excites and empowers you, it’s negated by thoughts of how you can’t wholeheartedly embrace it because of how it may affect others. However, it’s important to realise that breaking the mould is a part of your own evolution and it’s happening whether you think it should or not, so let yourself breathe and expand into the new dimensions of your soul and trust yourself to seize this opportunity to live the life you were born to live…


As you continue to shape and redefine your ‘role’ in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that the you you’ve always thought yourself to be is perhaps not the same you as the one you truly are. This may sound strange, after all, how can you be anyone other than you? Well, when you spend as much time as you do contemplating the meaning of life and seeking out answers to some profound and lofty questions, it’s easy to see how you could get lost in an existential meandering that takes you away from the here and now, and into the ‘over-there and maybe’ section of the great big library of life. It’s not that over-thinking is a bad thing as it brings your life meaning and depth, but it can take you away from the present moment as you find yourself focusing on how life could/should be, who you could/should be or what you could/should be doing rather than simply showing up, being present and fully engaging. Of course! You sigh, if only you’d realised that years ago. Okay, no need for sarcasm!

You may well know that life is about being fully present and you may well appreciate the need to stop intensely questioning at the expense of living, but knowing and doing are two very different things! Sarcasm works both ways. Instead of finding reasons to justify why you ‘can’t’, let go of the reasons ‘not to’ and start focusing on reasons to live wholeheartedly and to engage more consciously with life. Stop trying to be the person you feel you need to be and realise that the person you are now is whom you truly are; let go of the need to reach a plateau of understanding before you become whole and know you are whole, complete and perfectly imperfect exactly as you are…


June looks set to be a month for shimmying and toe-tapping on the dancefloor of life as you begin to feel a new wind gathering momentum in the billowing sails of the ship of your soul. Although it may initially feel a little drafty with a seemingly vigorous breeze whipping up a frenzy from deep within, there is a sense that it also feels rather liberating as you are beginning to gain a stronger sense of freedom from the pedestrian-ness of your life. This isn’t to say that your life has become unfulfilling or boring, it’s more a sense that its carved itself into a familiar routine. In itself, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that it hasn’t left you with much breathing space to explore new terrain or to allow your dreams to build, blossom and thrive. As a result, the winds of change are inspiring you to explore the bigger picture as you see beyond the pedestrian, everyday routine, into a more expansive and exciting world of possibilities and potential.

The challenge for you now comes as you need to decide whether to stick with the same, familiar pedestrian routine, or to let the winds of change carry you forth into unchartered terrain. Of course, the unknown isn’t an easy option as, by its very nature, it’s unknowable. However, you are also wise enough to know that even sticking with the familiar is not a rock solid option as change has a habit of happening on a continual basis so even the pedestrian routine can be upended or shifted in the blink of an eye. Of course, this isn’t to say that the apple cart is about to be upset, it’s just an acknowledgement that the unfamiliar and unknown is everywhere in life, even in the familiar corners. It seems time now for you to enjoy this new momentum and to toe-tap and shimmy your way forwards…


June looks set to be a month of consolidation and connection as you feel a surge of creative and innovative energy rising up from within. There is a sense that you have reached a crossroads in your life and it feels both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It can be hard to think clearly when your stomach is tied up in knots and butterflies are flying rampant in your solar plexus but try not to let this stop you from at least exploring this new creative wave in your life. At the same time, perhaps thinking this through is not the best strategy, after all, you are a pioneer of spiritual, energetic and emotional exploration and adventure, so maybe this is a time to feel your way forward? With all of this expansive energy rising up within, it may be hard to see why it would be a month of consolidation or connection but both are important as consolidation allows you to channel your formidable energy in more coherent ways and the connection (or maybe re-connection is more of an apt description) inspires you to see just how your vibrant, sparkling essence twinkles and glows in the vast universal panorama of life.

In other words, it’s important to feel just how inter-connected and entwined you are in the big scheme of things. Although you have never considered yourself to be an island, life has been tough for you lately so you have pulled up that drawbridge of yours a little to preserve and protect your well-being. Of course, this is understandable but it feels strange to an open, integrated free spirit like you as your drawbridge is usually so open, it’s easy to forget it even exists. It therefore seems time for you to let those internal butterflies burst into life in order to inspire you to let your inner light shine brightly once again as you feel your creative spark rising to lead the way…


The concept of being you continues to play a central role in your life throughout June as you reach a threshold of inner understanding when it comes to knowing what the ‘concept of being you’ actually means. As a multi-dimensional thinker, it’s easy to become tied up in knots when it comes to making sense of yourself and your life as there’s a tendency to want to dig deep and seek answers to the many unanswered questions in your life. As a result, it can be hard to see the bigger picture as you focus more and more intently on the finer details so you end up not only not seeing the wood for the trees, but not seeing the trees for the bark or even the bark for the atoms. Although being a details person is a part of your make-up, there are times when too much detail can tangle you up in knots as you seek an answer to a seemingly complex question. However, when you step back, you realise the question is not complex, it’s just the way you’ve been looking at it.

It seems time to stop digging quite so hard when it comes to the ‘concept of being you’ as you’re ready now to see the answer which has been with you the whole time. There is no ‘do’ in being you, but there is a need to ‘be’! It’s time to appreciate that you already have everything you need to be you. Happiness and fulfilment are not things to get or do, they are a state of being that comes from a willingness to be fully present in the moment and a wholehearted desire to live the life you were born to live. Intuitively you know what makes your heart sing and this is the true litmus test that will tell you if you have mastered the concept of being you…


As you continue to establish a truce between your philosophising head and your adventurous, creative heart, it seems that your soul is set to join the negotiations in June as you reach a point of breakthrough when it comes to living a more coherent and integrated life. Your head and your heart may frequently be at loggerheads when it comes to making decisions and moving your life forwards, but together they are a formidable force that can help you to get from where you are to where you want to be. The challenge for you comes in knowing where you truly want to be. Whilst you are full of whimsical ideas and dreams, when it boils down to the nitty-gritty of what you truly want in life, you are less certain as you have rarely really contemplated what you truly want.

The reasons for this are multi-faceted and complicated as you are a complex individual but it seems you spend a great deal of time thinking about where you want to be and what you want but considerably less time connected to your feelings about this. As a result, you can feel a little disjointed and disconnected from your true essence as you lose touch with your sense of self. And, at the same time, your head begins to over-think the concept as you weigh up the myriad of different possible outcomes and options, freezing you in a kind of temporary paralysis leaving you unable to see beyond the mind trap you’ve created for yourself. You then remain stuck, trying to think your way free with your heart feeling increasingly distant and disconnected. So, your soul joining the party is great news as it means you are reaching a crescendo of realisation that all of the different facets of your being matter. You may be a thinker, but you are a feeler too! Re-unite your mind, body and soul, feel your essence unify and set yourself free…


June looks set to be a month of review as you finally sit down with your ‘to do’ list of life in order to think about your true priorities. Your ‘to do’ list is unquestionably long as you have so much you still want to do, achieve and become. As a result, many long-held dreams get pushed further and further down the list as new ‘ought’s’ and responsibilities edge their way into pole position. Of course, this is a part of life as things always change and shift, however, there is a sense that you have become quite caught up in trying to be the person you think you should be rather than allowing yourself to be the person you know yourself to be. Should is a word not often in your vocabulary as you are a strong, vibrant and determined soul; you know your own mind! So why have you shifted your focus and allowed your dreams to ebb and fade? Why have you become so caught up in trying to be someone you’re not?

Clearly there is no simple answer but it seems time to understand your motivations in order to re-shape and re-define your ‘to do’ list to something shorter, crisper and far more in keeping with your true essence. Of course, there will always be responsibilities but many of the ones you are currently carrying are not yours and you have collected them along the way in life. You seem ready now to have a spring clean of fairly epic proportions as you sort the wheat from the chaff and allow yourself to prioritise and focus on what’s really important and what’s not. You have become lost in a sea of trying to get life right but the measure for this is not your own internal happiness but external markers of doing more, achieving more and becoming more. Re-connect to your true essence and let your tenacious and vibrant essence lead the way…


As one wise Sagittarian recently said to me: ‘you cannot take every train in the station’! This phrase looks set to shape your month ahead as you continue to hone back and re-define exactly why you are even trying to take every train in the station. Of course, you are keen to explore and discover as much as possible in life as that’s your nature but you can only juggle so many balls in the air at any one time or you run the risk of everything coming crashing down. Yet, giving up is not a phrase in the Sagi mind-set; it’s just not there. However, maybe it’s time to re-think why you think it’s giving up rather than re-strategising or simply learning and evolving from experience? You are certainly an all or nothing kind of person, but sometimes this can undermine you as you feel that a change of strategy is a bad thing rather than a wise decision. At the same time, whilst you know it’s not possible to take every train in the station, it is typically Sagittarian to add the caveat ‘not at once, anyway!’ as you know yourself too well!

You just love variety and challenge, and although you know you can’t take every train in the station of life at once, that incorrigible optimism of yours won’t stop you from trying! The process of doing too much, scaling back, doing too much and scaling back seems to be a cycle that forms a central role in your life and you seem to thrive on the challenge but it seems time now for you to consider a new strategy which allows you to grow, thrive and explore without exhausting yourself in the process. Every over-juggling episode costs you your energy and zaps a little bit of your zest and enthusiasm, so instead of pushing your limits, why not expand your boundaries with the ebb and flow of your breath? Breathe into life and allow life to breathe into you…


As you continue to master the art of wholeheartedly embracing change in your life, there is a growing sense you are beginning to realise that change is more of a friend and ally to you than you previously thought. Having firm and familiar foundations in life gives you a sense of security and a feeling of stability when the currents get choppy or rough, but you’ve also discovered that letting go of any resistance to change makes it easier to ride the waves as you become more fluid and molten enabling you to bend and flex with the currents rather than standing firm against them whatever. Rock isn’t always solid, it can be molten, so remember that to go with the flow isn’t a sign you’ve ‘given in’ but a sign that you’ve mastered the art of embracing change by becoming a part of the process of change; try to see things from a new perspective. Becoming molten and fluid allows you to flow more freely and embrace the inevitable metamorphosis that happens as a part of being human.

Life isn’t a constant, never-changing landscape, it’s always shifting and moving, so by becoming a conscious part of this landscape, you are allowing yourself to live a more awakened life. You may wonder why you would want to be more awakened as life feels so heavy at times but the more connected and awakened you become the more likely you are to step beyond the heaviness into a more balanced space of equilibrium which, on its own, doesn’t actually change your reality, but it helps you to turn to it, face it and wholeheartedly embrace it. Life isn’t always about getting from here to there, it’s about being here and making the most of each and every moment. Of course, things aren’t perfect but life isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about living well, being fluid, being you and enriching the ever-changing scenery of your soul…


June looks set to be a month of bold decisions and confident choices as you begin to explore a new pathway in life. In fact, it’s not really a pathway, nor is it that new, it’s just a different angle of an avenue you’ve been contemplating for quite some time now. However, stating that you look set to have a poke about your current life really doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! You are a possibilities person and thrive on the opportunity to explore pastures new as you seek out enrichment and fulfilment, meaning and purpose. Standing still isn’t an option for you as it feels hollow and without purpose; you want movement and discovery to give your life significance. This isn’t about ego though, this is about connecting to your soul’s true essence and finding ways in which to let this flow freely and unhindered.

Knowing your soul path and living it are two quite separate and distinct things; you have always had a sense of what your soul path is but living it has proven to be a much bigger challenge as your mind has often taken you off in other directions in a quest to make sense of your path before you walk it. Whilst this is understandable for a deep thinker such as yourself, it is also a hindrance as it stops you from being in the moment and consciously being at one with your soul’s purpose. The bold decisions and confident choices ahead look set to come from a growing sense of momentum and impetus that’s been rumbling around for some time now but you’re finally opening up to the idea of ‘what’s next’. You seem ready to step into the driving seat in order to be more consciously involved in moving your life from here to there whilst, at the same time, letting go of the need to be anywhere but here. Confused? You won’t be…


Making sense of your life and the world in which you live has become something of a mission for you over recent years as you have struggled to find your true place or niche. It’s not that you’ve been particularly unhappy or frustrated, it’s more that you’ve felt out of kilter with the life you’ve found yourself living as you’ve worked so hard trying to be everything to everyone. Such a strategy has seen you pulling yourself in many different directions at the same time, a strategy that cannot last indefinitely without a significant cost to your own well-being. However, it would be easy to feel that it’s those around you are the one’s pulling you, often against your will, but it seems to be more of the case that you are the one doing the pulling yourself. You push and you pull; you over-stretch and over-give, you expect too much of yourself and then wonder why you feel so tired or weary.

Whilst you want to make the world a better place and you strive to make others happy, it’s important to know the true reason that motivates you to do this. Do you run yourself ragged because you feel everyone is more important than you? Are you the only one who cares? Or maybe you get lost in the distractions of being everything to everyone as a strategy to avoid looking at the bigger picture of your own life? Are you hiding from something? Do you truly feel like you belong at the bottom of the heap? Unlikely. So, why do you do what you do? June looks set to be your month of revelation as you begin to honestly explore your true motivations in life. This isn’t about being judgemental or critical, it’s about lovingly accepting your humanity and realising you are not infallible or perfect. Love yourself, stop putting yourself under so much pressure and your true niche will find you…

June 2016 Energy Report

June 2016 Energy Report

We’re nearly halfway through 2016 and if you feel like you have made no progress this year, you are probably right in more than a few ways. So far 2016 has felt like one big retrograde with each small step forward accompanied by several huge steps backward. But this month the energy clears and we have a double 6 vibe (June is the 6th month, 2016 is a 9 and 9 + 6 = 15, which adds up to 6), so we can see movement, grounding of higher vibe energy, and concrete progress, with a big caveat – we must align internally first, before we act externally. June’s energy is like a rose – the outer petals open when the inner ones are ready—and it’s also the month that roses traditionally begin to bloom. May’s five retrogrades helped put us into position and now we’re entering a new month with new options, opportunities, and a big desire to move forward, which we have been awaiting for a long time.

June jumps out of the starting gate with a new moon on the 6th (another 6) that brings in the energy of nearly every planet in a grand cross configuration in mutable (transformation) signs, with an emphasis on the ‘outer’, slower moving planets, so everyone gets to experience this. This is an energetic activation that takes us to the edge of the transformation cliff. The tension of a Grand Cross means that all of the planets are facing each other across the ‘line in the sand’. Do we dare cross the line to see what’s on the other side? This new moon also hits the March 10, 2016 eclipse points, re-activating them for another round of experience. Was anything happening for you then that is coming around again?

We have been shown everything in our reality that limits our joy thanks to five months of relentless clearing, now we have to decide whether we’re ready to take that leap into our expanded, unlimited potential. Eventually we get tired of going around the transformation merry-go-round and are ready to jump off. This is one of those times.

While it appears that there are so many options available and we don’t know which one to take, the choice becomes easier when we view it from the standpoint of what makes us happy and what serves our intention. With the intense clearing of the last five months you may gone through a major mental, emotional, and spiritual house cleaning, but that’s OK because starting in June our energetic families will begin to appear and we are going to learn a whole new level of relating and relationship. We are out of soulmate cycles and into kindred spirit connections, people with whom we have no karma with and who share our energetic frequency and vibration. Are we ready for karma- and drama-free relationships? Let’s find out.

Bloom is the keyword for June but it has to be intentional blooming and we have to know what kind of flower we’re going to become. Shakespeare said “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but we’ll be disappointed if we are expecting a beautiful, sweet-smelling rose and end up with a stinky marigold (which are also beautiful but they smell bad). Intention is now interwoven within all of our energetic channels. To powerfully manifest we must also set powerful intentions. Not wishes or hopes, but intentions that are clear, direct, and focused on what we want in our new joyful, joy-filled realities.

And if your life has been cleared out of energetic debris in the past few months you have a clean slate to begin anew. You can’t spend any time regretting the past this month, or judging yourself for your past choices. We make choices in each moment based on what works for us in that moment. Our options may change in the next moment but that doesn’t make the previous choice wrong, it just means that it no longer works for us and our new reality. And remember we don’t leave anyone behind, we need to recognize the energetic sovereignty of every human – they are in full control of their energy and of their choices and they must also run out of energy road on their path before they will see the need to choose something else.

This month’s full moon is at 29 Sagittarius, a closing cycle to the May 21 full moon at 1 Sagittarius whose rare conjunction with retrograde Mars and powerful outer planet aspects set the stage for ‘no holds barred’ transformation that was combined with the end of what was quite a challenging Mercury retrograde. That either gave us even more reason to consider staying on the transformation path or to turn away from it because it was too hard, too much, too challenging, or we were too tired. And what was started then can be finished now, if we’re ready. Timing and readiness go together now and we can’t force either one.

The big event in June is the exact Uranus/Eris conjunction on June 23, the first of three between 2016 and 2017. This hasn’t happened since 1927 and that time brought about the Great Depression, big changes in the social agenda, and the beginnings of women having a stronger place in society. Eris is the goddess of discord, Uranus is the planet of revolution. Eris was first discovered in 2005, when our big push into the ascension cycle began. Now, 11 years later, we are beginning to understand the power that this dwarf planet embodies. When discord and revolution come together, you can expect some fur to fly. This configuration has been brewing for several months and we have it exact in June. We can expect changes in the social structure, more social revolution, and more protests from people who want to see real change in how the world is run. It will make this month very exciting indeed.

And children born under the Uranus/Eris conjunction will have a strong revolutionary nature. They will be a generation of world leaders who will not be content with the status quo, who will not accept a world run by despots, greed, and power mongers. So if you have a child born at this time and you discover that they don’t like being told what to do and are free thinkers you can blame their Uranus/Eris conjunction.

June is traditionally the month when couples marry, so relationships are a strong focus this month but while you may find new love (and you will if you are ready for it), there are two powerful relationship aspects we need to consider. The first is our relationship with ourselves and the second is our relationship with our Self, or our human/Source partnership. Look at the Gemini glyph pictured here, independent and yet connected. That’s the perfect balance of human and divine, where we aren’t leaning on Source for support and instruction, and are confidently standing in our power using divine guidance as a tool, not a crutch. The connection is above and below us, balanced and equal. We are at our most powerful when we can embody this level of congruent, harmonious connection. It fits with the 2016 theme of ‘Congruent Harmony’, where energy fits and flows in the most balanced way.

It’s easy to give our power away to our divine connection too, believing that it knows more than we do. But this is a co-creative partnership and both partners, human and divine, must act in balanced, congruent harmony so the energy flows are equal. We intend and create energetic space for manifestation and receiving, and the Universe responds.

If you’re ready to be finished with the lessons, healing, and clearing then ‘shake it off’, and explore other life paths, then June is perfect for that. But don’t expect the ‘easy’ solution; instead, expect the solution that exactly matches your intention. We receive exactly what we intend, ask for, and are aligned with. The Universe doesn’t make up the difference or pick up the slack. Confident, clear, focused intentions creates the best outcomes. What are you going to ask for? Start with what has been your area of greatest concern. In these powerful times we have a lot of energy at our disposal so by choosing the most powerful thing in your life, you create a large space in your energy container that can be filled with new energy.

This is also a month when the questions that have been troubling you, the situations you were not clear about, the decisions that you couldn’t make yet, may become very clear for you. You’ll see what can bloom in your life, what is past its prime, and what can be cut away because its time is over. In gardening terms it’s called ‘dead heading’, removing flowers that are finished blooming so the plant doesn’t support them and to encourage more flowers. What needs to be ‘ dead headed’ in your life now? It may come up in June so be prepared.

Have a wonderful month.

1st June 2016: Eris

1st June 2016: Eris

Eris: The Radical Feminine Awakens

(Disguised as a Dwarf Planet!)

*Greek myth tells that, upon exclusion from a wedding, Eris threw into the midst of its revellers an apple marked ‘for the fairest’. An argument ensued between the goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite as to its intended recipient, the settling of which eventually led to the Trojan War*

On 5th January 2005 the dwarf planet Eris stepped onto the astrological stage to shake things up like never before. As she prepares for a formative conjunction with Uranus (June 2016 – March 2017), we need our eyes wide open and hearts to match, ready for anything, fierce as they come and focused enough to do what we must. Her alliance with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, marks a watershed time of formation for the incoming Aquarian Age which will challenge all that perpetuates inequality, oppression and exploitation, demanding searing integrity and the courage to stand up and be counted. Eris insists we face uncomfortable truths about humanity’s exploitation of Mother Earth and what we, as individuals, have done to ourselves and each other.

In myth, Eris is the goddess of discord and rivalry. On the face of it, the trouble she caused in response to not getting a wedding invitation sounds petty, but she knew something far more important was going on. In fact her exclusion epitomises the experience of the feminine throughout history: snubbed, shunned, marginalised, demonised, ignored and rejected. In her reaction, Eris embodied the dark and feared feminine which rises up to reclaim her place in a world long fractured by patriarchal power.

Venus and Mars, the archetypal feminine and masculine, joined forces three times in 2015 (February, September and November). Their first meeting saw them cross from the final to the first degree of the zodiac, a sure sign of the birth of a new paradigm. In doing so they shone a bright light upon patriarchy’s legacy the world over, reminding us there is still much to be done before the feminine in all its guises is embraced within the collective psyche. Still the gendered split between, not the integration of, masculine and feminine define the lives and experience of so many. The deep wounds of patriarchy continue to fester around the world and it is easy to sink into despair at the seemingly unlikely prospect of global change. Women and girls the world over are treated as chattels and boys and men brutalised to continue this inhumanity. Ultimately there are no winners in patriarchy, for even those holding the keys to power have sacrificed their humanity to own them. No matter who, what or where we are, we cannot stand aside from the world into which we’ve been born and ignore what we’ve created. Our very existence makes us part of the landscape, a fragment of the collective psyche living these experiences here and now. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution, perpetually divided or seeking wholeness – within and without – in which apparent opposites become one united force for change.

Eris, in all her mighty glory, comes to set things straight, to balance the scales and establish an order of being that honours diversity, recognising the microcosm in the macrocosm and the natural forces which pulse through our veins. Eris knows the power of the feminine, the raw, primal force of childbirth, the fierce protection of a mother’s love, the enduring strength of a broken but embracing heart and the power of an awakened womb which nurtures deep within the hopes and dreams of generations. Eris augurs the upwelling of a radical force in the human psyche: the primal feminine which knows that life is both bloody and beautiful, dangerous and vibrant; that to exclude the feminine from the central paradigm that shapes our existence is to render life sterile, a sterility which enables us to plunder natural resources, favour financial profit over fundamental well-being and short-term power over long term survival. Thus is created a world devoid of basic compassion which can dismiss the traumatised refugee as a drain on ‘our’ resources, the orphaned child as a ‘lost cause’ and the lives of countless women and girls as meaningless in the context of a masculine-dominant discourse which serves only its own perpetuation.

Eris is the most awesome force of cosmic nature encountered to date. That’s why she took so long to show up! We had to be ready, able to stay the course and up the pace. She challenges us to look with eyes wide open and free from all guile. To see who we are and what we do – personally and collectively – to perpetuate inequalities and oppression the world over. She invites us all, regardless of gender, to embrace the hope of a fair and just world, a nurturing world, in which all life is hallowed, all beings honoured as a vital spark of sacred source; the divine feminine and divine masculine forever locked in a fulsome embrace. When Eris was snubbed at the wedding a ferocious force was let loose: the furious feminine, dishonoured and diminished. She refused to slink away silently but began a war to make her point. She let loose chaos and demands we be swept up in its unremitting force. Pitting the goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite against each other in competition for the title of ‘fairest’, she exposed the diminished feminine, divorced from its sovereignty and subordinated to the power of the masculine gaze. Now she returns power to us all, inviting us to embrace the light and dark feminine and all shades in-between: the Venusian delights of sensuality, the cyclical intuition of our lunar nature and the viscerality of Eridian challenge of all that perpetuates patriarchal mores of gendered worth.

Eris uproots all that exploits and oppresses. Her arrival changes everything. She stands aside Uranus, guardian of the Aquarian Age, and demands we create a world in which dignity is a universal right not a privilege, where life is honoured in all its forms, where gender is not an arbiter of a disenfranchised fate and the intuitive heart is aligned with, not subordinate to, the incisive mind. Her world is radical, daring and free. She is unafraid to face the wrath of those who prefer the status quo, the denial of those who seek to side-step truths that stare us in the face. She will not tolerate the fractured disconnection of disengaged spirituality that seeks escape from, not radical engagement with, this world. Nor will she allow to go unchallenged the retention of power in the hands of the few in a world on fire. And nor must we, for only in standing firm for change can we draw upon her power and know her mighty heart and fierce commitment to a world born anew.

Eris reminds us in no uncertain terms that with every breath we give birth to the world, shaping its future and sealing its fate. Her arrival throws down the gauntlet. She’s a warrior spirit with nothing to lose; a formidable force whose time has come. Love her or loathe her, follow or fear her, she sparks a revolution of unstoppable and liberating change.

Current Moon Phase for June 1st is Waning Crescent

Moon Goddess
June 1
Waning Crescent
Illumination: 18%

The Moon today is in a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon. During this phase the Moon is getting closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated. This phase is best viewed an hour or 2 before the sunrise and can be quite beautiful if you’re willing to get up early. It can also be a great time to see the features of the Moon’s surface. Along the edge where the illuminated portion meets the dark side, the craters and mountains cast long shadows making them easier to observe with a telescope or binoculars.

Phase Details for – Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 18%
Moon Age: 25.39 days
Moon Angle: 0.55
Moon Distance: 363,578.46 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 151,726,687.09 km


Not really a magickal activity, just good eats for June 1, the Festival of Carna

Spell Casting

Not really a magickal activity, just good eats for June 1, the Festival of Carna


White Bean and Witted Greens Soup

I can cooked cannellini beans
1 clove garlic, drained and rinsed peeled and chopped
2 cups vegetable stock
1 cup chopped Swiss chard
(Swanson’s Vegetable Broth)
1/2 teaspoon salt

In a 2-quart sauce pan, bring the beans, garlic, and stock to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 to 15 minutes. With a slotted spoon, scoop out the beans and transfer to a blender with ‘/2 cup of the liquid. Puree until smooth. Return the puree to the saucepan and stir until blended. Add the chopped greens, season with salt, and cook for another 5 minutes. Serves 2.

Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days a Year for June 1 – Festival of Carna

Dark Red Witch....x

 June 1

Festival of Carna

All life, even in its lowest form, is energy.

Traditionally, the first day of June was set aside for the festival of Carna, the Roman Goddess of door hinges, and thus domestic life. She was thought to dwell in a sacred wood called Locus Helerni, on the banks of the Tiber River. It was there that sacrifices were made to Carna by the pontiffs to ensure the well-being of the community.
Carna also held responsibility for the protection of the people from vampires that took the form of semi-human birds who tried to suck the blood of unattended newborn babies. According to Robert Graves The White Goddess, it was only the priestess who cooked her feast food of white beans and pork, that served during the festivities.

Personal Request – Bothersome Neighbors Go Away Spell

Witch in the Woods

Bothersome Neighbors Go Away Spell


There’s often one family in every neighborhood that simply causes trouble for others, no matter how people try to get along with them. Perhaps they have loud parties almost every night or children who torment neighborhood pets or bully other children. When you’ve honestly tried everything else, here’s a spell to help them find a better place to live: a place away from you where they will be happier with their neighborhood.

Find a green candle, one large enough to burn 30 minutes a day for at least a week. Make up a short chant something like this:

Bothersome neighbors go away,
find a much better place to stay.
A place where you will be happy,
I will be happy,
and all around you will be happy.
An affordable place, a nice place,
A much better place to stay
So long as it is far from me and mine.
Bothersome neighbors go away.

It’d be better to make up your own, especially if you can personalize it to the people in question. Just make it positive and upbeat. The idea here is that you are helping these folks find something better than they have now and helping yourself to peace and quiet at the same time.

You’ll also need paper and colored pencils/pens/crayons/whatever.

Each night light your candle (cast a circle first if you want one), imagining the flame as a spark in their mind which will lead them to a new home. Then sit down an stare into the flame for 5-10 minutes concentrating on your desire that they find a new, better place to live where they will be happy and annoy no one.

Then take up your pen and paper and draw while chanting your chant. Stick figure art is okay if that is the best you can do. The first night draw your neighbor’s (current) house with them doing the annoying types of things they do. Make it complete even if it’s simple art. Put in the trees, windows, and the like. When you are done, wait for the end of the 30 minutes, concentrating on the candle flame and your goal. Fold the paper up and tear it to small shreds. Put out your candle (and close your circle if you created one. Save the torn scraps of paper.

On each night for the rest of the week, repeat the ritual, but the art will change. On the second day, draw them excited and happy in front of their current house — because they’ve found a better one. For the rest of the week, draw them carrying various stuff out of their current house (as if they were moving). The key thing here is only show there current house. You don’t want to limit possibilities by drawing a new house for them.

After you’ve done this a week, put all of the scraps of paper and some of the tail end of the candle in an envelope and bury it or hide it on the property line between their place and yours. If you’ve used large sheets of paper, you only need to include a portion from each if you need to keep the envelope small.

Note that a spell like this can take a while to take effect. Most people do not pack up and move overnight.

Daily Magickal Applications for Wednesday

Daily Magickal Applications for Wednesday

To the Romans, this day was called Dies Mercurii, or “Mercury’s day” Mercury was a popular character in the Roman pantheon. A messenger of the gods, he presided over commerce, trade, and anything that required skill or dexterity. The Celts also worshiped Mercury and eventually equated him with the Norse god Odin (some spelling variations on this name include Wotan, Wodin, and Wodan). In Norse mythologies, Odin, like Mercury, is associated with poetry and music. Interestingly enough, both Odin and Mercury were regarded as psychopomps, or the leaders of souls, in their individual mythologies.

Odin, one of the main gods in Norse mythology, was constantly seeking wisdom. He traveled the world in disguise as a one-eyed man with a long gray beard, wearing an old, beat-up hat and carrying a staff or a spear (which brings to my mind images of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings). In the Old English language, this day of Mercury evolved into Wodnes daeg, “Woden’s day,” or Wednesday.

Wednesday carries all of the planetary and magickal energies and associations of the witty and nimble god Mercury himself. Some of these mercurial traits included good communication skills, cleverness, intelligence, creativity, business sense, writing, artistic talent, trickiness, and thievery. And don’t forget all of those wise and enigmatic qualities associated with the Norse god Odin/Wodin, not to mention the goddess Athena’s contributions of music, the arts, handmade crafts, and writing. Wednesdays afford excellent opportunities for seeking wisdom, changing your circumstances, and improving your skills, be they in trade and commerce, music and art, or in communication and writing.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Charmed, I’m Sure: “Lapis Lazuli Lift”

Charmed, I’m Sure: “Lapis Lazuli Lift”

If you are feeling blue and want to give yourself a boost both physically and mentally, try making this simple charm:

In a blue cloth or bag, place a piece of lapis lazuli and some lavender. Take a piece of paper and draw a smiley face on it while visualizing yourself feeling happy and healthy. Put the paper in the bag with the lapis (if you are using a cloth, tie a piece of string or yarn around it to hold it closed). Then hold the bag in your hands and spend a few minutes filling it with positive energy.

Say: “Lavender lovely and lapis blue, health and harmony through and through.” Put it on your altar or under your pillow, be sure to take it out and hold it for a few minutes every day. You should be feeling better in no time!


Everyday Witch A to Z
Deborah Blake