In Loving Memory…..


2003 – 2016

Words suddenly escape me, I’m sorry. My dear sweet baby Kiki has pass away. She started getting bad Saturday. We made it through the night and Sunday, she was acting like her old self. I had had a long night Saturday so I took off Sunday, to rest and spend time with her. Monday came and something just kept telling me not to leave her. That night she had a bad spell and I did my usual medicine that generally pulled her through. This time, she didn’t want anything to do with the medicine nor me. She went under the bed and stayed there. I laid down in the floor and she curled up in my stomach. I knew she was tired and ready to leave this world. In case you didn’t know, we have battled congestive heart failure for two years. I did everything in and above my power to keep her alive. But she was tired and ready to go home.


She was always such a Momma’s baby, I was afraid of her being scared to leave this realm. I had talked to the Goddess about letting Mocha and Stinker cross back over when it came time for Kiki to leave me. While I was laying in the floor curled up with Kiki, I felt something heavy step on my leg. It was Mocha, plain as day. I heard a loud purring above me, it was Stinker. Both of them came and Kiki’s little paw shook just a little bit and she passed quietly in her sleep. I am very grateful for them coming to be with Kiki but to see them and lose her at the same time, ripped my guts out.


I haven’t stopped crying since she passed. My eyes are almost swollen shut and Razputin is looking all over the place for Kiki(which is absolutely killing me). Razzy was there when Kiki passed but she doesn’t fully understand what has happened. She is waiting for me now to get off the computer and cuddle with her.


We are going to be taking a few days off. My heart is broken and my head is so confused I can’t even think straight. Kiki and I had a blood bond. When it comes to them leaving this world that is the worse kind of bond you can have. While their alive, it’s great. When they pass it rips you to shreds. So basically I am a mess right now. I would ask one thing of you, please, please, remember Kiki and me in your prayers. I know Kiki is home and at peace. It is those of us left behind that suffer and suffer. I would appreciate your prayers because they are desperately needed.


We will be back in a few days, right now I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.


I love you and please give all your fur babies a hug and kiss from me tonight, would you?

Lady of the Abyss