Your Personal Tarot Power Cards for the Weekend of April 15th

Your Personal Tarot Power Cards

This reading represents your inner strengths that will emerge this weekend

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the protector of a culture’s heritage and traditions. His purpose is to defend and teach the established ways and beliefs a group embraces. He is inherently conventional and a true believer in the power of the group. He loves the structure of the group and its values. It is the task of The Hierophant to bring new members into the group—to prepare the uninitiated to take their rightful place in his culture. In this sense he is very much like a teacher or a priest. He also acts as the repository of his group’s history. The Hierophant is certainly not one to buck proper authority. However, he is staunch and worthy defender of the tried and true. He represents the positive aspects of conformity.

When The Emperor is among your personal cards, the influence of The Hierophant may be increased. Having The Fool or The Lovers in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Hierophant.


The Magus

The Magus is the physical embodiment of decisive action based upon knowledge and aimed squarely at specific goals. While firmly set in the material world, he none-the-less has a powerful spiritual connection as well. His knowledge, wisdom and skill are all encompassing. He is complete. His power as a creator is unmatched on our earthly plane. He is self-aware and unafraid to act. His enormous strength gives him the freedom to act as he chooses. However, responsibility comes with that freedom. Because he is not bound to the restraints of others he must choose how to act. The question that always lies before him is should he act morally, or forsake ethics for personal gain.

When The Chariot is among your personal cards, the influence of The Magus may be increased. Having The Empress or Hanged Man in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Magus.

Unlocking Secrets with Tarot






Unlocking Secrets with Tarot

The Tarot guides you toward truth

By StaffTarot


Article provided by AskNow

Are important secrets about your future, past and present life lurking in the shadows? Find out what they are quickly and easily with the help of the Tarot!

The deck of Tarot is an incredible tool, which can shed light onto the darkest corners of your life. These amazing cards make it possible to illuminate and bring to light what you have never been able to see before.

What do you want to know? Does something irk you but you can not seem to find the source? Are you ready to shake that nagging suspicion that something is not quite right under the surface. Unseen secrets can be uncovered by using the all powerful Tarot.

This could be your opportunity to no longer feel afraid to the unknown. It is not so hard to figure out what is really happening in your life. The missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle may be just the flip of a card away.

Listen to your gut and ask yourself a difficult question. Is there a person or people in your life who you suspect of keeping secrets from you? Aren’t you tired of sorting through shady behavior, half-truths, deception and disloyal words and actions for evidence and kernels of truth?

Consult the Tarot for honest answers. Remove the wool from your eyes so that you can see what your situation really is like and become more in tune with the reality around you. You need to know the whole story, not just the version others want you to know.

When it comes to knowing what is up in your world, you are not just left to your own devices. No one can be everywhere, all the time. Even with today’s modern technology, the Tarot is still the best private investigator. Why? Agendas, motivations and plans become clear and easy to spot with the cards.

With the Tarot acting as a skeleton key to the closet that holds all the secrets in your life, you never have to worry, wonder or feel powerless against the unseen energies of the universe. Like a honing device, the Tarot can help pinpoint the true, honest aspects of your concerns so that you can focus on solutions.

Does anyone in your life speak to you as though they are censoring what they say? When they share things with you does it sound as though they are using security software for their words? This is a red flag indicating a hidden wealth of secrets, carefully woven into a web of exclusion.

When you consult with the Tarot you have a chance to get the most privileged information about the people in your life: employer/employees, friends, family, lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, landlord, accountant, roommate and anyone else who might be keeping an impactful secret from you!

Who knows what vital tidbits you can get your hands on with the enlightenment of the Tarot? Just imagine having the ability to peer into the secrets you deserve to know! Ask the Tarot about your job, your love life or anything else that is on your mind.

Are they being faithful to you or are they cheating? Are you about to get a promotion or get fired? Are your kids telling you everything you need to know in order to keep them safe? Has an ex been thinking or talking secretively about you?

Furthermore, hard facts about your secret life may be on the verge of coming out. Find out who knows what! All the effort you have taken to skirt around the truth for fear of consequences, judgment or loss may be unearthed during a Tarot card reading. Be prepared to both accept and deliver full disclosure.

How does the Tarot reveal the concealed murky depths? Like a Cryptologist decoding an encrypted message, a Tarot card expert is able to receive messages from these ancient cards so you can put an end confusion and mysteries with trustworthy answers. Even the most enigmatic, classified and confidential events are not stealthy enough to hide from a covert operations specialist like the Tarot.

No matter whether they are trying to keep secrets from you because they love you and think it is best for you to be left in the dark on a particular matter or because they are wishing you ill-will or want to put you at a disadvantage in life, the fact of the matter is they are still hiding a secret from you.

Is whispering in the other room and their hush-hush attitude got your sixth sense tingling? Is cloak and dagger behavior leading you to wonder what is so private and under wraps? It is human nature to be curious!

It is time to expose the truth and unlock the answers. Ask and you shall know with the power of the Tarot!


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Your Daily Tarot Card for April 15th is Judgment

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card


Judgment embodies those forces which require us to be accountable for our actions. With Judgment truths are revealed, mysteries are unraveled and responsibility is assigned. Judgment unveils outcomes and marks the ends of things. While it is a time to properly place guilt, it is also a time for atonement and forgiveness. Ultimately the process of Judgment should lead to freedom from errors made in the past and a fresh start with a clean slate. To that end Judgment actually promises the start of a new journey on which we can apply what we have learned from our past.

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, April 16th






Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, April 16th



Aries Horoscope

With Venus in your sign these days, dear Aries, your desires are very strong right now, but today they don’t necessarily reflect what’s in your heart. In fact, on some level, your desires may be leading you in an opposite path as a form of avoidance of what really matters to you. Mars is about to turn retrograde, and as it moves to a station, you could feel a little flooded with energies that will take time to understand. As such, it’s better to take things slowly and avoid big decision making. Even so, your mind is quite sharp now, and you may want to take advantage by doing something productive. You can make excellent progress on a career or money-making idea now, but save big launches for later.



There is more attention to the past than usual these days, dear Taurus, and this will continue a while longer as you are in a period of review and processing. You may be striving to make peace with the past,  but today can be a little tricky when it comes to close relationships, as you could easily find yourself at cross purposes. You may have a difficult time knowing what you want, possibly baffling those close to you. This is a time when you can be confused about alternatives. Mars is about to turn retrograde, and this is another signal to look within for answers. Even so, you have an innate desire to build something solid for yourself, and you should go with this constructive feeling. Apply your tremendous mental energy to something useful.



Your desire for variety in your social life is stimulated today, dear Gemini but there is also a strong part of you that would prefer to hide yourself away or to keep your observations to yourself. There can be some doubts or concerns that can prevent you from interacting naturally with friends or associates. Someone could be playing hard to get, or they may not be playing at all – they might simply be out of touch with what they truly want. Watch for impulsive spending that comes from inner restlessness rather than true need or desire. Mars moving to a retrograde station can further point to the need to defer important decisions and to take things slow. However, you have strong energy for working on projects behind the scenes. There can be breakthroughs today – what at first seems a problem can turn in your favor.



There might be a difficulty with a reputation or career matter that throws you for a loop or disrupts plans today, dear Cancer. You might be reminded of responsibilities that you’d prefer not to fulfill, for example, or you might attract people to you who take advantage of you, and you may need to establish boundaries as a result. Promises made today may not be viable. If you feel a little out of balance, your best bet is to slow down and avoid acting on impulses. Mars is moving towards a retrograde station further clouding the picture. However, good energy is with you for networking and connecting with friends later today. Thoughts turn to larger matters and plans for the future. Sharing viewpoints, personal philosophies, and opinions with others can lead to important discoveries.



The Moon is in your sign until evening, dear Leo, bringing powerful emotions to the surface, but also some impatience when it comes to filling your needs, which can seem a little urgent now. This is complicated by a Venus-Jupiter quincunx and Mars approaching its retrograde station. Essentially, you may not know for certain what you want, or you could fixate on something you think you want but then discover that it’s really not the answer to your problems. Generally speaking, you’re sharing your affections rather liberally these days and you’re looking forward when it comes to love. You are more willing to look at the big picture rather than to focus on the little problems. However, today, there can be some frustration due to the perception that others are not sharing your values. Even so, there is strong energy for getting a sense for what you want to achieve in the larger scheme of things. There can be some important conclusions drawn now, and wonderful feedback as well, as others look to you for guidance.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

In general, you are motivated these days to share in a harmonious manner with others, dear Virgo, and on a more mundane level, money shared or coming to you from other sources than your personal income can be strong now. Superficial love connections are less appealing, as you seek something deeper. Today, however, there can be some hesitation to give of yourself due to a sense that others may be impinging on your freedom. There can be some confusion about boundaries in a relationship. Affections can be intense one minute and then they cool down the next. This is temporary, but because Mars is moving to a retrograde station, you are better off taking things one step at a time and avoiding acting on impulses, which can be leading you astray. Even so, today is very strong for working on an in-progress project and for sharing ideas with people you love. You have more clout than usual.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

You could feel that an important decision regarding a relationship needs to be made now, dear Libra, but in fact the matter needs more time, as it’s difficult to see things for what they are and for their value right now. There can be competing feelings when it comes to the need for freedom and independence, and for togetherness. Discern between feelings that come from a place of insecurity and those that come from your heart. You might feel that something is leading to a dead end, and you may want to investigate your alternatives. However, be careful not to jump into something due to current frustrations that you may one day regret. Mars is moving to a retrograde station, and this shift tends to inflate passions. Take things slowly now. It’s not the time to make big changes. Even so, today holds strong energy for seeing which habits you may need to nix. Self-improvement is in high focus now, and ideas about what route to take are coming to you now.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Today, you might have a hard time sticking to routines, diet plans, and the like, dear Scorpio. As well, it may be difficult to please a loved one, mainly because they don’t know what they truly want for the time being. There can be competing energies pitting your social life or leisure time against chores and duties. Mars, your co-ruler, is close to its retrograde station, and this shift can stimulate a sense of urgency to deal with matters or to fulfill desires. However, it’s simply not clear which direction to take for the moment, so aim to take things slowly until you sort things out. Even so, today is hardly a miss. Mercury and Pluto are moving towards harmony, and this gives you more clout as well as motivation to work on a project or to get to the bottom of a matter. Your feelings about relationships are certainly intense today, and there is an opportunity to make an important transformation through a partner or close friend.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

A partner, love interest, or child can throw you for a loop today, dear Sagittarius. Unexpected reactions or events can make for a rather changeable day, but certainly there are ways to manage things so that you can enjoy the positive energy, particularly for practical matters and discoveries. It can be a bit of a challenge finding your center with Mars heading to a retrograde station, largely because people around you seem to be nervous, aggressive, or too focused on right and wrong. Look to fill a need to sort out small problems in your daily affairs, to work on an in-progress project, and to de-clutter your environment. This way, you’ll use excess energy constructively and have something to show for it at the end of the day.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Mars is heading towards a retrograde station, dear Capricorn, and this can stimulate nervous tension temporarily. As well, a Venus-Jupiter aspect today can play with our expectations and lead to some off timing.  There may be an inclination to keep others at arm’s length. As well, attempts to get close to others can in fact end up turning you off or stirring up feelings of restlessness. This is not a good day for intimacy, as people around you are generally difficult to please, including yourself! Aim to take things slowly as you sort out what you truly want, and give others space to do the same. Look for opportunities to channel your energy into projects that could use some attention. There is, in fact, good energy for mental focus with us now. You may want to express yourself in a creative way now.



Your communication skills are in generally fine form these days with Venus in your solar third house, dear Aquarius. Often, you seem to know exactly what to say at exactly the right moment. Love can be enhanced with good conversations, emails, texts, and letters. Others might be especially attracted to your ideas and style of communication. Today, however, there can be some problems getting your message across, but it’s temporary. Take a little more care to make yourself especially clear. While taking care of unfinished business might not seem glamorous right now, it can help you by reducing your levels of guilt and stress that come from the nagging feeling that you have things left to do. You may be facing up to something that requires attention – a neglected area of your life that now seems quite important to revisit. Mars will turn retrograde tomorrow, and it makes sense to take things slowly.



With Venus in your solar second house these days, dear Pisces, the desire to accumulate new possessions, and/or to beautify existing ones can be strong, although your desire for security is also important. Today, whims can take hold, however. If you are feeling unsettled, try to get to the heart of the matter. A difference in values with someone can be frustrating now if you are not in touch with what’s truly bothering you. It can be a little difficult relating to some people today because of sensitivity or exaggeration. However, ideas shared with friends or in group settings can be healing and helpful. Mars is approaching a retrograde station and this is a signal to take things slow and defer important decisions for now.


If You Were Born Today, April 15


If You Were Born Today, April 15

You always seek to be fair with others, trying to find a balance. As security-minded as you are, however, you tend to follow your heart in love rather than to listen to your voice of reason, and there are times when you can be extremely impulsive. Your intelligence tends to come more from your perceptiveness and innate understanding of the world around you than through studies.

Famous people born today: Leonardo da Vinci, Emma Thompson, Jeffrey Archer.

Your Birthday Year Forecast

With the Sun and Moon in harmony in your Solar Return chart, the year ahead should be satisfying and balanced overall. You are in comfortable demand and personally popular, and you are able to achieve a decent balance between work and play; personal and professional life. For the most part, you are on top of your game this year, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there is less stress on both your mind and body. Your self-confidence and positive attitude will reward you!

This can be a year in which you are building faith and confidence in your personality, skills, and talents. You can experience a stronger desire to seek out meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation in your life during this period. Others might frequently turn to you for guidance.

You have a special way with people this year, and your personal magnetism is strong. Making connections with others comes more easily, particularly on romantic and creative levels.

Your ability to express yourself and to solve problems is enhanced this year. You may have opportunities to travel, and matters related to publishing, teaching, and writing should go especially well. You could also have big ideas and plans, as your mind is filled with ideas. The desire to expand your mind is strong, and this is a good year to take up studies or to further your education. It’s also excellent for teaching and speaking. With greater receptivity to new ideas and perspectives, you are more likely to attract positive energies into your life. You are likely to be popular with others when it comes to your ideas and communications, especially as you are communicating with optimism and cheerfulness, and this can bring rewarding experiences and opportunities into your life.

This is a good year, generally speaking, for motivation levels regarding work or projects and personal interests. There can be opportunities to pursue absorbing topics and projects of interest. More joy and meaning can be found in your work or obligations.

However, you need to be aware of a tendency to be attracted to impractical ventures at times this year. As well, your energy can vary greatly from one period to the next, so take advantage of the “high” periods in order to offset the possible loss in productivity during the low-energy stages.

Relationships can be motivating this year, as a partner or good friend may inspire you to pursue your dreams and goals. You are playfully competitive and might win a major competition, if applicable. This is a good period for creative projects and joining with others in pursuing a common goal.

Transiting Saturn harmonizes with your Sun from February forward, and this can be a steadying, helpful influence. You are practical in your choices (for the most part), keeping your feet on the ground and paying attention to, and honoring, tradition as well as tried-and-true methods. You have the power of practicality, realism, and caution on your side in the year ahead. Work you have done in the past begins to pay off this year–not necessarily in dramatic ways, but in small, measurable ways. You may be recognized or rewarded in some way for the efforts you put forth. Because you project a more responsible and credible “you”, people in authority are more inclined to appreciate you and recognize your work.

This is a potentially excellent year for communications, learning, and connecting. It’s also a strong year for personal appeal and relationship excitement. Positive plans and lifestyle changes can be made at this time in your life. Personal magnetism runs high. The second half of the year is particularly good for getting your life on track through improved work, attention to practical details, and increased self-discipline overall, although there will be times when you battle with varying energy levels.

2016 is a Number One year for you. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice – Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence.

2017 will be a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice – be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.


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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 15th







Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, April 15th



Aries Horoscope

While the Moon is stimulating you to enjoy yourself and seek out excitement, dear Aries, there are a couple of minor challenging aspects that can play with your head a little if you let them. In fact, the ambiguity that comes with them can serve good purpose – slowing down now can turn your attention to things you may have overlooked. You may temporarily tune into the past now. If you swing from idealizing or romanticizing a situation, to worrying about the worst, remind yourself that the truth lies somewhere between these two poles. It may be a bit of a challenge getting your message across at the moment, but you may very well decide that it was better left unsaid, so aim to reconsider or wait and see.



The day favors quiet activities, dear Taurus, as rushing today can be a lesson in frustration. There is a tendency to want to cocoon yourself with the Moon in your home and family sector all day. This isn’t a new feeling for you – a lot has been going on behind the scenes and in your inner world, and this will continue a while longer. At the moment, there can be some ambiguous energy surrounding a friendship or group connection. It can be difficult to know what to believe, and your thoughts can swing from optimistic to disappointed in a moment’s notice if you look too hard for definite answers. Do your best to observe rather than jump into new endeavors and important conversations. Little apparent setbacks are actually blessings in disguise. Even though they may seem to take you further from your goals, they in fact bring you closer as you make needed changes and edits.



Energy is variable today, dear Gemini. There can be minor doubts or vague concerns that keep you from charging ahead, but this can be a good thing, as you may very well need a little more time to get things right. Somebody could be giving you the cold shoulder about recent choices you’ve made, or you could be feeling some pressure to tie up a problem or relationship matter when it may be better to take a deep breath and wait it out. There can also be some ambiguous feelings surrounding work or a reputation matter. Be as clear as you can in any formal communications. Otherwise, try not to push forward too fast or too hard. Take things a step at a time.



Communications can be unclear today, dear Cancer, as we may be reading too much or too little into them. It’s better to slow down and think before speaking, as mistakes can be made and something you say could rub someone the wrong way. Of course, you can simply be yourself and deal with problems only if they arise, trusting that the people who matter most will give you benefit of the doubt. For more formal situations, though, it’s best to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. People around you, especially co-workers, can be oversensitive right now. There can be vague concerns or situations experienced that leave you with question marks, but you’ll be much better off if you let go of the need for definite or predictable answers for the time being. This is not a good day for major purchases, and even minor ones may be regrettable to some degree.



People can misunderstand you a little too easily today, dear Leo. You may be keeping quiet about something when you should speak up, withholding information, or speaking vaguely or prematurely. However, you can’t expect to control what others interpret, and true friends and supporters will give you the benefit of the doubt. If possible, take a break or slow yourself down to get your bearings. Pushing forward right now may lead to a series of minor frustrations. The balance between what’s idealistic and what’s realistic is not likely to be found today. You may need to do some mental swinging before getting to the middle ground. While the day is complicated and timing can be off, the Moon’s presence in your sign can help bring more clarity to your emotions.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

The day favors some level of withdrawal from the hustle and bustle of life, dear Virgo. Not only is the Moon in the sign just behind yours, a monthly transit that signals the need for some extra rest or alone time, there are also minor but nagging influences that seem to challenge our perceptions. There may be some tensions revolving around opinions and ideas, or transportation delays. Try to look beyond words chosen to the intentions behind the communication. You don’t appreciate ambiguity when it comes to your relationships, as you prefer to know where you stand, but you may have to accept that you can’t always be in the know. Get your mind off people problems by focusing on something more manageable and predictable.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

Today favors slowing down and reflecting, dear Libra, but do avoid over-thinking, as you are unlikely to see the full story or big picture just for now. There can be some awkwardness with others, and you would be wise to pace yourself. Adjustments need to be made before pushing forward. You can be more sensitive to criticism, to subtle imbalances in your environment, and to fluctuations in others’ moods today. Keep in mind that others can be touchy as well, although in different ways. One-one-one interactions can be confusing, and it’s better not to try to define them or label anyone just now. Chasing answers will have you running in circles. Don’t read too much into today’s apparent slowdowns. Temporary blocks are usually chances to catch your breath.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Today’s energies favor imaginative activities, dear Scorpio, but the line between fact and fiction can become quite blurred at times right now. Avoid jumping into a decision about money or a relationship just because you are anxious to put something behind you – chances are that more thought is necessary and that information in front of you is misleading or incomplete just for now. Work and chores can seem overwhelming if your mind is fixated on pleasures or social problems. Energy is variable. This likely reflects some lack of confidence in what you’re doing or where you’re headed. Allow yourself to steer a little off course today so that you can get your bearings. If possible, schedule tasks that require serious concentration for another day.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

While the Moon is stimulating your love for adventure today, dear Sagittarius, it’s better not to rush things through. Routines may be suffering due to indecision and worry, or a bit of off-timing. You could be feeling under the weather, likely due to emotions and nervous tension. Take a break from over-thinking things. The path to your goals today is unlikely to be a straight line right now. Instead of allowing frustration to set in, enjoy the detours that life is offering today and chalk it up to experience. Activities that engage your imagination tend to suit you best now, as energy levels run a little low.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

It can be difficult to see things for what they are today, dear Capricorn, as we may be see-sawing between wishful and negative thinking. This simply means it’s better to take your time with important decision making. Escapist tendencies can be stimulated now making it difficult to find definitive answers to problems. Make adjustments and refinements instead of sweeping changes. Confidence is likely to return once you meet your obligations, and there can be some trial and error until then. This is, in fact, a good thing, as it allows you to see more possibilities before getting to the point.



You are relationship-oriented today, dear Aquarius – inclined to want company for almost all activities. There is much to discover through your interactions with others. Today is better for imaginative activities than for precise thinking and communicating, however. Watch for some tension in the family circle or with friends, who can misunderstand your words. Someone close to you can be difficult to please. Some people can be quite elusive or ambiguous at the moment, largely because they’re undecided, and it’s better not to choose today to make an important move or presentation. There can also be some lack of clarity in business and especially financial affairs right now, as important details can be overlooked. Try to pace yourself and stay flexible for best results today.



It may be wise today to watch how we express ourselves, dear Pisces, as people can be sensitive to what’s said, and perhaps also what’s not said. There may be misunderstandings of intentions – there is a tendency to want to see the best, but then also to entertain the possibility of the worst, but rarely seeing reality. Some fogginess or confusion is possible, particularly surrounding money and ownership matters. Today’s energies are complicated for practical affairs, including money and work. It’s not a day for new beginnings, but rather one for making adjustments and important edits. Decision making can certainly suffer, but it’s largely because you’re not ready to form a bottom line, and this means waiting things out is not a bad idea at all. The Moon in your solar sixth house all day points to a need to reorder, organize, and set straight your personal environment.


Your Weekend Love Horoscope for April 15-17






Weekend Love Horoscope

April 15-17: Hibernation mode


The headline news this weekend is all about Mars. The planet of action, energy, motivation, and libido will turn retrograde on Sunday morning, and remains in hibernation mode until June 29. As a result, everyone will notice a dip in passion.

If you notice the brakes have stalled your sex drive, try not to panic. Recognize this as a time to go within and figure out if you’re holding back on your lover because something deeper between you just isn’t right. If that’s the case, you’ll need to address it. You’ve got plenty of time.

* Heart ratings are based on the lunar cycle. They range from low to full, with low indicating a rocky weekend for romance and full indicating plenty of passionate potential.

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Astrology of Today – April 15, 2016






Astrology of Today – April 15, 2016


  • The Moon is in Leo all day (until Saturday, April 16th, at 7:22 PM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred yesterday and a Full Moon will occur on the 22nd.
  • Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Mercury will retrograde from April 28-May 22).
  • Mars is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Mars will retrograde from April 17-June 29).

April Tune Up – Expand Your View of Yourself

April Tune Up – Expand Your View of Yourself

We’re headed into some tricky energy territory over the next several weeks. Between the 10-week Mars Retrograde starting April 17 and 3-week Mercury Retrograde beginning April 28, you will want to become mindful of potential challenges as well as remedies. Knowing about the beneficial energies available during this cycle will help you too. Foresight about these things will help you to soar above troubles that appear along the path.

Intend right now that you will bring your conscious heart-centered self into all things. This includes self-talk, communications with others, time-sensitive projects, and actions to bring your light into the world.

Background on Impacts

In the last couple of years even people not typically impacted by energy cycles are feeling the ups-and-downs. It’s a palpable experience, even for those without a conscious reference point to put things in perspective. This is important to understand as you move through the next several weeks. Many people around you, including perhaps loved ones or coworkers, will be feeling these intense energies. Don’t be surprised if tempers rise more visibly and people voice opinions they usually would keep to themselves. It could get messy, even volatile. Allow for that. Be kind.

Mars: this is a planet of action, initiative, motivation, goals, and self-identity. Planetary cycles of Mars impact everyone. A retrograde can be especially challenging when you are in a hurry to get something important completed or when you are unclear about your overall purpose or direction. There’s a flip side however. These retrograde cycles are really the perfect time to self-assess, looking more deeply at your motivations and notions of success. It’s quite helpful to give yourself a tune-up during this time, asking deeper questions about where you are headed, why you want to go there, and what success will look like when you arrive. A very fruitful process!

Mercury: this is a planet of communications, technology, and messages sent or received. Whatever cycle Mercury is in will impact you daily because your very existence is experienced through your senses and messages coming from a plethora of places and dimensions. Mercury is like your nonstop antenna to self and the world. That antenna operates even during sleep via your dreams. When Mercury goes retrograde, you could feel like your timing is off or slowed. You may miss meetings altogether. Communications you send out may seem to go into a wormhole. Deadlines you set may seem elusive, as though the timing you established has mysteriously moved ahead.

One reason you may feel more effects of these upcoming retrogrades is that we don’t often have Mars and Mercury simultaneously in retrograde. Mars only has that cycle each two years. Experiencing both planets in retrograde, therefore, means extra amounts of intensity.

Tips for Divine Changemakers

Use this upcoming period to ask yourself deeper questions, do inner work, and reevaluate approaches. As you do this, you may invent a new way to do something or discover a simple solution to a problem that has eluded resolution for years!

To move through this cycle with fewer re-dos, approach your tasks slowly and patiently. That’s easier said than done of course, but well worth the effort. If something is not moving, change your irritation into patience by trusting there is a reason for delays. Invite your inner wisdom to help you see beyond the delays, using some of the seemingly wasted time to reassess goals and approaches.

A good question to ask daily: “What am I missing or not seeing that relates to my success?”

Consider that this cycle is a perfect time to expand your view of the identity you hold for yourself. Do this even if you recently had a major life overhaul. We are vast multidimensional beings, and as such, must continually update our energies. This includes the very foundational piece of looking at our self-identity and what motivates us to get up each day and do what we do.

Wesak season: Coming up in May is the annual Wesak season with its abundant blessings and connections with the masters like Kuan Yin and Buddha who set the template for enlightenment. During this auspicious time, humanity is showered with blessings and light infusions from the higher realms. You can tap into this energy at an official Wesak celebration and also on your own with intent. Helpful tools to connect with the Wesak blessings include meditation, sacred sound, and prayerful intentions. Being mindful of this fortunate time of blessings can help you maintain a higher frequency as we move through the retrograde cycles.

Leading up to the official Wesak, the energies will be shifting frequently and it will take increasing spirit connection and skill to adapt to the many twists and turns. Do your best to stay in your heart and walk gently. Trust that you are loved beyond what you could possibly imagine.

Current Moon Phase for April 15th is Waxing Gibbous

April 15
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 63%

The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has it’s roots in the Latin word “gibbous” meaning humpbacked.

Phase Details for – Friday, April 15, 2016

Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 63%
Moon Age: 8.66 days
Moon Angle: 0.51
Moon Distance: 388,956.14 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 150,136,437.08 km


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days a Year for April 15 & 16 – Tellus Mater

Goddess of Autumn

April 15 and 16

Tellus Mater

The Italian deity Tellus Mater–mother of the earth–was honored on this day. She was a very early fertility deity (later associated with Jupiter) who watched over marriage, the procreation of children and the fruitfulness of the soil. Her festival was managed by the pontifices and the Vestal Virgins, at which a pregnant cow was sacrificed to ensure plenty throughout the year. In modern times, this day is traditionally devoted to prayer for the continued health of our environment.

A Simple Prayer of Gratitude

Without Thy sunshine and Thy rain,
We would not have the golden grain;
Without They love we’d not be fed,
We thank thee Lady for our daily bread.


Celebrating Wiccan Spirituality
Spells, Sacred Rites, and Folklore for Each Day of the Year
Lady Sabrina, Author of Exploring Wicca


WOTC Extra – A Little Earth Magick, Spells & More (by Scott Cunningham)

A Little Earth Magick, Spells & More

(by Scott Cunningham)

To heal

Healing with the earth works through the process of transference. The wound or disease is transferred magically to another substance, usually an organic one, which is then buried. As it rots, it releases the wound or disease.

To remove a disease or heal a wound, rub the afflicted part with an apple or potato. Then, as quickly as possible, dig a hole in the ground, put it in, and cover it over with earth. It is done.

One note here might be wise. Healing magic should always be used in addition to conventional medicine and never as a replacement. Doctors are the only people qualified to help your body heal itself.

By all means perform healing magic for yourself or friends, but not in place of qualified medical attention. The medicine of today was the magic of yesterday.

The earth bed

If you are sick, find a spot where the earth is bare, uncovered by concrete, plants, and leaves— pure fresh soil.

Sit or lie down on the earth. Mentally see your wound or disease sinking into the earth. Feel the pain and anguish, the physical and emotional effects of the problem running down into the ground beneath you.

Sense the rhythm of the earth— feel the steady beat of nature pounding away. It should pulsate in tune with your heart, pounding until you feel your whole body undulating with energy.

Then feel it coming— cool, deep, soft energy rising from the ground up into you.

Rise, dust yourself off, and check to see if you feel different.

If you are bedridden or otherwise cannot do this, have a dish or pot of fresh soil in your sickroom. Earth gives off healing vibrations and its presence will aid your recovery.

A simple method would be to place a potted plant in your sickroom. Not only will the plant lend its own healing energies (ivy is great and will cause no strange looks) but the soil in which it is placed will aid you as well.

To lose your troubles

Take a handful of earth and gaze into it; pour into it all your problems. Outline, in minute detail, all of those problems plaguing you.

When you are finished, throw the dirt behind you and walk away from it, not turning back.

An earth charm

Tie up in a small green square of cloth some fresh, rich soil.

Firmly tie this so no earth can escape.

Carry this with you if you have troubles with stability, security, and self-control. If you are apt to let your emotions rule your life or if you are constantly angry or nervous, this amulet of earth will help.

Earth scrying

Fill a small flat vessel at least seven inches in diameter with earth. Sit relaxed and gaze not only at, but into the soil. You will eventually begin to notice symbols staring up from the earth.

An earth protection bottle

Into a long, small bottle pour fresh, clean soil. Fill it to the top and cap it. Place this bottle near the entrance, preferably in a window, to guard against evil entering into your home.

In past ages earth was thought to confound evil spirits and demons, who had to count every grain of earth in the bottle before entering the dwelling.

Today, evil spirits are seen as negativity that floats around the earth in large quantities. This negativity can enter your home. This earth protection bottle can, therefore, be useful in blocking negativity from entering your house.

A long-term earth spell

This spell is ideal if you are a good gardener, and if you have a need that you don’t mind waiting several months before it manifests.

Take a seed from a plant that is symbolically related to your need. Over a pot of soil or a special plot of land, hold the seed in your power hand and visualize your need strongly.

Speak to the seed. Tell it why you need its help to make your need come to fruition.

Then plant the seed, giving it loving encouragement and water.

Tend to the seedling when it appears and be sure that the plant doesn’t die due to your own neglect or carelessness. If this happens, your need won’t manifest. At least not until you do another spell.

If the plant grows up healthy and happy, expect your need to arrive. Once it has, take very good care of your magical plant, for it not only represents your need, but it also is now a growing, living thing, which you brought to life in order to fulfill your need.

You are responsible for the plant. Take care of it and it will sing to you alone all the secrets of earth magic.


Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
Scott Cunningham